20 Most Profitable Education Business Ideas

The education industry in India is growing rapidly. And it creates different small and medium scale business opportunities for the entrepreneurs. The object of crafting this article is to provide a list of most profitable education business ideas for your ready reference. Also, we also list down manufacturing business opportunities related to education.

India holds an important place in the global education industry. The country has more than 1.4 million schools with over 227 million students enrolled and more than 36,000 higher education institutes. The industry is changing rapidly with more private players entering the field.

With the increase of overall household income, people are now willing to spend money for the higher education of their children. Parents are enrolling their kids in international schools for better education directly from the primary level. Furthermore, the technology-oriented courses are gaining in popularity due to the rising demand in these industries.

List of 20 Profitable Education Business Opportunities

Education Business Opportunities

#1. Acting School

The entertainment industry is growing rapidly in India. And it is creating opportunities for actors, actresses, and models. Many young performers are eager to establish their career in the industry. So, acting schools are gaining popularity in not only the metro cities but also in the suburban towns.

#2. Business Management Institute

Business management institute is one of the most successful education businesses in India. However, the business demands substantial capital investment in the infrastructure and human resources. Furthermore, you will need to do the right promotion to attract the right audience.

#3. Dance Academy

You will find numerous styles of dance in the country. Broadly you can classify as classical or folk. However, the modern dance culture is different. Generally, modern dances are more popular than the traditional styles. You can start a dance academy with moderate capital investment.

#4. Drawing School

Moreover, every student goes to the drawing school in the childhood days. However, there must be a demand for drawing school in your locality. In addition, you must make the arrangement of the board examinations for the students.

#5. Hotel Management Institute

Hotel management institute is one of the most lucrative businesses in the education industry. However, it demands proper strategic planning and substantial capital investment. In addition, arrangement for the placement after the completion of the course is hugely important for the overall success of the institute.

#6. Martial Art School

Martial art is gaining popularity in Indian cities and towns. However, it includes a wide range of styles like Boxing, Karate, Krav Maga, Kung Fu, Kickboxing, etc. You can start a small martial art school with small capital investment.

#7. Music School 

Broadly music caters to two categories. Vocal and instrumental. Starting a music school demands small capital investment. However, the right planning and promotion are important to get overall success.

#8. Play School

You can start a playschool or preschool in two ways. You can start your own school. Otherwise, you can start a franchise. The preschool is a very successful business in India. And the demand for playschool is increasing. Read More…

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#9. Spoken English School

You will find a lot of franchise offer for spoken English school. If you want to start with small capital investment, then it is better to start with a renowned brand.

#10. Teacher Training Institute

The teacher training institute for Montessori teachers is a good business to start. The gross profit margin is lucrative. However, you must check your state law about the institute.

List of Education Related Manufacturing Business Ideas

#11. Ball Pen Refill Manufacturing

Ballpen is an essential item for the students. You can start manufacturing even from home. Ball pen refill manufacturing business demands small capital investment. Read More…

#12. Chalk Manufacturing

Chalks are actually round shaped sticks and it comes either as white or in colors. Chalk pencil is a writing instrument on the blackboards. However, the consumption of this product is huge at the school level. Read More…

#13. Eraser Making

Eraser is a rubber product. The major consumers of the product are students, artists, bookkeepers, typists, and others. This is the only item available for the correction of the mistakes. In addition, you can set up a small-scale manufacturing unit. Read More…

#14. Gem Clip Making

The gem clip making process is simple. An entrepreneur with low startup capital can initiate this business as the home-based also. There is a huge demand for 100% stainless steel to make gem clips globally. Read More…

#15. Glue Manufacturing

Glue is an essential item for the students. They use it not only for the repairing purpose but also craft different projects. Also, the glue manufacturing business is profitable. However, you must secure different licenses to start manufacturing glue items.

#16. Notebook Manufacturing

Any individual can start a notebook manufacturing business on a small scale. Notebooks, exercise books, registers are essential items for schools, colleges, and offices. Even you can start this business from home. Read More…

#17. School Bag Manufacturing

A home-based school bag manufacturing business is a profitable venture. Only with different types of sewing and cutting equipment, you can start this business. However, you must use the raw material to get quality and long-lasting bags.

#18. School Uniform Making

Every school maintains the special dress code. In addition, management schools are also maintaining the uniform nowadays. And students need to follow that. You can start a school uniform manufacturing business from home. Read More…

#19. Staple Pin Manufacturing

With a single machine, you can start a staple pin making business. However, you will need to use good quality wire as raw material. Every educational institute uses this item. Even this is an essential office stationery item. Read More…

#20. Wooden Pencil Manufacturing

Wooden pencil or lead pencil is an essential item for students and artists. Generally, HB and 2B pencils have popularity in the Indian market. There is a growing demand for wooden pencils in the market. Read More…

We hope, this list of 20 lucrative education business ideas will help you to make an informed decision in starting a business. However, we will update the list, as we will get more statistics about the education industry of India.

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