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How to Start School Uniform Manufacturing Business in 8 Steps

The school uniform manufacturing business is a profitable venture in the clothing industry. Any individual can initiate this business from his or her home location also.

The school uniform manufacturing opportunity attracts small capital investment toward machinery and equipment. In a full-scale manufacturing operation, you can add manufacturing readymade garments for kids and infants.

Is School Uniform Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Uniform for school students is a must in any region. Moreover, every student requires at least, two pairs of uniforms every year. Apart from some branded school uniform manufacturing companies, the unorganized sector dominates the Indian school uniform market.

Branded school uniform market is an emerging concept in India. Additionally, industry experts expect strong growth. Growing private school market, huge unorganized market drivers & growth in organized retail are some of the reasons for increasing the demand for school uniforms.

You can figure out the total market potential in any particular location can by multiplying the number of students up to 10 years of age at each school and the number of schools.

8 Steps to Start School Uniform-Making Manufacturing Business

1. Understand the Local Market

It is essential to collect as much information as possible to understand the local demand for school uniforms. Do market research to know the market volume, pricing, and competition from other players. This information will play a key role in planning your school uniform business effectively.

2. Create a Business Plan

After you decide on finally starting a school uniform-making business, the next step is to create a business plan document. If you are looking for funds for your startup, it is advised to hire a competent business plan writer or an accounting professional and create your school uniform project business plan. Some of the basic topics that must be addressed are as follows:

  • Fixed and recurring costs
  • Market Industry Analysis
  • Target Customers
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Manpower Plan
  • Operational Plan
  • Marketing Plan

3. School Uniform Manufacturing Business Registration & License

Business registration is a must. Register with ROC as per the management pattern of the company. Obtain Trade License from the local Municipal authority. Apply for Udyog Aadhar MSME registration. Obtain GST registration number. Register a Trademark to protect your company brand name.

4. Cost of Starting School Uniform Manufacturing Business

The costs and investments will largely depend on the scale of production and the type of machine installed. On average, the cost of starting a small-scale school uniform manufacturing business will be in the range of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs

5. Arrange Fund

Land and building, the cost of machinery and equipment, raw materials, and consumables are the major investment factor. In the case of applying for a project loan, you will need to arrange the collateral security amount according to the demand of banks. For working capital requirements, cash credit is the best option to avail.

Also, do not forget to apply for a credit card to meet small-time expenses.

6. School Uniform Manufacturing Machine & Raw Materials 

The range of machines will depend on the scale of operation and the size of the manufacturing unit. However, you will need to have the following basic machinery to launch a school uniform manufacturing unit.

  • Sewing machine
  • Automatic zig-zag machine
  • Cutting table
  • Overlock machine
  • Electric iron
  • Other miscellaneous equipment like scissors, tapes, etc.

The only needed raw material is textiles. You will also need to procure different sewing threads, buttons, zips, etc.

7. Learn School Uniform Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process involves the following steps:

a. Procurement of fabric:

As per the demand, you have to procure dyed/bleached/printed cotton/synthetic fabric of various colors from the market. First of all, inspect the fabric by laying it on the inspection table against light before cutting. So that, you can eliminate the unevenness in color/shade or any other fault if visible in the fabric.

b. Cutting and Stitching:

The inspected fabric is placed on the cutting table in the form of layers and then the different parts of the respective garments are demarked by chalk as per different sizes. Additionally, the cutting of garment parts is done manually. Stitching the individual portion of the garments by skilled workers with the help of overlock, lock stitch machines, etc.

c. Checking, Processing, and Packing of Uniforms:

Final checking is done before pressing and packing on the checking table so that any fault in the piece may be removed and protruding threads may be eliminated. Individual pieces are pressed by electric presses to remove any wrinkle marks and packed in the carton boxes.

There is no specific quality standard for this product. However, you must take care of the procurement of good quality textile material in the school uniform manufacturing operation.

For the commencement of production, the project will take a period of 6 months from the date of registration. You will need to complete the formalities as such crafting a business plan or project report, registrations, finance arrangement, procurement & installation of machinery, electrification, and staffing. Additionally, you will need to arrange 5 HP power to run a full-scale school uniform manufacturing unit.

8. Have a Marketing Plan

Developing an effective marketing plan is the key to the success of the school uniform manufacturing business. Create an attractive logo, visiting cards, and brochures and distribute them to your potential customers.

Create a website to make an online presence. Also, create a company page on social media platforms. Keep updating your website and social media pages with recent company activities. These marketing activities help in creating a unique brand personality in the school uniform industry.

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