Vegetable Margarine Processing | Small Business Project

Vegetable margarine is a generic term used to indicate any of a wide range of butter substitute. Margarine is generally manufactured from vegetable oil by special treatment over the raw materials. It is ideal as a spread on bread, toasts, sandwiches and also suitable for use as a cooking medium. Margarine is used in cooking, baking or as spreads in various dishes to enrich its taste.

The market demand gradually increases which is fulfilled by the local manufacturer. The key drivers of the global vegetable margarine market are higher consumption of margarine in underdeveloped countries because of greater value for money and multiple usages.

The global butter and margarine market is expected to grow with a single digit increase in CAGR between 2015 and 2020. There are few organized sectors and few private sectors are engaged in the production of margarine. The global vegetable margarine market can also be segmented geographically into North America, Western Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Middle East & Africa regions.

There is also the import of margarine as well as the export of margarine. As a whole, A vegetable margarine processing plant project is a good one for the entrepreneurs and its demand will increase in future.

Vegetable Margarine Processing

Vegetable margarine contains a water phase and a fat phase and can thus be characterized as water-in-oil emulsions in which the water phase is finely dispersed as droplets in the continuous fat phase. Depending on the application of the product, the composition of the fat phase and the manufacturing process are chosen accordingly.

Apart from the crystallization equipment, a modern manufacturing facility for vegetable margarine is typically included in various tanks for oil storage as well as for emulsifier, a water phase, an emulsion preparation. The size and number of tanks are calculated based on the capacity of the plant and product portfolio.

Vegetable Margarine Project Cost Synopsis

Plant Capacity: 600 MT / Annum Return: 17.30%
Plant & Machinery: Rupees 29 Lakhs  Break Even: 82.81%
Total Capital Investment: Rupees 84 Lakhs

The actual cost of the project may deviate on change of any of the assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.

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