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How to Start Ice Cream Cone Making Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start an ice cream cone making business? If yes, you are in the right place. Find here a detailed guide on how to start an ice cream cone manufacturing business with a small capital investment.

Any individual can initiate an ice cream cone business on a home-based and small-scale basis. Ice cream cones of many varieties of flavors and in different forms are served around the year and demand is going up year after year.

The most popular mode of serving is in cones as it is neat & clean, easy to store and there is no disposal needed. With the continuous increase in the sale of ice creams, demand for cones is increasing. It is a consumer-durable item.

Is Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Business Profitable?

The ice cream industry has seen rapid growth worldwide. In India, growth has been huge in the last few years. The rise in per capita income in the middle class has fuelled the rise in sales of ice creams

The total revenue from the Indian ice cream industry was Rs. 201.4 billion in 2020. Industry experts predict the industry to grow at a CAGR of 14% between 2021 and 2026. The turnover value is expected to reach approximately Rs. 442 billion by 2026.

Ice Cream Cone Manufacturing Unit Project Plan

Ice cream cones generally come in different colors and flavors.  These types of ice creams are not only convenient but there is no residual waste as well. The manufacturing process of ice creams is simple and simple machinery is involved in manufacturing. An entrepreneur with proper planning can initiate this business with low startup capital investment.

Here are some basic steps to follow to start a profitable ice cream cone manufacturing business:

1. Learn How to Make Ice Cream Cones

The first step to making an ice cream cone is to mix ingredients like dark brown sugar, caramel coloring, flour, vegetable oil, and water in a vat.

Then a measured amount of the mixture is poured into the ice cream-making machine that has molds that are run by a conveyor belt. The belt carries the mold into a gas-heated oven. The oven converts the batter into a waffle.

Finally, when cooled, the wafer is then collected from the belt mechanically. The machine makes cones as per the mold they are baked in and ready cones come out of it. Then you can pack 50 or 100 cones in polyethylene pouch bags for bulk selling.

2. Register Your Business

In starting an ice cream cone making business you will need to register your firm first. Register your business with ROC (Register Of Companies). Obtain a Trade License and Pan Card.

3. Licenses and Permits

As an ice cream cone is a food item you will need to have a license from the Food Safety and Standard Authority of India (FSSAI). Register your business as SSI Unit.

Obtain GST Registration. You may also register your product brand name as Trade Mark.

4. Raw Material For Ice Cream Cone Making

The major raw materials are wheat and cornflour. Apart from these food colors and flavors are required. Additionally, you can procure these raw materials from the local wholesale market.

You will need to have some packaging materials also. Generally, moisture-proof packaging is recommended for ice cream cone packaging.

5. Ice Cream Cone Making Machine

Ice Cream Cone MakingAutomatic ice cream cone manufacturing machines are available in the market with varying capacities. However, you need to decide the capacity according to the size of the market and the required production output.

A machine with the capacity to produce 48,000 cones per shift of 8 hours or 144.00 lac cones per year considering 300 working days would cost Rs.2.00 lacs. These machines offer finished cones.

First, it dispenses batter on the baking plates to prepare the wafer for shaping, then rolls them up, keeps them in shape unloads them finally. It is the main device of the production line.

Apart from this, you will need to have some stainless steel utensils, racks, a weighing scale, and a sealing machine.

6. Evaluate the Costs

On average, you will need an investment of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs. 10 lacs to launch a small-scale ice cream cone manufacturing business. It includes machinery costs, license fees, salaries, and marketing costs.

7. Arrange Funds

If you are short in budget, there will be a need of securing funds from banks and financial institutions. There are several banks that provide term and working capital loans for manufacturing businesses. You need to contact them with your business project plan.

Also, you can apply for loans from various loan apps for instant cash requirements. Do not forget to apply for a credit card to handle daily small expenses.

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