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Best 21 Security Business Ideas with Low Investment

Do you want to start a small business in the security service and surveillance industry? If YES, find here a list of the best and most profitable security business ideas for your ready reference.

What is a Security Business?

A security business refers to a company or enterprise that provides various security-related services to individuals, businesses, organizations, and government agencies. These services are aimed at protecting people, properties, assets, and information from various threats, including theft, vandalism, intrusion, terrorism, cyberattacks, and other security risks.

According to industry experts, the security services industry revenue is expected to increase. Because the guard, investigative, and other industry services became increasingly popular among corporate and government agencies. The Asia Pacific, USA, UK Canada, and Australia are the major growth markets for starting a successful security business.

List of 21 Security Business Ideas

#1. Security Agency Company

Security agency services are a fundamental aspect of the security industry, providing physical protection for various premises, events, and individuals. Starting a security guard agency involves hiring and training qualified personnel to offer security services such as access control, surveillance, and crowd management. With the increasing need for security in commercial, residential, and public spaces, there is a consistent demand for reliable security guard services.

#2. Home Security Solutions

With the rise in residential burglaries and home invasions, there is a growing demand for home security solutions that offer peace of mind to homeowners. This includes the installation of alarm systems, smart locks, video doorbells, and other home security devices. Entrepreneurs can capitalize on this demand by offering comprehensive home security solutions, including consultation, installation, and monitoring services, tailored to meet the specific needs of homeowners.

#3. Auto Alarm Sales and Installations

Auto alarms or car alarms are increasingly popular these days. It is an electronic device installed in a vehicle in an attempt to discourage theft of the vehicle itself, its contents, or both. Car alarms work by emitting high-volume sounds and sometimes lights. Car alarms help car owners understand any adverse situation that occurs. Starting an auto alarm sales and installation is a highly profitable and low-cost business. However, having a good retail location is a must in this business.

#4. Bodyguard Company

Generally, you can initiate a bodyguard business in two ways. Either tie up with a reputed company as a franchise or open your bodyguard supplying company. If you have low capital, go with the first one with low startup capital. For people having the capacity to invest more, consider the second option. Remember, starting a business of your own will demand specific skills and expertise.

#5. Cybersecurity Consulting

As businesses and individuals become more reliant on digital technologies, the importance of cybersecurity has never been greater. Cybersecurity consulting firms offer expertise in assessing, implementing, and managing cybersecurity measures to protect against cyber threats and data breaches. With cyber-attacks on the rise, businesses are increasingly seeking professional cybersecurity consulting services to safeguard their digital assets.

#6. CCTV Sales & Installation

CCTV stands for closed-circuit television. Nowadays, this is one of the most potential gadgets in the security service industry. And people use it widely in both residential and business establishments. With the recent technology upgrade, there are several different types of CCTV available in the market. The business is highly profitable. And you can start this business with a small capital investment.

#7. Guard Dog Training Center

Guard dogs need specific training to develop that particular skill. And there are specific dog breeds that are active as guard dogs effectively. Starting a guard dog training center demands specific skills, expertise, and licenses. And if you like spending long hours with dogs, the business is just perfect for you.

#8. Gun Store

A retail gun store sells different types of guns. Additionally, the store also accepts the repair and maintenance jobs of guns. Starting a gun store is a highly lucrative business. The business demands specific licenses and permissions. And it varies from state to state. In addition to that, you must have previous experience and strategic marketing planning to promote your business properly.

#9. Polygraph Service

Polygraph service is also popular as a lie-detecting service. And it is a highly effective investigative tool. Polygraph testing is proven to have an accuracy rate of over 98%. It is used regularly by clients of all types to ensure infidelity. Also, it is effective in finding the truth on critical matters or just exposing lies within a relationship of any kind. Starting a polygraph service business demands specific accreditation in most states.

#10. Private Investigation Company

Investigative and detective services hold a major share in the security business industry. In most states, you need two different licenses for starting a private investigation company. A license for yourself as an individual, and a separate license for your company. In addition to that, you must have a clean criminal record and good moral character. Also, in most of the states in the USA, you must have an age between 18 and 25 years. So, check these issues very clearly before starting this business.

#11. Residential Security Consulting

Residential security consultants work independently. Broadly, home security includes alarm systems, creating security zones within the home, security lighting, reinforcing doorjambs, upgrading windows, etc. Also, it includes CCTV surveillance, door locks, etc. Globally, the increasing rate of crime is the major reason for the growing demand for this type of service.

#12. Safe Box Manufacturing

If you want to start a security business in the manufacturing segment, you can consider this opportunity. People use a safe box for keeping cash and valuable items safely. Nowadays, digital safe boxes are highly popular. Generally, these types of lockers open and close with a specific numeric password. With a moderate capital investment and a space for unit operation, you can start this business.

#13. Security Equipment selling

If you want to start a simple retail business, you can consider selling security equipment and gadgets. And practically, there are numerous ways you can opt for selling. Other than selling items from your brick-and-mortar store, you can initiate a small eCommerce store for online selling.

#14. Security Guard Recruitment Agency

Security guard service accounts for a major share of the entire security business industry. In addition to that security guards are very effective in managing the crowd and transporting the cash for ATMs and banks. If you want to start a service-based business in the security business industry, you can consider this opportunity. The business demands sound communication skills and management capacity.

#15. Security Uniform Making

This is another great business you can consider starting. However, security uniform manufacturing is a highly cash-intensive business. The business demands adequate finance availability, strategic planning, and long-term dedication. Some of the most popular security uniform items are trousers, sweaters, shirts, belts, caps, etc.

#16. Self Defence Academy

Initiating a self-defence academy is a self-rewarding business. The business demands, sound knowledge, skill, and expertise. Additionally, you need a specific license to run a self-defence training center in most states. Broadly, self-defence caters to boxing, fitness, yoga, Krav Maga, etc. If you enjoy fitness and helping others, this is a perfect opportunity for you.

#17. Background Checking Company

Background checking is a vast industry. Nowadays, the authentication of data in an environment that’s in a constant state of flux is hence a challenge. And that is why most companies look for this type of service. Generally, companies hiring employees, insurance companies, banks, and financial service providers are the major consumers of this type of service.

#18. Firearms Training

Worldwide the awareness of personal security is increasing rapidly. More and more people are getting interested in keeping firearms with them. So, this is the quite right time for starting a firearm training academy. However, you can start the business only in the metro cities where the population density is high. Additionally, you must have proficient and sound knowledge of firearms.

#19. Executive Protection Services

Executive protection services, also known as close protection or bodyguard services, cater to high-profile individuals, celebrities, corporate executives, and dignitaries who require personal security and protection. Professionals in this trade are trained to assess security risks, provide close protection during travel or public appearances, and mitigate potential threats to their client’s safety and well-being. This niche sector demands specialized skills in risk assessment, defensive driving, and personal security protocols.

#20. Event Security Management

Event security management involves providing comprehensive security solutions for concerts, festivals, sporting events, conferences, and other large-scale gatherings. This type of security firm coordinates with event organizers to assess security risks, develop security plans, deploy security personnel, and manage crowd control during the event. With the increasing emphasis on safety and security at public events, there is a demand for experienced event security management companies capable of ensuring a safe and secure environment for attendees.

#21. Drone Security Services

Drone security services leverage unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or drones to enhance security measures for various purposes, including surveillance, perimeter monitoring, and emergency response. These security companies offer aerial surveillance solutions for large properties, construction sites, industrial facilities, and critical infrastructure, providing real-time monitoring and situational awareness. With advancements in drone technology and regulations permitting their use for security purposes, the demand for drone security services is on the rise.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the basic requirements for starting a security business?

Basic requirements typically include obtaining the necessary licenses and permits, acquiring liability insurance, hiring trained personnel, and establishing standard operating procedures.

Do I need any specific qualifications or experience to start a security business?

While specific qualifications may vary depending on your location and the type of security services you intend to offer, having relevant experience in the security industry or related fields can be beneficial.

What types of security services can I offer with my security business?

You can offer a wide range of security services, including security guard services, alarm monitoring, executive protection, cybersecurity, event security management, surveillance systems installation, and more.

How do I obtain the necessary licenses and permits for my security business?

The process for obtaining licenses and permits varies by location. You will typically need to contact your local government or regulatory agency to inquire about the specific requirements and application procedures.

What insurance coverage do I need for my security business?

Insurance coverage may include general liability insurance, professional liability insurance (errors and omissions insurance), workers’ compensation insurance, and commercial property insurance, among others.

How do I recruit and hire trained security personnel for my business?

You can recruit trained security personnel through various channels, including job boards, recruitment agencies, security training institutes, and referrals from industry contacts. Conduct thorough background checks and provide appropriate training to ensure the quality of your team.

What are some effective marketing strategies for a security business?

Marketing strategies may include creating a professional website, networking with local businesses and organizations, attending industry events and trade shows, offering promotional discounts, and leveraging social media and online advertising.

How do I set competitive pricing for my security services?

Pricing for security services can vary based on factors such as the type of services offered, the level of expertise required, the duration of the contract, and the specific needs of the client. Researching the market and analyzing competitors’ pricing can help you set competitive rates.

What are some common challenges faced by security businesses, and how can I address them?

Common challenges may include intense competition, regulatory compliance, employee turnover, and evolving security threats. Addressing these challenges requires staying updated on industry trends, investing in employee training and retention, and adapting your services to meet changing client needs.

How can I ensure the safety and security of my clients while running a security business?

Ensuring the safety and security of your clients involves maintaining high standards of professionalism, adhering to industry best practices, regularly evaluating and updating security protocols, and providing ongoing training to your team to handle various security scenarios effectively.

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