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How to Start Purnabramha Franchise Business

Do you want to start a Purnabramha franchise in your locality? Find here in this article a detailed guide on why and how to apply to start a food retail business with Purnabramha as a franchise partner.

Purnabramha is one of the world’s largest Maharashtrian Vegetarian Restaurant specialty Restaurants. The objective of Purnabramha is largely to provide Maharashtrian food in all non-Marathi regions.

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Find below why to partner with this Maharashtrian food franchise along with investment and contact details.

Why Purnabramha Food Franchise?

This food retail business has a presence in countries like Australia and the United States too.

Some of the reasons that can motivate you to work with Purnabrahma as a business partner in India are the following:

  • Largest International Maharashtrian Vegetarian Franchise in India
  • Low investment with high returns
  • Proven Franchise model success in India
  • Operational simplicity
  • Flexible real estate options are available
  • Outstanding product innovations
  • Extraordinary training programs
  • Store opening and  Core team support
  • Ongoing business consultation
  • Design and construction support
  • National, regional, and local marketing programs for the brand and individual stores

Investment Required

There are several franchise business models you need to choose from. The details are listed below:

a) Sanskriti Type:

  • Requirement: 2500 to 3000 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee: 9 Lakhs
  • Deposit: 2 Lakhs
  • Interior Cost: On Actual
  • Number of seats: 80 to 100

b) MazaType

  • Requirement: 1500 to 2000 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee: 7 Lakhs
  • Deposit: 2 Lakhs
  • Interior Cost: On Actual
  • Number of seats: 50 to 70

c) Potoba Type

  • Requirement: 1000 to 1200 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee: 5 Lakhs
  • Deposit: 2 Lakhs
  • Interior Cost: On Actual
  • Number of seats: 25 to 30

d) Lite Setup – Only Airports

  • Requirement: 100 to 500 Sq.ft
  • Franchise Fee: 3 Lakhs
  • Deposit: 2 Lakhs
  • Interior Cost: On Actual

e) Purnabramha Express

  • Requirement: 200 Sq.ft area
  • Total Investment: 10 Lakhs

The anticipated return on investment is expected to be around 15%. The agreement with the company will be for 5 years subject to renewal on mutual terms.

Contact Details to Apply for Purnabramha Franchise

You can contact them directly at their head office at the following address:

Manaswini Foods Private Limited, #780 19th main 17th cross HSR 4TH SECTOR BENGALURU KARNATAKA 560102.

You can also visit online at the following web address: and fill in the required details as instructed. If shortlisted, company officials will call you back for further discussion.

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