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How to Start Rakhi Making Business

Rakhi making business is one of the most low-cost and home-based businesses. It is an ideal way of women empowerment in rural and urban India.

Generally, traditional rakhi is a decorated silk thread. It may be a simple thread or it may be decorated with beads or designer motifs, religious symbols or even studded with jewels.

In India, we all celebrate Raksha Bandhan to strengthening the bond of love between brothers and sisters and fostering brotherhood. This festival is not a ritual, custom, and tradition that can change over time but its style of celebration has become contemporary.

Housewives, moms and as such any individual can start this business with small capital investment. Rakhi is a seasonal item. You can also make boutique jewelry and friendship bands as a side business with rakhi making.

These are very popular items nowadays among kids, teens and young crowd. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a home-based rakhi making business with small capital.

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Rakhi is a VAT exempted item. You can obtain a Trade License from local Municipal authority. For funding assistance, talk to your nearby banks. You can apply for a loan under the MUDRA scheme.

Rakhi Making Resources

First of all, you don’t need to have any machine for rakhi making business. You must procure some of the basic tools like Silk Thread (1 or more colors), Bangle, Satin Ribbon, General Craft Items to decorate Rakhi, Used Tooth Brush, Glue, Cotton thread, Beads, sequins knife, scissor, etc.

You can make a wide variety of rakhis. Such as rakhi for kids, rakhi with jari flowers, rakhi with beads, etc. You must procure packaging consumable for rakhi.

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Where To Sell Rakhi

Sell the rakhi to the local retailers and gift shops. Additionally, you can consider opening your own small kiosk for selling Rakhi. However, Rakhi is a seasonal item. Therefore, you must have other products to sell from the retail counter throughout the year.

You can sell from the online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. You can sell the rakhi from crafts fairs. As your business grows, you can set up your own online store with a wide range of other handicraft items.