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25 Small Business Ideas for Indians & Immigrants in Australia

More than 400,000 immigrant Indians reside in Australia and many of them are successful entrepreneurs. With proper planning and research, you can also be one of them.

Australia ranks among the leading countries regarding ease of doing business. Hence, you will find it convenient to start and grow your business in Australia as an Indian immigrant.

Australia is both politically and economically stable. This is a great advantage for you to start your business in this country.

Australians have a fairly good disposable income which means you will get customers to buy your product and service. As a result, profit-making will be easier.

Australia has plenty of educated and skilled manpower. So, you will be able to hire good people for your business in Australia which will help you to grow your business well.

There are many business ideas for you to take up as an immigrant Indian in Australia.

List of 25 Business Ideas in Australia for Indians & Foreigners

1. Indian Restaurant

Indian restaurants are a much-demanded business idea in Australia. Hence as an immigrant Indian, you can start an Indian restaurant in Australia. Be innovative and serve authentic as well as fusion Indian delicacies along with famous Indian desserts. Find a good location and invest in a good Indian décor and give an attractive and appealing name. Online and offline advertising will fetch you more customers for your Indian restaurant

2. Catering Service

Immigrant Indians have scored very high in the catering business in Australia. Therefore you can also start a catering business in Australia and earn good profits. Serve good food (Indian or other) at offices, homes, corporate or social events, etc. Fast service is the keyword to your success in the catering business. Good personal networking and publicity will help you to get more orders.

3. Salon

The salon is a good business idea for you in Australia. As an Indian immigrant, you can start a salon at a place where the Indian population is high. Good décor, efficient stylists, and using good beauty products will help you in the salon business. Provide at-home beauty services and special beauty packages for festivals and occasions like marriages, parties, etc for more business. Website, online and offline marketing will get you more clients.

4. Indian Dress Boutique

Indian dress boutique is a good business idea in Australia for an Indian immigrant. You can start your boutique at a good location or open an online boutique. Keep a good collection of Indian dresses for both men and women. Add alteration services also. Good public relations, online marketing, and social media publicity are very important for the growth of your Indian dress boutique.

5. Child Care

Open a child care center preferably at an urban location in Australia. There is a good demand for dedicated childcare personnel in Australia to take care of the children in absence of their parents. Find a good place and appoint efficient caregivers for the children, Invest in toys and educational games, etc for the children. Word of the mouth publicity and good marketing will help to grow your child care center business.

6. Elderly Care

Elderly care is a much sought-after business idea for immigrant Indians in Australia. You can start an agency providing caregivers for the aged on regular basis or as per demand. Alternatively, you can start an independent living or assisted living facility for the aged. You will need certain licenses and permits for this business. Along with that, you require good caregivers. Website and advertisements are important for this business.

7. Pet Shop and Pet Care

Pet shops and pet care is a very lucrative business idea for immigrant Indians in Australia. Hence you can start a pet shop in a suitable locality. Sell pet food, toys, and accessories, and add cleaning and beauty care services to your shop. Alternatively, you can also start a pet boarding cum crèche for taking care of the pets. Personal network and publicity will help to grow your business.

8. Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is a very prospective business in Australia for immigrant Indians. If you are skilled and experienced in digital publicity you can start your digital marketing firm in Australia. You can serve different companies and businesses in digital marketing. Your responsibility will include formulating online marketing strategies, digital marketing, social media marketing, digital image building, website consultancy, etc. Your company’s website, social media presence, and networking are important tools in your digital marketing business.

9. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing can be a good business idea for you in Australia as an immigrant Indian. There are thousands of products and services that you can advertise as an affiliate or publisher. You can choose to be an influencer, blogger, or microsite owner for this business. Your marketing skill and the selection of the right products or services will give you a comfortable income as an affiliate.

10. Web Designing

Almost all kinds of businesses need a website. Hence web designing can be a good business idea for you in Australia as an immigrant Indian. You can get different business houses as your client. For a web designing business, you need knowledge of coding and a good sense of web content and search engine optimization (SEO). In web designing, you have to design the website with graphics, images, and good page make-up. Good marketing skill is essential for a web designing business.

11. App Development

App development is a prospective business in Australia. As an immigrant Indian, you can start your app development business in this country and get good profits. App development can be done for various business organizations. Apart from that, you can also develop different kinds of utility apps about fitness, child care, mental health, tourism, etc. Online and offline marketing is very important for the app development business.

12. Eco-friendly Products

With growing awareness about environmental protection, eco-friendly products have a good demand in Australia. As an immigrant Indian, you can start a production unit of eco-friendly products like shopping bags, handbags, mobile cases, crockeries, pet accessories, etc. Good marketing skills will fetch you a comfortable income.

13. Laundry

Laundry service is a profitable business idea in Australia. You can start laundry in Australia as an immigrant Indian and earn a good income. There are two options in this business. Firstly, you can take a franchisee of a reputed chain of laundries. Secondly, you can start laundry independently. Good service and word of the mouth publicity will fetch you more clients.

14. Cleaning

Home and office cleaning is also a profitable business in Australia. You can start a cleaning company serving homes and offices. You will need hard-working assistants for this job. Use good and safe cleaners, and good equipment and provide disinfection and sanitization services. Local campaigns and online and offline marketing are essential to growing your cleaning business.

15. Plumbing

Plumbing is an essential service and if you are trained in plumbing, you can start this business in Australia as an immigrant Indian. The best way to get business as a plumber is through a local campaign and well-planned marketing to reach the households and offices of the area. Good and prompt service is the main pillar of your success in the plumbing business.

16. House Painting

House painting and repair is a good business idea for you in Australia. You can provide this service in households as well as offices. A professional tie-up with a paint company can be a good option to get clients. Whatever the form you have to provide excellent service to grow your business. Personal contact, website, and online and offline marketing are important tools for the growth of your house painting and repair business.

17. Electrician

Electrical repairing is a profitable business idea for you in Australia. It has a steady demand around the year and that is why you can start this servicing business and earn a good income. Personal networking and local publicity and advertising will help you to get more business. Offices, residential complexes, and houses are your potential clients. Good service and your thorough knowledge of electrical repairing are most important for the growth of your business.

18. Dairy Farming

Dairy farming and egg production is a lucrative business idea for you in Australia as it has a good demand everywhere. Start your farm with the help of good workers and experts. Create a good sales network at nearby markets, hotels, restaurants, etc.

19. Tourism

Tourism is a flourishing industry in Australia. Hence you can start your business as a tourism agency and earn high profits. It is a business of several details like ticket booking, accommodation arrangements, local trips, etc. Therefore you will need good contacts and trained manpower for this business. Get the necessary license and permits for tourism business in Australia. Focus on online and offline marketing along with your company’s website for the growth of your tourism business.

20. Financial Services

Financial services have a very high demand in Australia and if you are a qualified financial expert, you can start your financial service firm as an immigrant Indian. Business enterprises and individual business persons are your prospective clients. Your service will include financial and investment planning, tax planning, financial and project report preparation, assessment of profitability and prospects, etc. Personal contact and online and offline marketing are essential to growing your business.

21. Accounting Services

Accounting services are a good business idea for you in Australia. If you have experience and exposure as a certified accountant, you can start the business of accounting services. Your responsibilities will include bookkeeping, preparation of profit and loss statements, bank reconciliation, statement of payables and receivables, preparation of balance sheets, etc. Website and online marketing are very important to grow your accounting services business.

22. Online Teaching

Online teaching is a new-age concept of teaching and it has a good demand in Australia. If you have a good academic background you can start an online teaching business. The merit of this business is that it can be done from home with very little investment. You can teach students at the school or college level. Alternatively, you can also teach professional courses online. Website, online marketing along social media publicity will give you more business.

23. Fitness Center

With an increasing number of fitness freaks, the business of fitness centers is quite profitable in Australia. You can start your fitness center at a good location and make good publicity to get more clients. If you are a trained yoga teacher, you can also start a Yoga center as it has a very good demand. Online and offline marketing along with good trainers and long working hours will give you more business.

24. Grocery Store

The grocery store is a business idea that has a steady demand everywhere. Hence you can start a grocery store as an immigrant Indian in Australia. Give a special touch to your grocery store by selling Indian spices and food items. Stock up your grocery store with various items of daily use and keep them open for long hours. Free home delivery against telephonic orders will help you to get more business. Local publicity and marketing along with a good location are important for the growth of your business.

25. E-Commerce

E-commerce is a very good business idea in Australia and you can start this business as an immigrant Indian. A good app and powerful logistic support are the main pillars of your e-commerce business. You can sell many items through your e-commerce business like grocery items, electronic gadgets, computers, apparel, beauty products, jewelry, etc. Website is a must for your e-commerce business. Apart from that digital and social media marketing are also very important for the growth of your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get funding assistance as an immigrant entrepreneur in Australia?

Yes, there are different kinds of funding assistance provided to immigrant entrepreneurs in Australia. The Government offers small business grants for new immigrants. Apart from that, there are 10 different kinds of subsidies and incentives for entrepreneurs. There are also opportunities for private funding, venture capital, etc.

What are the best cities in Australia to start a business?

The top 10 cities to start a new business in Australia are the following:

  • Adelaide
  • Sydney
  • Brisbane
  • Melbourne
  • Perth
  • Victoria
  • Hobart
  • Canberra
  • Victoria
  • New Castle

What kinds of visas can Indian entrepreneurs need to start a business in Australia?

There are different categories of visas. They include Business Talent Permanent Visa, Business Innovation and Investment Provisional Visa, Business Owner Visa, etc.

Australia is the perfect place to fulfill your dreams of starting a business. You have to utilize the opportunities and live your dream.

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