best welding machine brands in India

Top 10 Welding Machine Brands in India

Are you searching for the best welding machine brands in India? Here in this article, we intend to provide a list of the leading welding machine companies currently operating in the country.

According to the use, there is a wide range of welding machines for different types of welding jobs. Sometimes it is a single-phase welding machine, a portable welding machine, or a small welding machine for home use.

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A welding machine is an essential item in starting any type of welding and fabrication business. And most of the reputed companies produce all different types of machines that have frequent demand.

List of 10 Welding Machine Brands in India

#1. Electra

Koko Tawa Weld Pvt. Ltd. owns the brand Electra. Electra is a Noida-based company. The company offers a wide range of welding solutions to customers. Also, the company maintains ISI & ISO standards in manufacturing the machine for customer satisfaction. Also, the company exports the material to the Asia Pacific and European countries.


#2. Arm Welders Pvt. Ltd.

The company has its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra. Arm Welders provides a wide range of welding solutions to its consumers. Some of the most popular items are Spot Welding Guns, Welding Controls, Spot Projection Machines, Seam Welding Machines, Special Purpose Automation Machines, Fixtures, and Accessories & Spares Parts.


#3. Virdi

Actually, Virdi Electric Works Private Limited owns the Virdi welding machine brand. The company is headquartered in New Delhi. This popular Welding Machine brand produces heavy-duty welding machines with international quality standards. Some of the most renowned products are spot welding machines, inverter welding machines, AC & DC TIG welding machines, etc.


#4. Akira Engineers

Actually, Akira Engineers is an Ahmedabad-based company. The company has a wide client base both in the domestic and international markets. The HDPE welding machines and fusion welding machines are the flagship product of the company.


#5. Esab India

Esab is a multinational company having a presence in several countries including Sweden, Holland, the UK, Germany, the USA, and Brazil. The company started its operations in 1987 by acquiring the welding business of Peico Electronics & Electricals Limited (now Philips India Limited). Currently, the company offers a wide range of world-class products for diverse applications, cost-effectively.


#6. Cruxweld

Cruxweld Industrial Equipment Ltd. owns the brand Cruxweld. The company was established in 1977. It is one of the reputed welding machine brands in India. Also, the company is a machinery exporter and has served more than 1,50,000+ customers across India and overseas. The company offers welding solutions for both demanding industrial applications as well as ready-to-weld needs.


#7. Kemppi

Kemppi is a Finland-based company having subsidiaries in 13 countries. The company designs and manufactures arc welding equipment for its customers worldwide. Some of the most popular items are MIG/MAG welding products, such as compact machines, MIG welding sets and guns, and accessories. Also, the company provides TIG welding products, including DC and AC/DC TIG welding products, TIG torches, and accessories.


#8. Vulcan

Canary Electricals Pvt. Ltd owns the Vulcan brand in the welding industry. It is a Gujarat-based company. The company provides nearly a hundred types of models in various capacities. The list includes Arc Welding Transformers, Inverter Based Welding Machines, Spot Welding Machines, Welding Rectifiers, and many more.


#9. Premier

In India, Premier is another reputed welding machine brand. The company offers a wide range of industrial products. Some of the most popular items are welding inverters, cutting machines, construction machines, pallet trucks, spray guns, and many other diversified products. It is a Maharashtra-based company having a branch office in Bangalore also.


#10. Rilond

The Rilond welding machines brand is owned by Orbit Weld Equipments. The company provides a number of products in different categories. The list may include MMA welders, digital/analog TIG/Pulse, TIG welders, digital/analog pulse AC/DC Square, etc. It is a Mumbai-based ISO 9001:2008 certified enterprise. Rilond is a Mumbai-based company.

In the time of buying welding machines, you must configure first your specific requirements. Literally, there are numerous different types of machines available both for online and offline purchases. We hope this list of the best welding machine brands in India will help you in making an informed decision.