How To Start Baking Powder Manufacturing Business

Baking Powder is a dry chemical leavening agent. Additionally, it is an important item in the food processing industry. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start baking powder production business.

Basically, baking powders are chemical mixtures of different ingredients and compositions. These ingredients react in presence of moisture and heat to release a gas. It comes with several formulations. However, it contains an alkali, typically sodium bicarbonate (baking soda), and an acid in the form of salt crystals, together with starch to keep it dry.

Baking powder production process is simple. Additionally, the unit demands simple machinery. With small infrastructure and low investment, any individual can start baking powder manufacturing business.

Steps to Consider Before Starting Baking Powder Manufacturing Business

Understand Baking Powder Market Potential

Baking powder has both the domestic and industrial consumptions. With increasing disposable incomes and changing lifestyles, eating habits of the people are changing very fast. Additionally, this phenomenon is no more restricted to the urban elites but it is to other areas as well. Thus, the contemplated products have experienced a continuous increase in demand during the last few years.

One of the major factors propelling the growth of the global baking powder market is the burgeoning food and fast food markets. The increasing consumption of baked foods directly affects the performance of the global baking powder market. The food industry utilizes baking powder as a raising agent to impart fluffiness and lightness to products such as cakes, waffles, tarts, pastries, etc.

Additionally, the advertisement of the established FMCG company helps in enhancing the product awareness. Apart from the household use, the bakery and confectionery industries are the regular buyers of this product. In addition, restaurants, hotels also procure this item very frequently. Therefore, we can conclude, starting a baking powder production business is a lucrative opportunity for the entrepreneurs.

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Baking Powder Production Business Compliances

In starting this business, you will need to obtain different licenses and permissions. However, the specific requirements depend on the state where you are starting the business. Here we have compiled some of the basic requirements.

  • First of all, register your business. For a small scale unit, you can start as a proprietorship firm also.
  • Apply for the Trade License from the local Municipal Authority.
  • Open a Current Bank Account
  • Apply for MSME Udyog Aadhaar Registration
  • Additionally, apply for FSSAI license
  • Finally, you will need to obtain the BIS certification. BIS has specified quality standards vide
    IS 1159:1957 for Baking Powder.
  • Check the upcoming tax liabilities of your product.

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Baking Powder Production Factory Setup & Machinery

In starting this business, you will need to secure a space for the unit operation. For a small scale unit, you must have at least 1000 Sq Ft of covered area. Because you must provide specific spaces for raw material storage, production, packaging, finished goods storage, and administrative work. In addition, check the availability of electricity and water supply.

With some simple machinery, you can establish a semi-automatic plant. Some of the basic required machines are:

  • Micro pulverizer
  • Sifter
  • Double shaft mixer
  • Electrically operated oven
  • Weighing Scale
  • Packaging machine

Baking Powder Production Process

The manufacturing process is standardized and simple. It is advisable to source the manufacturing technology from the Government research center. Here we are providing the basic steps.

First of all, you will need to procure the various ingredients. Then dry the ingredients to bring down the moisture level before grinding. After that, mix them in the required proportion and blend thoroughly.

The final step is packaging. You will need to pack the product in a moisture-proof packing. Generally, the baking powder comes in two different types of packing. These are pouch packing and container packing.

Baking Powder Production Formula

Here we are providing the mixing formula for your ready reference. However, you must procure the technology from the authorized Govt. agencies before starting commercial production.

Ingredients Quantity
Sodium bicarbonate 35% wts
Starch 24% wts
Sodium aluminum sulphate 29% wts
Acid Calcium Phosphate 12 Kg

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Raw Materials for Baking Powder Production

For baking powder production, you will need to procure sodium bicarbonate, edible starch, Acid Calcium Phosphate, and Sodium Aluminium Sulphate. These are all available in the local wholesale market throughout the country. However, procure the material from the reliable suppliers. Because the quality of the product hugely depends on the quality of the raw materials that you use.

Apart from an individual unit, you can produce baking powder from an existing food processing unit also. And it definitely helps to enhance the overall profitability of the baking powder production business.