Best Supply Chain Management Software For Small Businesses

Supply chain management software is an essential tool in any product based company. It gives a company a competitive advantage in the marketplace and helps mitigate risks associated with acquiring raw materials and delivering products or services.

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In almost every type of business, there is variability in customer spending. This requires companies to manage their inventories in a way that minimizes holding costs while providing enough flexibility to meet customer demands. Supply chain management systems allow for the identification of critical risk factors in an organization or with their suppliers.

Key Benefits Of Supply Chain Management Software

  • It reduces shipment cost
  • Minimize errors
  • Increase business profitability
  • Improve customer service
  • Improve compliance rates
  • Enhance supply chain network towards a smooth operation

Find here a list of most popular supply chain management software at random order:

List of 10 Best Supply Chain Management Software

1. CargoWise One 

CargoWise One is a highly flexible single-platform software system that delivers powerful productivity, extensive functionality, comprehensive integration, deep compliance capabilities, and truly global reach for logistics providers worldwide. A world-leading solution for seamless logistics operations, CargoWise One is an integral link in the global supply chain.

Supply Chain Management


2. RetailGraph 

RetailGraph is a complete Retail Management System that offers small and mid-market retailers a complete point-of-sale solution that can be adapted to meet unique retail requirements. The system is developed by Softworld (India) Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2000 company based at Jaipur.

Supply Chain Management


3. Infor

Infor Supply Chain Management Software combines best in class solutions with industry-specific functionality, giving you the power to plan and execute your supply chain strategies faster and more profitably, from strategic and tactical planning to execution.

It helps your supply chain to optimize utilization of resources and labor, improve inventory and shipping accuracy, deliver the perfect order every time and respond faster to customer opportunities and market fluctuations.

Supply Chain Management


4. Enabling 

Enabling Supply Chain Management Systems allows you to meet your customer demands more effectively and efficiently. It also provides your business with the flexibility to respond to ever-changing customer demands and market trends.

This system includes the development of reports on how the chain of goods progresses from the supplier through the distributors. These reports help your businesses to determine potential areas for improvement.

Supply Chain Management

5. Supply Chain Platform 

The supply chain platform is developed by TradeCloud. The system is a perfect B2B supply chain platform for manufacturing and wholesale companies. The company helps the customers make their supply chain more predictable and realize a shorter time-to-market with less stock and less order processing.

The company does this with an easy to use cloud solution that offers a fast & simple supply chain collaboration at a fraction of the current price and implementation effort. The platform on which many parties known to be connected, integrates with all major ERP systems, resulting in a few weeks in a more effective supply chain.

Supply Chain Management6. Astral

Astral Inventory Management System manages multiple location branches from a single Location, Build Using the latest technology for flexible working and compatible with Tablets, Smartphones, Desktop, and Laptop. The system is developed by Astral Technologies. It gives complete control over Purchase, Stock, and Sales of goods as well as provides exact status at any given point in time.

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7. Logility 

Logility supply chain planning solutions to help you dynamically source materials, optimize production and manufacturing plans and reduce distribution costs. Along the way, you can slash lead times. These supply chain solutions provide the visibility and automation you need to proactively plan, source, schedule, produce, store, transport and trace supply chain activities, in industries with distribution-intensive supply networks. Logility Voyager Solutions help performance-driven enterprises seize ways to leave competitors behind.

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8. JDA 

JDA SCM tool is the leading provider of end-to-end, integrated retail and supply chain planning and execution solutions. The system is developed by JDA Software Group. JDA’s unique solutions empower its clients to achieve more by optimizing costs, increasing revenue and reducing time to value so they can always deliver on their customer promises.

The company’s end-to-end retail and supply chain planning and execution technology is designed to address the complexities of today’s global, consumer-driven marketplace.

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9. IFS 

IFS software is an ERP software environment, supply chain management is not a discipline unto itself. It is part of the business as a whole, with multiple dependencies between finance, manufacturing, purchasing, and sales.  IFS Applications’ supply chain functionality is a core component in our enterprise solution, from purchasing through to environmental footprint management of the value stream.

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10. Planvisage

Planvisage helps manufacturing businesses solve their supply chain problems by eliminating their supply chain inefficiencies. For SMEs, Planvisage offers an SCM software suite that is scalable, cost-effective and performs Production Planning, Shop Floor Scheduling, Demand Planning, Forecasting, Replenishment Planning, and Production Execution.

For large companies, Planvisage offers custom software services and consulting to maximize their existing investments.

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A supply chain management software helps you bring lean supply chain improvements to your manufacturing operation. Choose it carefully.

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