here is a list of the best small business ideas in Pune

Top 30 Small Scale Business Ideas in Pune with Low Investment

Do you want to start a business in Pune? Are you looking for business ideas in Pune with low investment opportunities? Then we are sure this article will be immensely helpful for you as we have explored, researched, and listed ideas and opportunities which are low in investment but have a high-profit potential.

Pune is a city of high diversity and a hub of many industry sectors. Pune is also known as the “Oxford of the East”. Some of the prominent areas are technology, education, and service sectors. In addition to this, the rise of the aspiring upper-middle class with high per capita income makes Pune one of the most favorable cities to start a business in India.

List of 30 Small Business Ideas in Pune

1. Fast Food Restaurant

Fast food restaurants are already doing good business in the city of Pune. If you have a good retail place, you can start this business without much doubt.

2. Coworking Space

Pune is known for its vibrant startup ecosystem, with numerous tech startups, IT companies, and entrepreneurs. These startups often require flexible and cost-effective office spaces, making coworking spaces an attractive option. Hence, providing flexible office space and amenities for freelancers, startups, and remote workers can fetch you good money here.

3. Digital Marketing Agency

Almost all businesses are looking to enhance their online footprint. And business owners of Pune are no exception. If you have some skills in digital marketing, consider starting a digital marketing agency in Pune.

4. Rent a Car

If you have a car or you have the money to afford to buy one, start a Taxi service and partner with popular cab services like Ola / Uber, etc

5. Real Estate Agency

If you are connected to the construction industry and looking forward to starting a small business with less capital and a big profit margin, a real estate agency can be the answer. Pune is growing and so also the demand for affordable real estate properties. You can start a real estate agency.

6. Playschool

Starting a preschool is a good option in Pune because the middle class here is very serious about providing good quality education to their kids and children. You can check the top preschool franchise business opportunities.

7. Medical Store

A medical store is an all-weather business  One can start a medical shop with extra value-added services like a doctor’s chamber, medical test facilities.

8. HR Consulting Firm

Most organizations in Pune are in desperate need of credible and effective hr consultants for recruiting manpower. If you have the necessary expertise and a natural flair for networking, consider starting an hr consulting firm.

9. Mobile Retail & Repair Shop

If you have a retail space at a location having good footfall, selling and repairing mobiles in the city of Pune is surely going to fetch you good money.

10. Medical Diagnostics Center

If you have considerable money to invest, opening a medical diagnostic center is a good business proposition in Pune.

11. Gym & Fitness Center

The awareness of staying fit and healthy is growing among citizens in Pune. Hence, starting a gym, fitness center, or yoga studio is a profit-making business here in this city.

12. Beauty Salon

The aspiring middle class in Pune is growing fast. The demand for beauty clinics is increasing here in this city. Starting a beauty salon business is definitely a good money-making opportunity.

13. Gift Shop

If you have a passion for collecting items that are unique in nature, you can think of starting this business.

14. Laundry & Dry Cleaning

Laundry with a dry cleaning service is an evergreen and recession-proof business globally. If you have a good retail space in Pune, you can start this business.

15. Hair Salon

Life in Pune is considerably faster than in most cities. In addition to this, the rising upper-middle class was willing to pay extra for comfort and to look better. As a result, starting a hair salon is a good business proposition here.

16. Courier & Cargo Agency

There are plenty of offices of Indian and Multinational companies. in Pune city. Hence, starting a courier agency is supposed to be a profitable business proposition here.

17. Computer Sales & Repair Service

As the city of Pune is a tech hub, there is a huge demand here for computer sales and services. If you have skills in computer-related activities, you can start a computer sales and repair business on your own.

18. Organic Products Store

More and more people in Pune are looking for organic products to buy. Starting an organic products shop has a good chance of making a good profit here in this city.

19. Start a Blogg

If you enjoy writing and would love to work from home, blogging is surely a good choice to make decent money. We have written a detailed  article on how to start a blog and make money

20. Kids & Children Clothing Store

Time has changed. Kids even are fashion-conscious these days. Starting a retail store selling kids’ and children’s clothing store is a good option to make good money in Pune.

21. Start a Wholesale Business in Pune

The wholesale business plays a vital role in the supply chain by connecting manufacturers and suppliers with retailers and other businesses. If you are considering starting a wholesale business in Pune, here are a few profitable ideas to consider:

  • Electronics Wholesale
  • Beauty and Cosmetics Wholesale
  • Food and Beverage Wholesale
  • Baby Products Wholesale
  •  Stationery and Office Supplies Wholesale
  • Automotive Spare Parts Wholesale

22. IT Education Center

Pune has many software manufacturing offices. Starting an IT education center is an obviously wise business decision.

23. Tea & Coffee Cafe

Tea & coffee cafe pubs are increasingly getting popular in the city of Pune. If you have a roadside retail space with good footfall, you can think of starting a tea or coffee shop.

24. Fitness Center

Starting a gym or fitness studio can be a highly profitable business in Pune. Though the market is competitive, still there is a wide scope in this business if planned properly.

25. Mobile App Development

There is a good number of small businesses that are looking to create mobile applications. If you have the expertise, offer mobile app development services to businesses and individuals.

26. E-commerce Store

You can start an online store selling a niche range of products or services in Pune. If you do not have products of your own, consider the dropshipping model.

27. Event Planning

There is always a good demand for efficient event planners in the city of Pune. If you are good at planning, think of starting an event planning business and helping individuals and organizations in executing memorable events and occasions.

28. Travel Agency

Another service-based you can think of starting in Pune is a travel agency. You can offer travel planning services, including vacation packages, flights, and accommodation.

29. Car Wash and Detailing

If you are an automobile enthusiast and want to start a business with little money, consider offering car wash services. You can set up a car wash and detailing center offering comprehensive cleaning services.

30. Web Design and Development

Web design is another profitable small business in Pune that can be started at home. If you have the skills, offer web design and development services to businesses and individuals.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register my business in Pune?

To register your business in Pune, you need to visit the official website of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) and follow the necessary steps. It includes business registration, such as obtaining a Digital Signature Certificate (DSC), applying for Director Identification Number (DIN), and filing the required documents.

What are the essential licenses and permits required to start a business in Pune?

The licenses and permits required may vary depending on the type of business. Common licenses and permits include GST registration, Shop Act license, trade license, and food license (if applicable). It’s advisable to consult with a local business consultant or lawyer to ensure compliance with all legal requirements.

How can I secure funding for my business in Pune?

Funding options include self-financing, approaching banks for business loans, and seeking investment from angel investors or venture capitalists. You can also explore government schemes and grants for entrepreneurs. It is advisable to prepare a solid business plan and financial projections to present to potential investors or lenders.