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How to Start Wristwatch Strap Making Business

Any individual can initiate and operate a leather wristwatch band and wristwatch strap-making business on a small-scale and home-based basis. The manufacturing process is simple. Wristwatch strap making can be operated as a part-time manufacturing business also. The immense growth of the wristwatch market has increased the demand for wristwatch straps and bands.

This growth has also been witnessed in the wristwatch segment of online retail. The major raw material, leather is an easily available product in India. Apart from home, a medium and large-scale factory operation is also a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs.

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Leather Wristwatch Strap Making Business Registration & License

In starting a leather wristwatch strap-making business, you need to obtain the following registrations and licenses from different authorities:

Wristwatch Strap Making Machine Tools & Unit Setup

You can start wristwatch strap making in two ways. One is through semi-automatic machines and another is by the fully-automatic operation. In starting a leather wristwatch strap-making business you will need to have the following machinery to start the unit in a semi-automatic manner.

  • Clicking press
  • Leather skiving machine
  • Flatbed industrial sewing machine
  • Stamping machine
  • Punching machine
  • Necessary tools and equipment.

For a large-scale manufacturing setup, you need to go for an automatic operation. This will allow you to get maximum output with less manpower input cost. In an automatic machine, generally, you will get the following features:

  • Single screw or double screw technique for option depending on the requirement.
  • The dosing pump ensures continuous and stable production
  • The filter of double columns with four working positions can get rid of impurities effectively
  • Single strap or double strap for option
  • Strap thickness: 0.5-1.2mm
  • Quantity of extruded straps: 1-4
  • Max output: 500kg/h
  • Max Liner speed: 120m/min
  • Power supply: 380V/3P/50Hz

With 2 to 3 operators, you can continue the entire manufacturing operations.

Leather Wristwatch Strap Making Raw Materials

Some of the basic raw materials to make leather wristwatch straps are the following:

  • Full chrome upper leather (cow, buffalo, goat, or sheep)
  • Lining leather (cow, buffalo, or split leather)
  • Buckles
  • Thread
  • Adhesive
  • Packaging consumables.

Leather Wristwatch Strap-Making Process

The first step of leather wristwatch strap making is designing. Then, designed and size the components are cut from the leather. The edges of the components are skived to avoid bulkiness in the edges. In addition, apply the adhesive to the edges and fold the edges.

Then attach the lining to the components. Then fix the buckles with the strap. Finally, these are ready for stitching. After stitching, you have to provide the finishing. After a thorough inspection, they are finally taken for packing.

Raw material procurement → Clicking → Skiving → Lining attaching → Buckle fitting → Stitching → Finishing → Inspection → Packing

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