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Top 35 Business Ideas in Delhi for 2022 with Small Investment

    Do you want to start a business in Delhi? Are you looking for small business ideas and opportunities in Delhi NCR? Here in this post we have researched in-depth and provided you with the topmost profitable businesses in Delhi which are popular and in demand.

    Delhi accommodates the head offices of some of the biggest multinational companies in India. Delhi happens to be comparatively better placed to do business in India. A recent world bank study reveals the city of Delhi is the easiest to do business in India.

    Find below the list of small business ideas you can consider for starting a business in Delhi NCR.

    List of 35  Small Business Ideas in Delhi

    1. Food & Beverage Restaurant

    The city of Delhi has witnessed tremendous growth in the eatery business in the recent past. People from all around the world come to Delhi for one reason or the other, being the capital city of India. As a result, the demand for good and versatile food items is at an all-time high. If you have a passion for food, starting a food and beverage retail restaurant has the potential of making good money.

    2. Start a Blog

    Blogging can be done from home, in the comfort of your couch. The best part about this is the flexible working hours. Nowadays, it is extremely easy to start a blog and earn money. Read our guide on how to start a profit-making blog.

    3. Tattoo Parlor

    Secondly, people in Delhi are known to be fashion conscious. Tattoos are expensive to get done and even small ones can cost a person anything between Rs. 1000-2000. Thus you can eventually recover the cost of setting up a tattoo parlor is pretty simple, and the profits are huge.

    4. Gym & Fitness Center

    Delhi is a fast city. Every other citizen here is fitness-savvy. More and more people are flocking to the gym and fitness centers. Starting a gym and fitness center is a profitable business proposition in Delhi.

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    5. Party Planner

    Delhi is the life of the party. Arranging a part in the high functioning life night of the city is a great business idea. Moreover, parties in Delhi involve a huge sum of money, making this one of the most profitable businesses in the city.

    6. Recruitment Services

    A simple local business idea in Delhi is recruiting people who can be hired by other companies. You don’t have to spend any money here.  One just needs to find the correct people with the right skill set.

    7. Social Media Manager

    Social Media has become one of the major fronts of a company’s PR. Handling the social media handles of various large companies requires just a computer with an internet connection.

    8. Coaching Centres

    Indian parents are crazy about making their children excel in academics. Thus coaching tutors have a high market value.

    9. Translation Services

    The world is a global village and being an Indian, you are specialized in at least 2 languages. In other words, you can act as a translator and a bridge for various foreign people trying to contact the locals.

    10. Space Renting

    Buying a house in Delhi is way out of the budget for many. So if you have extra unused space in your house, you can rent it out for commercial or residential purposes.

    11. Travel Guide

    Presumably, you own a car, thus you can take tourists on a tour of the national capital of your country. A tour guide can be a hugely lucrative business in Delhi as tourists from all around the country and outside come here for some of the unique heritage destinations.

    12. Cab service

    Alternatively, if you own a car, you can start a cab service like Uber, and help those citizens stranded in the long queue of the metro.

    13. Dietician

    People these days are conscious of what they eat. If you know anything about nutrition, this is your dream job.

    14. Mobile Repair Shop

    Opening a mobile repair shop in Delhi is quite a profitable business. In fact, cheap repair stores are always preferred to buying a completely new phone.

    15. Auto modification

    People buy imported cars. They wish to have them personalized according to their needs. Consequently, opening up a business in automobile modification will help you create very good relations with the upper strata of Delhi’s society.

    16. Driving School

    Opening a driving school in any city anywhere in the world is a profitable business. Especially in a city like Delhi, where private cars are very important, learning to drive is of big importance.

    17. Dance Classes

    If you are good at dancing, you can give classes to people in your neighborhood. Even if your house does not have space, you can always give classes at your nearby community center. This business requires next to no investment and is a test of your skill.

    18. Courier Services

    Courier services are an age-old business. For centuries, ever since the idea of privatization of posts became a reality, courier services became a booming business opportunity.

    19. Car Pool

    Again, if you already own a car, you can carpool kids to their schools. The various DPS present in Delhi is proof that Dehlite parents care for their child’s education, providing you which a huge business opportunity.

    20. Green Consultancy

    Delhi is the greenest city in India, and one of the greenest capitals in the world. Opening an energy-saving firm can bring huge profit to you as the Government in Delhi is quite concerned about the environment, thus electricity bills are quite high. In conclusion, an energy-saving gadget would come as a breather to these citizens.

    21. Fashion Boutique

    Fashion boutiques are a great idea among the fashion-conscious crowd in the capital. If you can open the boutique in a prominent place like CP or Haus Khaz, where the creme de la creme of Delhi’s elite is frequent, you will have a good market you can cater to.

    22. Organic Products Store

    More and more people in Delhi are looking for organic products to buy. If you can find suppliers who can provide you with quality organic products, you can try this business.

    23. Pet care

    If you like animals, you can take care of pets while the family is away. Furthermore, you can open an NGO that takes care of stray, injured, or abandoned animals.

    24. Cybersecurity

    If you know anything about programming and hacking, this is arguably one of the most favorable local business ideas in Delhi for you. You can provide your services to high-end companies and add to their cybersecurity.

    25. Detective Agency

    With the advent of westernization, private detectives have an increasing demand. Therefore, you could try your hand out in this field.

    26. Matrimonial Services

    India still believes in arranged marriages. Matrimonials are especially important in a North Indian culture like Delhi’s. Thus this is a profitable business with a lot of opportunities in it. Clients are willing to pay high amounts of money just to get the correct match for their children.

    As a matter of fact, if you can create enough names for yourself, you never have to worry about trying to keep the business up, as the importance of matrimonial services will never die.

    27. Real Estate Agent

    Delhi ‘Havelis’ is well known throughout the country. Any people wish to buy houses and apartments in Delhi. Being a real estate broker and guiding them through the process of selecting a house is one of the best local business ideas in Delhi.

    28. Travel Agent

    Planning and guiding tours have been a flourishing business ever since the last three decades or so. Opening a Travel Agency is one of the best things you can do. Not only do you plan each and everything that the family does, being a travel agent means that you can go on trips often too. Imagine your whole life being a vacation!

    29. Cooking Class

    If you are good at cooking, you can teach others and make an income from it. Now, instead of just cooking for your family, you can actually boast about your skills in public.

    30. Photographer

    If you are good behind the lens, you can become a professional photographer. With a little bit of training and experience, you can make a decent living from it in the city of Delhi. All you need to do is invest a tad bit in your equipment, camera, lenses, lighting, studio, etc.

    The perks of a photography business are flexible working hours. You can become an event photographer, a news photographer, a wedding photographer, or simply a vlogger. The scope of photography is limitless and you can let your imagination run wild.

    31.  Fitness Center

    If you have a retail space in an upmarket locality, starting a fitness center in Delhi is a wise decision. You just need to buy some basic equipment to start.

    32. Car Rental

    Renting a car is a profitable business idea in a city like Delhi. Tourists all around the world visit Delhi. Domestic demand for car rentals is also increasing. If you own a car or planning to buy one, you must consider this business in Delhi.

    33. Yoga Practicing Center 

    The demand for yoga classes is increasing day by day in the city of Delhi. If you have the necessary skills, you can start your own Yoga Studio from your residence. You can also buy a franchise from reputed Yoga Studio companies.

    34. Cartridge Refilling Center

    Most home business owners and small business owners in Delhi like any other city in India prefer refilling finished printing cartridges for cost benefits. You can start a cartridge refilling shop if you have the required skills or you can buy a franchise of reputed brands.

    35. Kids Playschool

    Like any other place in India, parents in Delhi too always keen to provide good education to their kids. If you love teaching and have a passion for child education, think of starting a playschool. You can also consider buying a franchise of reputed play-school brands. like TreeHouse, Kidzee, etc.

    In conclusion, these are the various ways you can start a local business in Delhi. Competition may be hard at first, but do not lose hope. Perseverance is the key to success. However, whatever you chose to do, make sure it is something you wholeheartedly like to engage in. Running a business requires a lot of dedication and effort. If not handled seriously enough can lead you to incur major debts.