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Top 18 Apparel Software for Garment Manufacturing Companies

Are you interested in knowing and trying the best apparel management software for your garment manufacturing business? If yes, you are in the right place.

Garment manufacturers in India are increasingly turning to apparel management software to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and maintain a competitive edge in the market. From order management to inventory tracking and production planning, the right apparel management software can revolutionize the way garment manufacturing companies operate.

The Indian textile and garment industry is a significant player in the national economy and contributes more than 4% to India’s GDP. This industry is the second largest employer after agriculture.

There are various processes in the functioning of a garment manufacturing unit which include buying, cutting, and use of material. Here in this post, we recommend the top apparel software to consider for your business.

What is Apparel Management Software?

Apparel Management Software is a specialized software solution designed to streamline and optimize various aspects of the apparel manufacturing and supply chain management process. It encompasses a range of functionalities tailored specifically for the garment and fashion industry, helping businesses effectively manage their operations from design and production to inventory management and distribution.

Key Features of Apparel Management Software

Some of the important features of an apparel management software are listed below:

⇒ Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

PLM functionality allows users to manage the entire lifecycle of apparel products, from initial design and development to manufacturing and distribution. It facilitates collaboration between different teams involved in the product development process, ensuring efficient communication and workflow management.

⇒ Design and Development Tools

Apparel management software often includes tools for fashion design, pattern making, and virtual prototyping. These tools enable designers to create and visualize garment designs in digital formats, speeding up the design process and reducing the need for physical prototypes.

⇒ Production Planning and Scheduling

These features help garment manufacturers optimize their production processes by creating detailed production schedules, allocating resources effectively, and monitoring progress against production targets. Production planning modules may include capacity planning, material planning, and machine scheduling functionalities.

⇒ Inventory Management

Inventory management modules allow businesses to track and manage their inventory levels in real time. Users can monitor stock levels, track inventory movements, and generate reports to optimize inventory replenishment and minimize stockouts or overstock situations.

⇒ Order Management

Order management functionality enables businesses to process customer orders efficiently, from order entry and fulfilment to shipping and invoicing. It streamlines the order processing workflow, reduces order processing times, and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely order fulfilment.

⇒ Supply Chain Visibility

Apparel management software provides visibility into the entire supply chain, allowing businesses to track raw material sourcing, production progress, and shipping status. This visibility helps businesses identify bottlenecks, mitigate supply chain risks, and optimize logistics processes.

⇒ Quality Control and Compliance

Quality control and compliance modules help businesses maintain quality standards and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the manufacturing process. They enable businesses to define quality control criteria, conduct inspections, and track quality metrics to ensure product quality and safety.

⇒ Reporting and Analytics

Reporting and analytics features provide businesses with actionable insights into their operations, allowing them to make data-driven decisions. Users can generate customizable reports and dashboards to analyze key performance indicators (KPIs), identify trends, and monitor overall business performance.

Integration Capabilities

Apparel management software often offers integration capabilities with other enterprise systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, and e-commerce platforms. This enables seamless data exchange and integration across different business functions, improving overall efficiency and collaboration.

18 Apparel Software for Garment Manufacturing Businesses

1. Marg ERP

MARG ISO Certified software for Footwear and Apparel Financial Accounting Management Software is one of the most popular apparel software for garment shops in India.

The company has 250+ Sales/Support centers in India. MARG serves  6 Lakh Users with the support of 1000+ Software Professionals. This software is brought to you by MARG Compusoft Pvt. Limited.

2. Tally ERP9

tally erp9 Tally ERP9 is a complete ERP management software for small and medium-sized businesses. Many apparel and garment shop business owners prefer Tally ERP for their business operations.

Tally is available on Windows platforms. This Tally apparel industry software also provides mobile support on Android platforms.

3. Netsuite ERP9

netsuite apparel softwareNetSuite ERP is a Cloud-Based ERP System. It is preferred by apparel business owners across the globe. It is suitable for the needs of the apparel industry day to day operations.

This solution has a wide range of features including CRM, financial management, inventory management, etc.

4. Deskera ERP

deskera apparel softwareDeskera provides fully integrated, fully compliant, and quick-deploy ERP software for growing and mid-size businesses. It supports the management operational needs of the apparel industry.

The key features include CRM, Financial Management, HR & Payroll, etc.


ffh apparel softwareFFH ERP is a business automation tool or ERP software.  It provides different modules like Sales, Marketing, Projects, AMC, Support, and Finance.

A lot many apparel business owners use this software for daily back-end operations.

6. MMI X- Fashion

mmi apparel softwareThe company headquartered in New Delhi has in a very short period emerged to become one of the prominent players in the garment software sector.

A complete apparel software solution for small and midsize retailers which will help them manage not only their single stores but also multiple chains/outlets.


hdpos apparel softwareHDPOS smart is a feature-rich, easy-to-use Point of Sale billing and inventory management software for garment and apparel shops that is available to you at a very low cost.

This software is created by HyperDrive Information Technology.

8. Axon India

axon apparel softwareAxon India Apparel software is designed from the industry expert’s guidelines and it is scalable to small, medium, and larger corporates with multi-company and multi-user options.
The product has all built-in functions to cater to the mid-sized and higher-end markets with simple customizable options to fit their specific needs.

9. WFX Cloud

WFX Cloud ERP is one of the best ERPs for the apparel industry. It is an integrated, configurable, and the only cloud-based garment ERP software.

It manages the entire fashion manufacturing process – from product development to production, shipping to invoicing.

10. Stage India

stageindia apparel softwareSTAGE India manages purchase costs within what was quoted to the customer, reduces dead inventory by using existing stock before new purchases, and ships on time using the T & A Calendar.

It automatically generates Style-wise profitability analysis and many more related activities.

More Garment Manufacturing Software for Apparel Businesses

11. Browzwear

Browzwear is a leading provider of 3D apparel design, development, and merchandising solutions. With its innovative 3D garment simulation technology, Browzwear enables garment manufacturers to visualize designs in photorealistic 3D, streamline the design-to-production process, and reduce sample production costs.

12. Optitex

Optitex offers a comprehensive suite of software solutions for garment design, pattern making, and production planning. Its advanced pattern design tools and virtual prototyping capabilities enable garment manufacturers to create accurate digital patterns, visualize designs in 3D, and optimize fabric utilization for efficient production.

13. Tukatech

Tukatech provides cutting-edge apparel CAD software solutions designed to streamline pattern-making, grading, and marker-making processes. With its intuitive interface and powerful automation features, Tukatech’s software helps garment manufacturers improve pattern accuracy, accelerate sample development, and reduce time-to-market.

14. FastReact Systems

FastReact Systems offers integrated planning and control software solutions specifically designed for the apparel industry. Its range of solutions includes production planning, capacity planning, and order management modules that enable garment manufacturers to optimize production schedules, allocate resources efficiently, and respond quickly to changing customer demands.

15. NGC Software

NGC Software provides end-to-end supply chain management solutions for the fashion and apparel industry. Its Apparel and Fashion PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) software helps garment manufacturers streamline product development, collaborate effectively with suppliers, and ensure compliance with quality and regulatory standards.

16. Lectra

Lectra provides integrated software solutions for the entire garment manufacturing process, from design and pattern making to cutting and production planning. Its Modaris and Diamino software solutions offer advanced pattern design and nesting capabilities, enabling garment manufacturers to create precise patterns and optimize material utilization.

17. BlueCherry by CGS

BlueCherry is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution designed specifically for the fashion and apparel industry. It offers modules for supply chain management, production planning, inventory control, and order management, helping garment manufacturers streamline their operations and improve overall efficiency.

18. ASTS Global

ASTS Global offers specialized software solutions for garment manufacturing companies, including CAD/CAM software for pattern making and marker making, as well as production planning and control software for optimizing manufacturing processes and resource allocation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does apparel manufacturing software benefit businesses?

Apparel manufacturing software helps businesses improve operational efficiency, streamline production processes, reduce lead times, optimize inventory management, enhance supply chain visibility, maintain quality standards, ensure regulatory compliance, and make data-driven decisions.

What are some popular apparel manufacturing software solutions available in the market?

Some popular apparel manufacturing software solutions include Lectra Fashion PLM, Gerber Technology’s AccuMark, Optitex, ApparelMagic, FastReact, BlueCherry, NGC Software, Infor Fashion PLM, and WFX PLM.

Is apparel manufacturing software suitable for small businesses?

Yes, there are apparel manufacturing software solutions available that cater to the needs of small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) in the garment and fashion industry. These solutions offer scalable features and pricing plans tailored to the requirements of SMBs.

Can apparel manufacturing software integrate with other enterprise systems?

Yes, many apparel manufacturing software solutions offer integration capabilities with other enterprise systems such as ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems, CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software, e-commerce platforms, and more. This enables seamless data exchange and integration across different business functions.

How do I choose the right apparel manufacturing software for my business?

When choosing apparel manufacturing software, consider factors such as your business size and specific requirements, the scalability and flexibility of the software, ease of use and implementation, integration capabilities, customer support, and pricing.

Is apparel manufacturing software customizable to suit my business needs?

Yes, many apparel manufacturing software solutions offer customizable features and configurations to suit the specific needs and workflows of different businesses in the garment and fashion industry.

Can apparel manufacturing software help with sustainability and ethical sourcing initiatives?

Yes, some apparel manufacturing software solutions offer features and modules to support sustainability and ethical sourcing initiatives, such as tracking and tracing raw materials, monitoring environmental impact, and ensuring compliance with ethical labour practices.

Are training and support available for apparel manufacturing software users?

Yes, most apparel manufacturing software providers offer training programs, user guides, online resources, and customer support services to help users learn how to use the software effectively and address any technical issues or questions that may arise.

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