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How to Start Rubber Eraser Making Business

Are you interested to start a small eraser-making business? Find here a detailed rubber eraser manufacturing business plan guide with machines, manufacturing processes, and raw materials.

Basically, a rubber eraser is an important item for students. They use the eraser for erasing the mistakes. Basically, an eraser helps to remove pencil and sometimes pen writing. Erasers have a rubbery consistency and are often white or pink, although modern materials allow them to be made in any color. In addition to that, typewriters, tailors, and bookkeepers use the eraser on regular basis. Generally, an eraser comes under the essential school stationery segment.

Eraser making process is simple. And you can produce a rubber eraser from natural rubber. In addition to that, the business demands small capital investment. So, if you want to start a small manufacturing business, then you can definitely consider starting this business.

Is Rubber Eraser Manufacturing Business Profitable?

Actually, a rubber eraser has already a great market. And the demand for quality eraser which erases the lines properly has growing demand. Additionally, some wooden pencils come with rubber at their endpoints. As the education sector is growing the demand for good quality erasers is bound to grow.

Apart from that, there are several other activities where a rubber eraser is an essential item. As an example, tailors and bookkeepers use rubbers regularly. So with a proper distribution strategy, you can capture a wide market in your locality.

Here are 6 Steps to Start Eraser Manufacturing Business

1. Create a Business Plan

Starting an eraser-making business is comparatively easier than other manufacturers. Here you can operate the unit with two to three raw materials. And the production process is also simple. However, you need to write a business plan prior to initiating this business.

In the plan, you need to clearly mention the specific type of rubber you want to produce. Additionally, you need to mention the packaging details and marketing strategy. Also, the business plan must consist of a financial cost analysis. These all will help you in running the business smoothly.

2. Business Registration & License

Regardless of the size of your business, you need registration. As it is a small-scale industry, you can start the business as a proprietorship. However, depending on the investment pattern, you need to decide on the form of business organization.

Generally, this type of business doesn’t demand any specific type of license. However, you need to check with the local authority. In some states, you need a specific license from the local Municipal authority for operating any business as such. You can consider applying for MSME Udyog Aadhaar online registration.

GST Registration is a must at present to start a manufacturing business.

3. Eraser Manufacturing Unit Setup

You can initiate a small rubber eraser-making unit with a covered area of 1000 Sq Ft. Space must have a regular supply of electricity and water. Additionally, check the transportation facility.

Before installing the machinery, determine the specific space for machinery, keeping raw materials, finished goods, and a space for admin work. Generally, proper space management helps to reduce labor costs.

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4. Buy Eraser-Making Machine

The major fixed capital investment goes for procuring the eraser-making machine. And the cost of the machine depends on the machine’s quality and production output. Procure the machinery from a reputed supplier. Additionally, check the warranty on that particular machine.

Actually, the main plant and machinery needed are a rubber mixing roll mill, hydraulic press, cutter and grinder, boiler, stamping machine, and other accessories.

Generally, eraser making machine comes as an assembled of different machinery parts. It consists of a kneading machine. Additionally, it comes with an inverter for frequency control. It has a jacket outside of the cylinder, for heating or cooling. You can use hot oil, electricity, or steam simultaneously for heating. And a good quality machine comes with a full stainless steel body.

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5. Rubber Eraser Making Raw Materials

Generally, the major raw material you need is natural rubber. Some of the other inputs are starch, petrolatum, vulcanized waste rubber, factice, abrasive, lithopone, and sulphur. Additionally, you will need to have packaging consumables. Generally, you will need to cover a single piece with hard paper. And you can make a box of 12 pieces of rubber for distribution and wholesaling.

6. Eraser Manufacturing Process

Actually, you can produce rubber erasers from different raw materials like natural rubber, synthetic rubber, and other thermoplastics. In this project idea, it is assumed that the eraser will be made from natural rubber.

First of all, you need to masticate the pale crepe (natural rubber) with other chemicals except sulphur in a mixing double-roll mill. When the first mixing is almost complete, add the sulphur and continue mixing for some time until a sheet of the substance is formed to the desired thickness.

Then pass and vulcanize it in steam or electric heated hydraulic press. Finally, cut to the desired size, finished on the grinder, and stamped. Different types of erasers require different types of ingredients.