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Best 10 Gaming Laptop Brands in India for 2024

In today’s digital age, gaming is not just a pastime. In fact, it is now a way of life. At present, it has become essential for serious gamers to have a powerful gaming laptop for playing esports and online multiplayer games. If you are an Indian and looking to invest in a gaming laptop that can keep up with your gaming demands, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will discuss the best gaming laptop brands in India and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to buy the perfect gaming laptop for your needs.

In order to determine the winners and losers, we have compared them to different criteria such as Design, Review Scores, Keyboards, Displays, Software, Innovation, Warranty, and Customization/Selection Options.

It is very easy to buy into the look or the marketing buzz around a product but it is far more important to learn to look below the surface and know what internal features can give you the most bang for your buck.

Best Gaming Laptops in India – Our Top Picks

Our Top PicksPrice
Best Overall –  Acer Predator HeliosCheck Latest Price
Best Value for Money – HP Victus Check Latest Price
Best Budget – ASUS TUF Check Latest Price

List of the 10 Gaming Laptop Brands in India

1. MSI

MSI knows how to make the simple look elegant and powerful, but it certainly lacks the aggressive elements of Asus, HP, and other laptop brands.

They devoted years to making pristine-looking, strong laptops that will impress with their performance and other elements, but not with appearance.

MSI has quickly rocketed to the top of the pile over the past few years when it comes to gaming laptops and doesn’t look to be in a position to give up its crown anytime soon.

MSI manufactures laptops of all styles and sizes and their favorite and bought products include GT83VR, WT72 Workstation, and GT63VR lightweight and portable laptops.


  • Powerful hardware configurations for optimal gaming performance
  • Excellent cooling systems to prevent overheating
  • Wide range of models with various form factors


  • Higher-end models can be quite expensive
  • Some models may have limited availability in certain regions

Most Popular MSI Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
MSI Gaming GF63 ₹54,990 onwards

2. Alienware

Coming in second on our list of the Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India is Alienware. It is a brand promoted by Dell.

If you’re curious why Alienware isn’t at the top of this list, it’s not that the company’s laptops are bad, per se, it’s just that they aren’t nearly as groundbreaking or innovative as they were five years ago.

The company has stalled on introducing products that absolutely blow our minds the way they used to, and it’s a shame because the brand itself is easily one of the most (if not the most) recognizable to the layman in the space of gaming machines.

Alienware may not be the best in the business anymore, but they’re still able to produce machines that get the job done when you need them to, and we couldn’t really ask them for more than that.


  • Top-tier gaming performance with high-end configurations
  • Robust build quality and attention to detail
  • Customization options and unique design elements


  • Expensive compared to other brands
  • Heavy and bulky designs for some models

Most Popular Alienware Gaming Laptop with and Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Alienware m15 R4₹5,31,000 onwards

3. Asus

Third, on our list of the Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India arrives Asus.

ASUS has been full steam ahead this year and for all of 2017 with its gaming offerings, including four distinct models that all fill their own respective roles handily.

No matter what kind of gaming experience you’re looking for or the amount of money you’re trying to spend, ASUS provides a laptop that’s waiting for you and everything you want to do. Their Asus TUF gaming series is one of the best-selling gaming laptops in India t present.


  • Wide range of models catering to various gaming preferences
  • Innovative designs and features, such as the ROG Zephyrus G14’s AniMe Matrix display
  • Excellent cooling systems for optimal performance


  • Some models can be quite expensive
  • Battery life may be relatively shorter compared to non-gaming laptops

Most Popular Asus Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
ASUS TUF Gaming A15₹81,990 onwards

4. Lenovo

Lenovo finds itself fourth on our list of the Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India. If you are looking for the most pristine design, top-notch class of gaming, and larger in size, then Lenovo might not be your first choice.

Gamers who are seeking a premium level of gaming experience should search the answers in Asus, MSI, or HP gaming laptops instead of Lenovo, as the highest graphics card they support as of now is Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060M

Another reason that could drag you away from Lenovo is the amount of pre-installed programs also known as bloatware. Those programs mainly take over the storage and don’t serve the best of their purpose.


  • Good value for money with competitive pricing
  • Solid build quality and durability
  • Wide range of models with various customization options


  • Some models may have subpar displays compared to other brands
  • Customer support and after-sales service could be improved

Most Popular Lenovo Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3 ₹55,990 onwards

5. Acer

Coming in at Number 5 on our Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India is the brand Acer. The popularity of Acer is mainly because of its ability to strike a fine balance between affordability and high-end specifications. Hence, it offers an excellent choice for gamers on a budget.

In 2016 however, Acer stepped up its game completely with the Predator lineup of gaming laptops, and they really are something else to behold.

The Predator lineup exudes quality from every key and through every spare draft port, with innovative features like the FrostCore technology that keeps your laptop cool even under the strain of millions of pixels being pushed through the pipes at once.

They seem to have taken all the good parts from other laptops and combined them into one, undeniably perfect package, as though the Predator was a hybrid of what made every other gaming laptop successful up until now.


  • Affordable pricing compared to some other brands
  • Wide range of models to suit different budgets and gaming needs
  • Good overall performance for mid-range gaming laptops


  • Build quality may not be as premium as some other brands
  • Cooling systems could be more efficient for intensive gaming sessions

Most Popular Acer Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Acer Aspire 5₹59,990 onwards

6. Razer

Razer is positioned at a respectable sixth on our Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India countdown.

It is one of the oldest names in the game of gaming peripherals and accessories, churning out some of the best gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets since before half the entries on this list were even in the business.

And while Razer may only have one real gaming laptop on its roster this year – the Razer Blade is one heck of a machine.

Though its specs aren’t all that much to write home about, from a design perspective alone the Blade Stealth seems to defy modern physics at an impossibly light profile of just 4.47lbs and a little over half an inch thick.


  • Premium build quality and sleek designs
  • High-quality displays with vibrant colors and high refresh rates
  • Excellent keyboard and touchpad performance


  • Premium pricing compared to some other brands
  • Battery life may not be as long-lasting as non-gaming laptops

Most Popular Razer Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Razer Blade 15₹4,00,000 onwards

7. HP

On the 7th position of our Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India, the countdown dawns HP.  This brand unveiled some exceptional performance laptops on its market. HP mainly focuses on business suite laptops and Chromebooks such as HP Spectre and other models that mark its appearance.

HP Spectre laptops are mostly recommended for video editors and photo editors. Mainly because the manufacturer focused on delivering vibrant, colorful, and detailed screen resolution that will establish more color accuracy and quality outcome for the people who are working with sensitive multimedia.

Also, they were perfect for the writers because of their very comfortable keyboards.

HP likes to experiment with its design, offering the most premium-looking, and colorful laptop editions.

Both Spectre and Envy look extremely stylish. While the Spectre can take pride in being one of the thinnest laptop series, which doesn’t sacrifice the overall performance, meaning that we really admire how HP managed to pack up so many utilities inside such a compact and thin case.


  • Well-designed and stylish gaming laptops
  • Good overall performance for mid-range to high-end models
  • Competitive pricing for the features offered


  • Some models may have an average battery life
  • Availability of higher-end configurations may be limited

Most Popular HP Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
HP Victus₹64,000 onwards

8. Dell

It is without saying, Dell is an established and trusted brand in the gaming industry. Their G15 series laptops are not only affordable but also equipped with powerful hardware, sleek designs, and loaded with unique game shift technology.

With Dell laptops, you can unleash your gaming potential. Furthermore, it allows you to enjoy smooth gameplay without compromising on performance.


  • Solid build quality and premium designs
  • Good balance between performance and price
  • Wide availability and after-sales support


  • Higher-end models can be expensive
  • Limited customization options compared to some other brands

Most Popular Dell Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Dell G15₹1, 38,000 onwards

9. Predator

Ninth on our list is the Pedator Gaming laptops. Powered by Acer, it is one of the most popular gaming laptop brands in India powered by Acer. It is designed to provide gamers with high-performance laptops.

Predator laptops are loaded with all the features to handle the most demanding games with ease.


  • Powerful hardware configurations for high-performance gaming
  • Good cooling systems for extended gaming sessions
  • Innovative features such as the Predator Helios 700’s sliding keyboard


  • Top-tier models are expensive
  • Some models may have an average battery life

Most Popular Predator Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
Acer Predator Helios ₹1,94,000 onwards

10. ROG

ROG (Republic of Gamers), is another gaming-specific laptop brand promoted by ASUS. Within a very few days, it has become one of the most sought-after gaming laptops for gamers.

ROG series of gaming laptops are equipped with the latest technologies to provide gamers with an edge in their gaming activities.


  • Uncompromising gaming performance with high-end specifications
  • Premium build quality and design elements
  • Innovative features like an optical-mechanical keyboard


  • Premium models are expensive
  • Battery life may be shorter compared to non-gaming laptops

Most Popular ROG Gaming Laptop with Price:

Gaming Laptop ModelPrice Range (Approx.)
ASUS ROG Strix G17₹90,000 onwards

How to Select the Best Gaming Laptop?

But which one is the best and what should you keep in mind before buying a laptop? We list a few things you should keep in mind before forking out a handsome amount of cash on the right gaming laptop.

a) Check your Budget

Gaming laptops come in various price ranges. It is most important to understand your budget before jumping into the vast sea of available gaming laptops in the market. If you are clear about how much money you can invest, it will much easier to narrow down your options.

b) Check the CPU of the Gaming Laptop

High-intensity games like Assassins Creed or WatchDogs use a lot of power and hence you need a processor that can handle them with consummate ease.

An Intel Core i7 quad processor is a must if you’re looking for a lag-free gaming experience. Some people who don’t want to spend too much money can opt for a dual-core i5 processor as well.

c) Check RAM and VRAM

What’s under the hood is what really counts. After ensuring that the GPU and CPU have enough power and capability, pick a laptop that offers higher RAM and VRAM.

Stating the obvious, the more RAM the better your gaming experience on the laptop. A gaming laptop with 8GB RAM should do the trick but don’t settle for anything less than that.

d) GPU

The CPU is obviously very important but the GPU is an equally critical deciding factor in buying a gaming laptop. GPU, or the Graphics Processing Unit, puts in a lot of hard work on a gaming laptop.

The NVIDIA Geforce GTX is the appropriate GPU to go for. The high-end laptops boast of GTX 1080 or GTX 1070 GPU. However, laptops that have GTX 1060 or GTX 1050 are suitably equipped to handle enough gaming pressure.

e) Check the Display of the Laptop

1920 * 1080 – that is the minimum resolution one should look for in a gaming laptop. There are top-end laptops with QHD (2560*1440) or even 4K (3840*2160) resolution but they do cost a lot.

f) Storage

Storage is an equally important part of gaming – for that matter any – laptop. We would recommend getting both SSD and HDD, with a minimum of 1TB for the latter. Most gamers end up saving the progress of a lot of games, hence they need a lot of storage space.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much should I budget for a gaming laptop?

The price of gaming laptops can vary significantly depending on the brand and specifications. A good gaming laptop can range from ₹50,000 to ₹2,00,000 or more. Determine your budget and look for laptops that offer the best value for your money.

Can I upgrade the components of a gaming laptop?

While some gaming laptops allow for component upgrades, most components, such as the graphics card and processor, are not replaceable. It’s essential to choose a laptop with specifications that meet your current and future gaming needs.

Should I choose a gaming laptop with a high-refresh-rate display?

It is without saying, a high-refresh-rate display provides smoother visuals and reduces motion blur. As a result, it enhances the gaming experience. If you are a competitive gamer seeking an edge in fast-paced games, go for a gaming laptop with a high-refresh-rate display, such as 144Hz or 240Hz, which can greatly enhance your gameplay.

What is the importance of cooling in a gaming laptop?

Cooling is one of the most crucial aspects of gaming laptops. It is because gaming laptops generate a significant amount of heat during intense gaming sessions. It is advisable to look for laptops with efficient cooling systems, such as multiple heat pipes and dedicated cooling fans, to prevent overheating and ensure optimal performance.

Should I Opt for a larger storage capacity or faster storage in a gaming laptop?

Actually, it depends on your gaming preferences and needs. If you have a vast game library and require ample storage space, it is better to buy a laptop with a larger storage capacity, preferably a combination of SSD and HDD. However, if fast loading times and quick file transfers are a priority, go for a gaming laptop with a faster SSD.

Are gaming laptops suitable for tasks other than gaming?

Yes absolutely! Gaming laptops are not limited to gaming alone. Their powerful hardware and robust specifications make them well-suited for demanding tasks such as video editing, graphic design, and programming. They offer versatility for both work and play.

Where can I buy gaming laptops in India?

Gaming laptops are widely available in India through a wide range of channels. You can purchase them from authorized retail stores, online marketplaces, or directly from the brand’s official website. You can also buy from popular online platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, and Paytm Mall offer a wide selection of gaming laptops from different brands.


Above is the list of the Best Gaming Laptop Brands in India. We tried our very best to bring only the best Brands for you.

At the end of the day, the brand you choose matters as much as the performance of every gaming laptop.

Some brands stand out with their technical support which can be crucial aside from the reviews, while some excel at it, but fail at some other components that also offer optimal performance.

Ultimately, it comes down to what features you’re looking for the most and the price range you’re shopping in.

Speaking of bang for your buck you can check out our list of the Best Gaming laptops Under 70,000, 60,000, or 40,000 that give you the most for your money.

If you want something that offers the absolute best bang for your buck, almost all the Acer laptops we’ve tested combine solid specs with a sticker price that won’t give your wallet a hard square punch in the nose.

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