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How to Start Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise Business in India

Do you want to open a Sanjivani Pharmacy franchise outlet in India? This review article includes a ‘how to open’ guide with franchise cost, profit, support benefits, and contact details.

Sanjivani is a Delhi-based pharmaceutical company. Currently, it is a well-known brand in medicine retailing. The brand started operation in the year 2006. It has a network of more than 40 stores throughout the nation. Sanjivani offers 24 hours medicine stores for customers.

Sanjivani offers a profitable franchise opportunity for new entrepreneurs. Also, the company helps with the way of running the store. The process of getting a franchise is very much easy.

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Here are the Steps to Follow to Start Sanjivan Franchise Business

Why Buy Sanjivani Franchise?

There is a number of reasons which tempt you to choose Sanjivani as your pharmaceutical franchise.

First of all, the company offers you a wide range of products in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry. With a wide range, it becomes easy to run a retail shop. Additionally, the inventory management system ensures that the stock remains marked all the time.

Also, Sanjivani pharmacy offers you promotional inputs which will help you in running the store in a successful manner. It includes remainder cards, visual aids, and gift items that help you in promoting the store to the respective customers.

You will never remain short of stock. The company always makes sure that you never need to miss any prescription due to stock issues. If the new product is been launched, it will be in your stores even before the doctors start prescribing it to the customers. This ensures that you will never miss a prescription with our franchise.

Sanjivani offers monopoly rights. Sanjivani guarantees you that in your location there will be no other franchise store of Sanjivani. You will be allotted your territory and you will be the only dealer representing us in that locality.

Additionally, the company offers a competitive rate in the markets. It is ensured that you will get business from them.

Finally, the company provides staff training so that they can become conversant with any kind of medication coming into the market.

Franchise Support

  • Marketing Support
  • Operational Manuals
  • Pre Opening Support
  • Outlet Design
  • Artificial Intelligence System
  • Ensuring Product Genuity

Who Can Apply

  • Willingness to become an entrepreneur
  • A good capital investment
  • Proper location
  • Passion to take the business to great heights
  • Experience in the retail sector
  • Experienced and non-experienced in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Market study and customer relations

Cost & Investment to Open Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise

  • Area Requirement: 100 – 300 sq. ft
  • Total Investment: 15 – 20 Lacs
  • Franchise Fee: 3.5 Lakh
  • Estimated PayBack Period: 1.6 Years
  • Average ROI: 70%
  • Agreement Terms: 5 Years

How to Apply for Sanjivani Pharmacy Franchise

You can apply for the Sanjivani pharmacy franchise online. Visit the official website of Sanjivani Pharmacy. Then scroll down the page. You will find an inquiry box at the bottom. Fill out the form and send your message.

Sanjivani Pharmacy offers a wide range of products. The list includes allopathic medicines, ayurvedic medicines, homeopathic medicines, surgical products, OTC products, and daily-use products.

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