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How To Start Lipstick Mascara Kajal Manufacturing Business

Lipstick mascara kajal – these are all the primary makeup and cosmetics items. Additionally, almost every age group of women population use these items daily basis. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a small-scale lipstick mascara kajal manufacturing business.

Lipstick kajal mascara – these products are some important cosmetic products having enormous demand everywhere. Generally, women of all age groups use lipstick in lips for beautification and improvement of the face look. They also use mascara on the eyelashes to attract the attention of the eyes.

And the kajal is another essential item for eye makeup to apply on the eyelids. These are three makeup items and you can produce three items from the single manufacturing unit. Furthermore, the manufacturing of three products in the same segment ensures better profitability. However, you can also produce one single product.

Lipstick Mascara Kajal Market Potential

The color cosmetic products in India have a tremendous demand these days. The reason behind it is urbanization, increasing awareness of beauty consciousness, and the living standards of people. The latest trend shows, ladies especially dwelling in urban areas are very much concerned to take care of their eyes and lips. It increases the demand for the products like Lipstick, Mascara, and Kajal throughout the country and abroad.

Additionally, repeated advertisements in various TV channels, Newspapers, Magazines, TV serials, Cinemas, Theaters, etc. have influenced the beauty and style consciousness. Therefore, the demand is quite visible throughout.

According to the analysis of the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII), the total Indian beauty and cosmetic market size currently, stands at $950 million. And the market is showing a steady growth between 15-20% per annum. Therefore starting a lipstick mascara kajal manufacturing business is highly lucrative for entrepreneurs.

Lipstick Mascara Kajal Manufacturing Legal Compliance

These are all cosmetic products. And the business demands specific licensing before commencing the manufacturing operation. Check the state law of your area. Here we put some of the basic requirements.

  • First of all, register your business with ROC. Choose your organization form carefully.
  • Obtain Trade License from the local authority.
  • This type of manufacturing doesn’t demand any pollution license. However, it is advisable to consult with your local authority.
  • In addition, you must apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration.
  • Apply for GST Registration Number.
  • Furthermore, obtain BIS Certification. It is mandatory.
  • Finally, you must obtain a license under the Drugs and Cosmetics Act, 1940.
  • Furthermore, you can also go for ISO 9001 certification to get the trust of your consumers.

Lipstick Mascara Kajal Manufacturing Plant Setup & Machines

In starting this manufacturing business, you will need to secure an area of 600 sq Mt including a built up area of 500 sq Mt. Additionally, you must have a floor plan for the specific operations like production, storage, etc. Furthermore, you have to provide the utilities like water, electricity, and skilled labor. Here we put a basic list of required machinery and equipment.

  • S.S. Tripple Roller
  • S.S. Mixing Tank
  • Tube filling and sealing machine
  • Lipstick & Kajal filling machine
  • Heating Apparatus
  • Chilling Plant
  • Jacketed Vessel
  • Wax Heating Vessel
  • Different molds for lipstick and kajal

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Lipstick Mascara kajal Manufacturing Process & Raw Materials

A variety of ingredients in different recipes is used for making color cosmetic products. Generally, it depends on the properties and the price of the end products and targeted markets segments. Here, we put some of the basic formulas and required raw materials.

Raw Materials For Lipstick

  • Bees Wax: 20-30%
  • Castor Oil: 60-70%
  • Isopropyl myristate: 5-7%
  • Lanolin or cocoa butter: 5-6%
  • Pigments: 3-7%
  • Preservatives: 0.2-0.5%
  • Flavours: 0.5-0.7%

Lipstick Manufacturing Process

First of all, melt the base wax. Then add the pigment and castor oil together. In the next step, mill in the triple roller mill for thorough mixing. Then pour the material into the molds according to the specific size and shape.

After that, allow the molds to chill and moisture to solidify. Then remove each of the items from the molds and put them into lipstick containers. Finally, you can apply flaming and glazing to get the gloss and visual appeal. And now the product is ready for packing in cardboard covers for dispatch.

Raw Materials For Mascara

  • Veegum: 01-1.2%
  • Glyceryl-Mono-Stearate: 5-7%
  • Isopropyl myristate: 5-6%
  • Oleyl alcohol: 2-3%
  • Triethanolamine: 1%
  • Pigments: 02-5%
  • Preservative: 0.1-02%
  • Water to make: 100%

Mascara Manufacturing Process

First of all, grind the pigment with the base material i.e. Glyceryl-Mono-Stearate. Then add the mixture with the other ingredients and water together. after that, stir well for cream formation. Finally, fill the cream in the tubes and seal.

Raw Materials For Kajal

  • Carbon Black: 5-8%
  • Castor Oil: 70-75%
  • Bees Wax: 15-20%
  • Preservative: 0.1%

First of all, melt the Bees Wax and add the other ingredients. Then mix well in three rollers mixing machine for thorough and uniform mixing. After that, fill the stock in the molds of specific diameter and shape followed by chilling. Then release the sticks and put them into the containers and pack suitably.

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Lipstick mascara kajal – all the products come with a variety of qualities and forms. Therefore, it is advisable to do some market research before commencing the business. It will help you to know the demand for the specific type of products.