How To Start Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Making Business In India

Bed sheet pillow covers are widely used household items. It is used for daily use and also as a decorative bedspread. And bed sheet pillow cover making is a profitable business in India.

Be it online or offline marketplaces, you will find a variety of bed sheets and pillow covers. However, they come in different colors, sizes, design, and linen. In addition, it caters a wide price range also. Matching bed sheets, pillow covers, and bed covers are considered as important upholstery in the interior decoration of a room. As the population is growing, the demand for the product is also increasing.

Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Making Market Opportunity

Apart from garments, bed sheets and pillow covers are the best sellable products in the textile industry. The demand in the market especially to cater both middle and upper class of families settled in urban areas, small towns and even in rural areas of the country. Awareness of good living and spending capacity for lifestyle products are the major reason of increasing the demand for the product. The product is also used in hotel and tourism industry. Additionally, you will find a good market throughout the country. Different Govt departments and railway are also a good consumer of this product. The export market for Indian bed sheet is in Germany, USA, Canada, U.K., Indonesia, and Austria.

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Compliance For Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Making Business

In starting this business, You must obtain different registrations and licenses in India. It is advisable to check your state’s law. Here, we have listed some of the basic requirements.

  1. Register your business entity with ROC
  2. Obtain Trade License from Municipal Authority
  3. Apply for Udyog Aadhar MSME. You can go for online registration. It is optional. However, it will help you in getting loans and subsidy.
  4. BIS certification.
  5. Apply for Trademark for your brand name
  6. You may obtain ISO Certification for your company.

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Machinery & Raw Materials For Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Making Business

The bed sheet pillow cover making project doesn’t demand any complicated machinery. You will need to procure following tools and equipment.

  1. Foot operated stitching machine with all accessories
  2. Double needle stitching machine with motor and all accessories
  3. Flat lock stitching machine with motor and accessories
  4. Embroidery machine with motor and all accessories

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Basically, you will need to ensure a covered area of 250 SqMt for manufacturing operation. You must secure space for raw material storage, packaging section, and finished goods storage area.

You can also buy an automatic bed sheet making machine with an integrated embroidery system and ironing machine.

The main raw material is textile linen. However, you must be very careful about the quality of the raw material. Other consumables are threads and packaging materials.

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Bed Sheet Pillow Cover Making Process

Careful procurement of woven cotton fabric/grace fabric/terrycot fabrics different colors and shades is the first step in bed sheet pillow cover making. To check unevenness of fabric and defect in color dyes, lay the cloth on the table for visual inspection before cutting of cloth. Then cut the fabric as per length of bed sheet and pillow cover and stretch. Additionally, do the embroidery with stitching machines. Then label the products. Press them and then pack in polyethene packets followed by cartoon boxes for despatch. You can attach a visual impact of that particular sheet along with the packing. In bed sheet pillow cover making business pay attention to moisture free packing and damp proof storage.