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Best 10 Free and Paid Architecture Software in India

In the world of architecture, creativity knows no bounds. Thanks to advancements in technology, aspiring architects and design enthusiasts now have access to a wide range of free architecture software to bring their ideas to life. Whether you’re a student, a hobbyist, or a professional architect, these tools offer powerful features and intuitive interfaces to unleash your creativity. Here in this article, we have listed the top 10 free and paid architecture software in India available at present.

What is an Architecture Software?

Architecture software or architectural design software is an essential item for both architect professionals and students. Additionally, this type of software comes with different features and advantages. You can create a plan, elevation, and design for any project. Regardless, of whether you are an individual architect professional or owning an architect firm, you must have architectural design software and flowchart software.

Architecture software is a blueprint for both the system and the project. It defines the work assignments that must be carried out by design and implementation teams. Architecture is the primary carrier of system qualities such as scalability, performance, modifiability, security, and cost reduction, none of which you can achieve without a unifying architectural vision.

Key Features of Architecture Software

⇒ Drawing and Drafting Tools

These tools allow users to create precise 2D drawings and floor plans, including walls, doors, windows, and other architectural elements.

⇒ 3D Modeling and Visualization

Architecture software enables users to create detailed 3D models of buildings and spaces, visualize designs from different angles, and generate realistic renderings and animations.

⇒ Building Information Modeling (BIM)

BIM software allows architects to create intelligent 3D models that contain detailed information about building components, materials, and construction processes. BIM facilitates collaboration, coordination, and data sharing among project stakeholders.

⇒ Simulation and Analysis

Some architecture software includes simulation and analysis tools for evaluating factors such as lighting, energy efficiency, structural integrity, and environmental impact.

⇒ Collaboration and Documentation

Architecture software often includes features for collaboration and document management, allowing multiple users to work on the same project simultaneously and maintain a centralized repository of project files and documentation.

List of Top 10 Architecture Software in India

#1. AutoCAD

AutoCAD is a leader in 3D design, engineering, and entertainment software. It is one of the best architectural software available at present and happens to be the industry standard for architectural design needs for most architects.

It is mostly used for 2d & 3d designing & drafting of building plans & elevation. Autodesk is a fantastic software for all those who want to excel in the field of the architecture industry. Read Review…

#2. 3D Architect Home Designer

The 3D Architect Home Designer software range provides a 2D and 3D solution dedicated to building design. The range of home design software is ideal for small and large-scale projects including new builds, self-builds, house extensions, renovations, loft, and garage conversions.

An accessible CAD package for all levels of experience, 3D Architect Home Designer software is easy and quick to use and will enable you to draw accurate floor plans, elevations, and cross-sections. The range of 3D Architect home design software is a cost-effective solution to help you visualize your home improvements for both new build and existing property remodelling.

#3. SketchUp

SketchUp users are architects, designers, builders, makers, and engineers. They are the people who shape the physical world. They are important, and they deserve great tools because great tools produce great work.

Great tools are ones you look forward to using. They do one thing (or maybe two) well. In addition, they let you do what you want without having to figure out how. They help with hard or boring tasks so that you can focus on being creative, productive, or both. And they are, in their way, beautiful.

#4. Softplan

This is an easy-to-use software that you can use for all your design needs. It also supports building information modelling that gives complete documentation,3-dimensional designing capabilities, a list of materials, and real-time cost estimate reports.

SoftPlan is and always has been targeted to the professional user and is the only program that combines a user-friendly interface with the ability to complete highly detailed working drawings, 3D renderings, and material take-offs. SoftPlan does not charge annual maintenance or support fees.

#5. SmartDraw

SmartDraw includes quick-start templates for more than 70 different kinds of charts, diagrams, and other visuals. Plus, you’ll get thousands of examples that you can quickly edit to make your own.

SmartDraw is the more powerful alternative to Office with built-in examples and drawing tools even for complex diagrams.

#6. Chief Architect

Chief Architect software brings home design projects to life. Automated building tools for home design, interior design, and kitchen & bath design make it easy to create construction drawings, elevations, CAD details, and 3D models.

Download a Free Trial and see why Chief Architect is the best residential home design software for architects, home builders, and remodelling professionals. Visit

#7. Allplan Architecture

Allplan Architecture is a universal BIM planning tool with extensive CAD functionality. You can work flexibly either exclusively in the 3D model or in a combination of 2D and 3D, which is a particular advantage in the working drawings.

The strength of Allplan Architecture lies in its high reliability and precision across all planning phases, in particular in the area of quantity takeoff. In conjunction with Allplan Design2Cost (cost planning), Allplan Engineering (engineering), and Allplan Allfa (facility management), Allplan offers integrated solutions for civil engineering.

The cloud-based BIM platform bim+ from Allplan enables central model storage, visualization, and coordination across office and discipline boundaries. A wide range of interfaces – including the internationally certified IFC interface – ensures system-independent data exchange with planning partners.


BIM (Building Information Modeling) is the latest AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) trend. Whether you are a practising design professional or someone who is just studying (or teaching) building design, offers all the tools you need to learn (or to teach) BIM through a pragmatic “implementation” approach.

The main advantage of BIM comes from the new concept of creating a central “virtual” Building Information Modeling for retrieving information and generating associative documentation from the model.

GRAPHISOFT’s flagship product, ARCHICAD was the first implementation of Building Information Modeling introduced in 1987 as the Virtual Building concept.

#9. SolidBuilder

SolidBuilder has been known worldwide as the most powerful, flexible, and proven professional design software for builders. Its front end, Building Blocks makes it fast and easy to learn and use. Move blocks around on your screen, size them, and let SolidBuilder build the accurate scaled 3D model for you to render and print your plans.

Most software focuses on the architectural aspects of design instead of the construction of the project, SolidBuilder does both. Additionally, SolidBuilder will not let you design something that cannot be built as designed thus saving you time, eliminating frustration, reducing waste, and putting more money in your pocket.

#10. ConceptDraw PRO

ConceptDraw is a versatile business graphics and diagramming software tool. It includes thousands of stencils and hundreds of templates. Additionally, it encourages collaboration via professional presentations and MS Visio import/export.

ConceptDraw Solution Park offers business-specific solutions to support an expansive variety of workflow requirements. It is a comprehensive Project Management software; designed for novices and experienced project managers.

It’s a tough task to choose the right architecture software to suit your needs. Often selecting the industry’s top software will not be the best choice. Firstly determine the priorities such as the operating system you’re using (Windows or Mac), the cost, functionalities, and interoperability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between free and paid architecture software?

Free architecture software typically offers basic features and functionality, while paid software often provides advanced tools, greater customization options, and premium support services.

Are free architecture software programs suitable for professional use?

While free architecture software can be useful for basic design tasks and personal projects, many professionals prefer paid software for its advanced features, reliability, and technical support.

What are some examples of free architecture software?

Examples of free architecture software include SketchUp Free, Blender, Sweet Home 3D, and FreeCAD. These programs offer basic design and modelling capabilities without requiring a subscription or license fee.

Can free architecture software be used for commercial projects?

Some free architecture software programs allow commercial use, but users should review the terms of use and licensing agreements carefully to ensure compliance with usage restrictions and limitations.

What are the advantages of paid architecture software?

Paid architecture software often offers enhanced features such as advanced modelling tools, BIM functionality, professional rendering capabilities, and dedicated technical support. Paid software may also provide access to a larger library of resources and plugins.

How do I choose between free and paid architecture software?

The choice between free and paid architecture software depends on factors such as your budget, project requirements, level of expertise, and preferred features. Evaluate the features, support options, and pricing plans of different software options to determine the best fit for your needs.

Are there any limitations to using free architecture software?

Free architecture software may have limitations in terms of functionality, compatibility, and support compared to paid alternatives. Users may encounter restrictions on file formats, storage space, and access to advanced features in free software programs.

Can I upgrade from free to paid architecture software?

Many software providers offer upgrade options that allow users to transition from free versions to paid subscriptions or licenses. Check with the software provider for information on upgrade paths and pricing options.

Are there any hidden costs associated with free architecture software?

While free architecture software programs do not require an initial purchase or subscription fee, users may incur costs for additional features, plugins, or support services. Additionally, users should consider potential costs associated with hardware requirements and system compatibility.

What support options are available for free architecture software?

Support options for free architecture software may vary but typically include community forums, online tutorials, documentation, and user-generated content. Paid software often offers dedicated technical support, training resources, and customer service channels.

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