How to Start DTDC Courier and Cargo Franchise Business

Are you interested in starting the DTDC franchise business in India? If yes, read this post to learn more about why and how to start this courier & cargo business in your locality.

DTDC Franchise has a unique model at the heart of its success. A robust Training & Development program underpins this success of DTDC Franchise. The franchise system assists start-ups with minimal capital investment and helps them generate business and profit for themselves and for DTDC, in return.

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DTDC franchise was incorporated under the name DTDC Courier & Cargo Ltd. in 1990. Through its effective network of business partners, the courier services franchise has expanded its network all across the country within 17 years.

This goods delivery services franchise, which has the largest domestic delivery chain, was the first company to introduce the franchising concept in the Indian courier industry.

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The DTDC business story that started in Bangalore now is the largest network in the Indian Express industry among private players.

DTDC’s family of franchisees is continuously growing and currently, its network is expanding at the rate of three franchisees a day. They have successful channel partners across India, more than 80 percent of them being first-time businessmen.

Desired Profile for DTDC Franchise

  • An individual entrepreneur who invests fully in the adventure
  • A person who already has a proven track record in similar business will be a plus
  • A person sharing entrepreneurial values: curiosity, dynamism, team spirit and stubbornness

Support For Franchise Owners

  • System & procedures, which can be taught, replicated and delivered profitably
  • Access to continuous research and new product development
  • IT support
  • Marketing and Promotional advice
  • Management and Business planning
  • Strong Operational support
  • Standard Uniform Policy

How DTDC Franchise Works

DTDC has introduced a unique system in order to make booking a very convenient affair. The ‘e-booking @ DTDC’ service provided by the goods delivery services franchise makes its possible for any individual located at any distant corner of the country to send documents easily to any part of the globe. The customers of the courier services franchise have to follow three simple steps – book, pay, and print – in order to get their work done.

Cost & Investment 

The estimated total investment to start a DTDC franchise is expected to be around 50000 to 2 lac Rupees depending on the location. The preferred location would be a commercial area with good footfall.  The minimum area required is 250 Sq. ft. The expected return on investment is around 20%. The payback, in general, is achieved in two years.

Where to Contact for DTDC Franchise Business

DTDC corporate office address, phone, email

DTDC House,
No. 3, Victoria Road,
Bangalore 560047,
Ph : 080-25365032,25365039,
Fax: 080-25514461