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Best 10 Accounting Software in India for 2024

Are you looking for a list of the top accounting software in India for small and medium businesses? If yes, check out this post to find the best accounting software tools that are most popular among business owners in the country.

Accounting Software keeps financial data properly organized and thereby provides exact and specific information when needed for day-to-day operations for small businesses. These help a business owner in making an informed decision whenever needed.

The list of accounting software mentioned below is ranked in random order and is mainly tailor-made for small enterprises. It is seen, big-scale and large organizations mostly prefer ERP programs for their accounting needs. Without further ado, let’s check out the list of the most popular accounting software in India for small businesses.

List of the 10 Accounting Software in India

1. Tally ERP 9

Tally ERP 9 is a business accounting software for the purposes of accounting, inventory, and payroll. It is the most widely used accounting software in India. This software is dominating the Indian accounting software market for almost two decades in the small and medium industry sectors. The software has been developed by Tally Solutions Pvt Ltd.

Users prefer Tally for the easy availability of trained professionals for this specific software. Almost all accounting activities like inventory, purchase, sales, cost, payroll, and statutory year-end processes can be easily handled by Tally.

2. Quickbooks India

Quickbooks is developed by Intuit Inc and is regarded as the best accounting software in the United States and other developed countries. You can use the Indian version of Quickbooks for day-to-day transaction records, billing, and invoice activities.

Quickbooks can also be operated on iPhone and Android-based smartphones. You can try the free version of Quickbooks to start with. However, it must be mentioned that the software is developed on the US accounting process, and hence you need to spend more time to fully understand the technicals.

3. ProfitBooks

ProfitBooks is an online accounting software developed for small enterprises. It can only be operated on the internet as it is cloud-based. The data can be securely placed in a cloud and can be accessed anywhere under the earth.

The software helps you in creating invoices easily, and track expenses fast. Anybody can use it without much accounting background. Profitbooks is cloud-based accounting software.

4. Marg

Marg Accounting Software is developed by Marg Compusoft Pvt Ltd and is well accepted in small and medium enterprises of India. The software is marketed for the last two decades in the Indian market.

Marg is a GST-integrated and compliant accounting software. It delivers transactions into the GST portal and directly files returns from Marg billing software.

5. Saral Accounting

Saral is simple and very easy-to-use accounting software available in India. This software is promoted by Reylon Softech Limited based in Bangalore. It is GST-enabled accounting software with features like voucher entry, account books, TDS, and financial statements.

Saral is very good at the maintenance of books of accounts of an Organisation. The company offers free trials to its new customers.

6. Busy

Busy Accounting Software is developed by Busy Infotech Pvt. Ltd. A lot of enterprises prefer Busy for inbuilt inventory management capabilities.

The software comes with normal features like accounting, sales, purchase, GST, and currency management. It has more than 1,30,000 installations and expanding fast. You can download a free trial of busy accounting software.

 7. Zoho Books

Zoho Books is an easy-to-use cloud accounting software for small businesses. It allows the double-entry bookkeeping system that saves time through automation.

Other features include mobile access, a customer portal, credit card processing, etc. The free trial period option is available.

8Wave – Best Free Accounting Software in India

Wave’s accounting tools are 100% free, secure, and very popular in the accounting community. It is one of the best web-based accounting software solutions available at present.

Wave accounting software provides features like automated Billing, invoice Generation, and keeping track of paid and unpaid transactions.

9. Xero

Xero Accounting software is developed by Xero. This accounting software is award-winning web-based accounting software for small business owners and accountants. It is nicely designed and easy-to-use online bookkeeping software.

Xero provides a 30-day free trial period for users.

10. Reach

Reach Accounting Software is developed by Reach Accountant. It is an online software aimed at Small & Medium Businesses.  The significant part of  Reach is that all the business operations are bundled into one software. It ensures the business owner track every aspect of the business.

There is also other upcoming popular accounting software available aimed specifically at small and medium enterprises in India. Some of them you can consider are MProfit, Vyapar, Wings Accounting, etc.

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Choosing the right software is a critical decision one has to take for the smooth running of day-to-day operations for their businesses. We have listed down below some of the basic features a small business owner must check before finalizing their accounting software.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Accounting Software & What Purpose does it Serve?

Accounting software is a business tool that finance professionals use to manage the accounts of companies. It helps in day to day financial transactions of a business.

One can understand and monitor the financial health of a business at any given time using accounting software. However, business owners need to first analyze the exact accounting needs of the company before finally selecting the right accounting software best suited for them.

What are the Key Features of a Good Accounting Software:

Before buying accounting software, you must check some basic features. Find below some of the aspects of accounting software that must be looked at:

  • Billing & Invoicing
  • Quotation & Estimates
  • Production Management
  • Taxation handling
  • Inventory Management
  • HR & Payroll
  • Multiple Currency
  • Outstanding Handling
  • Payment & Expense handling

What are the Different Types of Accounting Software?

There are different types of accounting software available in the market. Some of the popular types of accounting software are as follows:

  • Spreadsheets
  • Commercial Accounting Software
  • Enterprise Accounting Software
  • Customized Accounting Software

The business owner of today has plenty of options in choosing the right software. However, it is important to mention here is small business owners don’t need complicated software for their accounting operations. Money spent and money generated are the most two key important factors in small business accounting.

Footnote: When you choose a business accounting software, find out the features and post-sales support. Choose the software which suits your business operation most. We hope this article will help in making an informed decision in your selection.

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