safety pin making business

How to Start Safety Pin Making Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start a profitable safety pin making business from home? Find here a detailed safety pin production startup guide with the process, raw materials, and cost.

Basically, a safety pin is a different type of pin that includes a simple spring mechanism and a clasp. Actually, people use it for fastening the pieces of fabric or clothing together. Also, women use the safety pin as an accessory in jewelry, like earrings, chains, and wristbands.

The product has wide domestic applications. And any individual can start a safety pins-making business with low capital investment. The product has both offline and online market opportunities.

Additionally, you can start this business both on a part-time or full-time basis. And this low-cost business has the potential of earning money within a short period of time.

According to the quality and design, safety comes in different sizes and patterns. However, decorative safety pins ensure more profit than ordinary safety pins. Actually, a wide range of women’s population uses decorative safety pins as a brooch in sarees and dupattas.

Here are the Steps to Start Safety Pin Making Busines

Definitely, you can start this business from any place other than home. However, in this article, we discuss how you can start a business home-based. And for that, you will need to have a specific workspace. The workspace must have sufficient space for keeping a small machine, raw materials, and finished items.

Additionally, you will need a tablespace for generating invoices, money receipts, etc. For online activity, you need a PC with an internet connection.

Safety Pin Making Machine

Basically, the safety pin-making machines are very user-friendly. You can use and operate this type of machine after a minor training session. And as you use a single raw material, it becomes easy to produce different types of pins. However, you may use different wire qualities and sizes for producing different types of pins. Here, we provide some of the most common types of specifications.


Size of product Wire size Production per minute
12 mm to 38 mm 0.60 mm to 0.90 mm 240 – 250 pieces per minute
Area required Motor H.P. & R.P.M. Production 8 hours
5′ x 7′ 1 x 1440 10 to 18 kilogram

Raw Materials & Manufacturing Process

Generally, with a single raw material, you can produce safety pins. However, the gauge of the wire may vary. Basically, you will need to use good quality rust-proof steel wire for producing quality pins.

First of all, cut the mild steel wire into the required length. A special machine converts the wire into a safety pin. The head of the safety pin is manufactured in another machine and pressed with the body on another machine.

Generally, the main machines include automatic pin manufacturing machines, automatic head assembling machines, bench grinders, and drills.

Cost of Starting Safety Pin Manufacturing Business

The cost and investment will largely depend on the production output, type of machine, and scale of operation. The cost of starting a safety pin making manufacturing business with an automatic business will be around Rs 5 Lacs to Rs. 10 Lacs.

Licenses Required

Some of the basic licenses that are required to launch a safety pin manufacturing unit are as follows:

  • Permission from local pollution authority
  • GST Registration
  • Registering the Business
  • Factory License

Where to Sell Safety Pins

Definitely, you can concentrate on the retail distribution. You can sell the products in bulk quantity to the local retailers. Additionally, you must concentrate on online selling. Actually, online selling ensures higher revenue return and profit. There are several online marketplaces where you can sell safety pins to online buyers.