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Best 10 Barcode Billing Software Solutions In India

Barcode billing software is an essential item for product-based companies. A special barcoding solution is a must for businesses having use of packaging or any type of printed documents like invoices, money receipts, etc. Barcoding billing software creates custom data collection applications using a wide variety of software development tools.

With a large base of existing code, the system can quickly and economically produce the application software you need for your data collection needs. Here in this article, we have provided the best barcode billing software providers in India.

List of 10  Barcode Billing Software

1. Quickbooks

QuickBooks is a popular barcode printing and billing software in India. Its mobile barcode scanning helps in reducing incorrect unit counts, mismatched SKUs, and human errors.  Managers can make better business decisions by receiving reliable, real-time inventory data.

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2. Tally. ERP9

Tally.ERP 9 is a GST-ready barcode printing and billing software used by most Indian small businesses. Tally is an on-premise billing software solution that caters primarily to small and midsize businesses in a wide array of industries.

3. Marg ERP9

It is without saying, Marg ERP9+ is another popular barcoding tool for small businesses in India. Marg offers the best Barcode Software for barcode generation, reading, barcode label printing, billing & barcode scanning for the last 20 years.

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4. Saral Billing Software

Saral is a cost-saving popular barcode printing and billing tool. It is also a popular GST-ready accounting software for retailers and covers features such as counter billing, barcode integration, GST returns, and more.

5. Busy Accounting Software

Busy Accounting Software is a barcode billing tool that can be used by small businesses. Item Bar Code Printing is an additional feature within BUSY Business Accounting Software that picks item data and prints Bar Codes on any Windows compatible printer.

6. Zoho Invoice

Zoho Invoice is a barcode printing and billing tool that is very simple to use and packs a friendly user interface.  This software helps in creating unique barcodes with text, images, and much more.

7. Reach

Reach barcode software has got 20 different in-built invoices and can convert foreign currency to Indian currency. It comes with billing, inventory, barcode, stock, accounts, and more.

8. Probilz

PROBILZ is a fully automated Retail Management System with integrated modules for barcode billing, merchandising, purchasing, receiving, and quick informative reporting.

9. Profitbooks

ProfitBooks is a one-stop barcode printing software. You can do a barcoding operation with GST compliance. You can easily print barcodes with the product information for smooth tracking and billing process.

10. JustBilling

JustBilling is another GST-packed barcode inventory tool. It can operate with any kind of bar code scanner. Based on different colors, sizes, styles, etc you can create exclusive barcodes of products.

Barcode Software FAQs

What is Barcode Billing Software?

When you buy a product, you will see rectangular lines labeled on the product. These are the barcode lines and information like price, expiry date, manufacturing date, packaging batch number, size, color, and more is stored there.

A barcode scanner software sans this information and retrieve them. The barcode programmed software read that information in the barcode scanner and transfers it to the computer screen. Iy thereby reduces the time of entering data manually and smoothens the process of billing.

Benefits of Barcode Software

Some of the benefits of having barcode printing and billing tool are the following:

  • Fast Billing
  • Easy Accounting
  • Barcode Scanning/Printing
  • SMS Facility
  • GST Returns
  • E-way Bill
  • Variable GST on Readymade
  • Manage stock and inventory

There are plenty of more equally good barcode billing software catering to small businesses in India. If you are a barcode software manufacturer do contact us for review by our expert team.