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Best 16 Most Profitable Leather Business Ideas with Low Capital

Are you searching for profitable leather business ideas? Find in this article a list of the most profitable leather business opportunities with little money for your ready reference. These leather businesses can be developed as profitable ventures on a small and medium scale basis.

The leather industry occupies a place of prominence in the economy of most countries in view of its massive potential for employment, growth, and exports. There has been an increasing emphasis on its planned development, aimed at the optimum utilization of available raw materials for maximizing the returns, particularly from exports.

The leather industry is spread into different segments, namely, tanning & finishing, footwear & footwear components, leather garments, leather goods including saddlery & harnesses, etc.

List of Best 16 Leather Business Ideas

#1. Artistic Leather Goods Making

Artistic leather goods are popular because of their unique feature of artistic work, workmanship, aesthetic look, and finish. As a result, Artistic leather goods have a very good market and demand throughout the world.

The main export markets are the U.S.A., Japan, Great Britain, Brazil, Canada, and Italy. Additionally, the products have good domestic demand in most developing countries.

#2. Children Shoe Making

The demand for children’s shoes is increasing day by day in tune with the growth of population, their economic standards, education system, and fashion consciousness everywhere in the country. Additionally, the export worthiness of children’s shoes from our country is bright, seeing the present trend. Shoe units aiming to manufacture children’s shoes of different types, can, therefore, sustain viability by catering to the increasing needs.

#3. Ladies Footwear Manufacturing 

The demand for ladies’ footwear is continually rising due to the urbanized population and changing lifestyles. However, the production process is not complex. In addition, you can start a small-scale lady’s footwear manufacturing unit with 10 to 12 design patterns.

#4. Leather Aprons Making

The Leather Aprons serve as an item of protective wear item for the industrial workers in the factories. The principal material that goes into the production of this product is Chrome Tanned Leather/Split Leather. Amongst the leathers, chrome-tanned split leather is predominantly in use, possibly because of its cheapness and particular qualities required for leather aprons as compared to other kinds of leather.

#5. Leather Bag Making

Leather bags are used for different purposes with different features. The most commons are wallets, handbags, laptop bags, office bags, etc. However, the raw material availability is high in Tribal areas of AP and Orissa state. Additionally, the industry depends on the tanning industry. Increasing awareness of fashion-conscious, especially in the younger generation is the major reason for increasing demand for the different types of leather bags.

#6. Leather Belt Making

The leather waist belt is an item of dress used by young to old everyone. It has a functional value besides being a fashion item. Additionally, the demand for leather belts is increasing in domestic as well as export markets. It is popular among school-going children and youths wearing western dress. Also, it is popular among other age groups of men. Raw materials and skilled workers are also available in the country.

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#7. Leather Decorative Sheet Production

The leather decorative sheet is used as a wall panel and to decorate the ceiling in the interior designing industry widely. Additionally, you can start a leather decorative sheet production project with a small capital investment – even on a home-based basis. Leather decorative sheets and interior wall panels are the best product to create a gorgeous and modern accent wall.

#8. Leather Furniture Making

The demand for high-quality leather furniture is increasing day by day. Additionally, leather upholstery is considered an upmarket lifestyle product. Also, the product has good export potential. This is one of the most profitable leather business ideas that can be initiated with substantial capital investment.

#9. Leather Garment Making

The Leather Garment sector is in close contact with the latest trends in fashion. Therefore, the new winds in the fashion world always have a direct effect on the development of the sector and give a wider scope for marketability.

Major markets for leather garments are the USA, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Switzerland, Belgium, Canada, Austria, Denmark, Russia, Greece, Sweden, and Portugal.

#10. Leather Gloves Making

Apart from fashion wear, the major usage of leather gloves is for industrial purposes, railways, and defense. Industrial hand gloves serve as an Item of protective apparel for workers in factories. Due to the rapid industrialization and expansion of railways, the use of industrial hand gloves is expected to grow considerably.

#11. Leather Processing/ Tannery

Leather processing or tannery generally processes the animal skin to produce durable and less susceptible to decomposition leather. Tanning hide into leather involves a process that permanently alters the protein structure of the skin. However, initiating a tannery is a cost-intensive business.

#12. Leather Purse/ Hand Bag Making

Leather purses or handbags are mostly used by every woman. The demand for high-quality and fashionable leather purses is increasing rapidly. The manufacturing process is simple. The business also has a very good export opportunity.

#13. Leather Shoe Manufacturing 

Leather shoe manufacturing is one of the most profitable leather business ideas. Additionally, you can start the business on a small-scale also. The demand for leather shoes is increasing rapidly. Furthermore, the youth are very much fashion-conscious. Additionally, they are ready to pay the exorbitant price for quality shoes.

#14. Leather Suitcase/ Travel Bag Making

The demand for leather traveling bags is increasing day by day in tune with the growth of industrialization, economic standards of people, tourism, and fashion consciousness. The important
customers of such products are medium and high-income group people belonging to service, business, and executive classes.

#15.  Wrist Watch Straps Making

 The wristwatch has become a necessity for the present-day life of human beings. Additionally, people from all walks of life, male, female, educated, uneducated, young, and old use this item every day.

Watch straps being an integral part of the wristwatch, it has a good market for supply to meet original demand and in the replacement market. Apart from the large-scale manufacturers, a good number of small-scale units in many States have also come up with their phased production program for wristwatch straps.

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#16. PU Laminated Split Leather Making

The PU Laminated Split Leather is a modern development in the leather manufacturing field which has presented a very high demand in the market. This leather has gained wide popularity in the fashion world and is used for making a wide variety of fancy leather products. This is one of the most trending and profitable leather business ideas. However, the business demands substantial capital investment for commercial production.

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