button making manufacturing business

How to Start Acrylic Button Making Manufacturing Business

Do you want to start an acrylic button making manufacturing business on small scale? Find in this article a step-by-step guide to starting a small-scale acrylic button manufacturing business.

Button making business is an all-weather business one can start with a very low start-up cost. The readymade garment industry is the major buyer of acrylic buttons. As a result, the demand for buttons is there throughout the year. This business requires very little space and can be started from home too. Additionally, if you are a woman from a small town and want to start a small manufacturing business venture, button making business can be a profitable option.

5 Steps to Start an Acrylic Button Manufacturing Business

1. Learn Acrylic Button Manufacturing Process

The process of manufacturing buttons is simple.

The basic processes are as follows:

a) Polyester Mixing

You first need to source polyester from the local market. Polyester comes in liquid form.

Pour the liquid into a storage container. Add catalyst and wax into it If you want to develop colored buttons add dye of that color.

b) Pour the Mixture

Thirdly, the mixture is then poured into a stainless steel rotating cylinder. You need to measure the amount of polyester to be poured according to the thickness of the buttons to be made.

c) Harden the Polyester

After around half an hour, the polyester solution thickens to a solid form in the drum of the rotating cylinder. The hardened solution settles in the middle whereas the wax remains at the top and bottom of the cylinder.

d) Cut the Sheet

When the sheet reaches desirable hardness, bring it out of the cylinder and put it on a wooden table.

e) Cut the Blanks

Cut the blanks according to sizes and diameters as ordered by your client.

f) Cool the Blanks

As the blanks are now too hot to handle, you need to cool off.  Saltwater acts as a very good coolant. After cooling with saltwater for half an hour, transfer the blanks to the cold water tank. After it gets fully cooled, u need to dry the blanks. You can use a centrifugal drying machine for drying.

Design & Finishing the Blanks

As per the requirements of the client, design the blanks accordingly. Finish it up by wiping off the rough edges if any to make it perfect.

2. Buy Button Making Machine

If you are starting and in a stage of testing water as a beginner, you can start with a manually driven machine. It costs very low starting from Rs. 2500 in India. You can check the price for an idea at Amazon.

However, if you are interested in starting a full-fledged button small-scale manufacturing unit,  the machinery price will start from  5 Lacs in Indian Rupees. The basic pieces of machinery you need are Acrylic Sheet Cutting Machine, Drilling Machine, Button Hole Maker, Button’s Edge Grinding Machine along with manual tools.

3. Make a Business Plan

Before you actually start the business, it is critical to have a business project plan at your hand to be successful. Create a business plan with a detailed financial plan, marketing plan, company formation details, etc.

4. Make your Business Legal

Register your business with the required licenses to start this business. Remember only a registered business has got the ability to attend tenders, trade fairs, and availing Govt. subsidies.

5. Arrange Funds

If you are short in budget, take the necessary steps to get funds from your known and other sources. You also visit banks and financial institutions and pitch for funds. There are several financial institutions that provide short and long-term loans to startups. Also, apply for a business credit card to meet small expenses.

Finally, there is no doubt in saying that the button manufacturing business is poised for good growth in India. The reason is mainly that the demand for designer buttons is bound to rise as more and more people are choosing to buy readymade garments and apparel.