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How to Open Gelato Vinto Franchise Business in India

Are you interested in starting Gelato Vinto Franchise Business? If yes, read this review to learn more about why and how to start with cost, investment, contact details, and much more.

Gelato Vinto is a fresh, innovative concept not only for customers but also for franchisees and business partners. Gelato Vinto is the generic word for frozen dessert in Italian. Though made from the same ingredients as a frozen dessert, a taste of this Italian marvel will reveal that gelato and frozen dessert are distinctively different.

Why Gelato Vinto Franchise Business?

The company brings a new exciting approach to an unrepresented sector. An efficient business model supported by marketing and merchandising tools and established operating procedures that make the running of outlets relatively simple.

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The company offers a low investment model with minimum risk. The franchise owners get reasonable returns on investment. Food items have a high market demand.

Some of the Benefits and Support to Franchise from Gelato Vinto are mentioned below:

  • Support in Store design, Store Construction
  • Business development i.e. site selection support
  • Operational support
  • Technical know-how and support are given to a franchise during the duration of the agreement.
  • Marketing support
  • Training is provided to all crew members and franchisees
  • The items are supplied by the franchisor to the franchise at a cost that is the MRP less a certain percentage which works as a healthy and profitable margin for the franchise.
  • The items will be transported to the franchisee’s outlet by the franchisor at his own cost.
  • The company will give a 50% margin to the franchisee on the MRP price.
  • The shelf life of the product is around 45 – 75 days if stored at minus 20 degrees Celsius.

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7 Steps to Follow to Start a Gelato Vinto Franchise in India

If you are planning to start a Gelato Vonto franchise in India, it is advised to follow some steps before actually buying:

  • Do market research and know more about the local demand for ice creams and the competition
  • Select the right type of franchise model depending on your resources
  • Check the franchise agreement. If possible, take help from a lawyer.
  • It is important to arrange funds if you are short in budget.
  • Select location
  • Get required licenses
  • Hire manpower

Cost to Start a Gelato Vonto Franchise in India

The investment needed will depend on the type of franchise model you select. However, an estimated amount of Rs. 5 Lacs to Rs 10 Lacs will be the startup cost to open a Gelato Vinto franchise in India.

Area Required

You will need a floor area of 100 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft to open a Gelato Vinto ice cream franchise in India. Places in high footfall areas in shopping malls and high streets are most preferred.

Profit Returns

Generally, most Gelato Vinto franchisees achieve payback within 12 months to 18 months after starting the business. The return on investment is approximately around 30% to 40%.

Contact Details – How to Apply

Visit [email protected] or call at +91 99908 05195, or fax at +91-11-41324993. There is also a landline telephone number of Gelato Vinto, which is +91-11-46620050.

You can also pay them a visit or send them a letter at the following address: Gelato Vinto Corporate Office, 2, Community Centre, East of Kailash, Near Sapna Cinema, New Delhi – 110065.

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