how to start aromatherapy business

How to Start an Aromatherapy Business in 10 Steps

Are you recently planning on opening an aromatherapy business? Uncertain of where, how, and when to start? Well, shake off all these worries. In this guide, you will come across all the whereabouts of starting your own aromatherapy business.

The Aromatherapy business basically heals clients mentally, physically, and spiritually. Many owners sell their blended and bottled products online or from a retail shop. Thus, if you are new and probably thinking of starting an aromatherapy business, it is advised to become an aromatherapist in the first place.

How to Become an Aromatherapist?

In case you are completely new to aromatherapy you need to know some basics about this profession. Aromatherapists are those who use natural oils to heal the physical and mental distress of their clients. People aspiring to become an aromatherapist can enroll themselves in training programs for aromatherapy.

  • You just need to search for a reputed school that teaches you to become an aromatherapist.
  • You can choose between online, offline, weekend, and evening courses according to your preference. Or you can choose a school that offers you a combination course.
  • You can choose the National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) or the Natural Therapies Certification Board (NTCB) and get trained.
  • You can also best aromatherapy courses on Udemy and learn online from the comfort of your home.

There is no institution providing an official academic degree in this field but they do provide lessons on the necessary skills needed to become an aromatherapist.

Do you Need Certification or a License to Practice Aromatherapy?

It is not necessary for you to have an aromatherapy certificate. However, the certificates handed out by an aromatherapy association or board do not prove that you have completed a course in aromatherapy.

You also do not require any prior license to start off your aromatherapy business. There is no law stating that you require a certification or a license to become an aromatherapist.

If you wish to be a successful business person you need to set up a plan first. Perfect planning will help you to unleash the unknown topics of the business. Let us discuss some of the important topics below.

10 Steps to Start Aromatherapy Business

1. Understand the Target Market

Before starting any kind of business you must know what the target market of a particular business is. In this case, people who are looking for alternatives to Western medicine can be the target market. Most of the prospective customers in this business are women. Before you start your business you should do research related to the specific market. Only by research can you find better demographics.

2. Create a Business Project Plan

Like any other business, it is extremely important to have a business plan document before launching the aromatherapy company. If you are starting new and on a small scale, aspects like costs of starting and running the business, target customer profile, pricing plan, the marketing plan must be included in your project plan document.

3. Register Your Aromatherapy Business

If you are serious about building a legally compliant aromatherapy business, it is essential to register your business. There are very forms of business structure that can be considered based on your budget and scale of operation. It can be a sole proprietorship, partnership, to limited liability company.

4. Procure Required Licenses

Talk to the local competent authority and obtain the licenses and permits that are needed to start and run an aromatherapy business in your locality. It must be noted, GST registration is a must to start a business in India at present.

5. Select a Business Name

No matter what your expertise in your business must have a good name. This helps your prospective clients and customers to depict what your expertise is just by looking at the name of your business.

It helps to build a unique identity. It defines nature and expertise. This also helps to create a sense of value among the customers.

If your business name is unique it will linger in the mind of the customers for a longer time. A unique name also makes it easy for customers to search.

You need to choose an eye-catchy aromatherapy business name. For this purpose, you can use the aromatherapy business names mentioned below:

  • Alexa Garden
  • Plant Quest Scents
  • Pure Aroma
  • Viktig Oils
  • Soothing Aroma
  • Osnovni Oils
  • In Full Bloom
  • Aura essential oils
  • Magical Aroma

6. Setup Accounting

It is essential to set up an accounting process for documenting each and every financial transaction. Establishing a properly designed accounting method will not only help in improving your company’s health and tax filing easier but also pitch for funds in the future from banks. It is advised to buy proper accounting software that fits your accounting needs.

7. Apply for a Credit Card

After opening a business bank account, do not forget to apply for a business credit card. It will help you in meeting day-to-day small business expenses.

8. How to Make Money from Aromatherapy Business?

Other than consulting services, you can initiate revenue from the sales of the products. Along with an online eCommerce store, you can open a storefront for your customers. If you are willing to offer therapeutic services you can charge them tips.

To improve your website you can hire a content writer having good SEO skills. Design a logo for your website and products. Make your products unique to stand out in the crowd.

9. How Much to Charge the Customers?

The cost of Aromatherapy treatment in India can be as low as Rs. 500 or as high as Rs. 30,000 per session, The reason for this varied cost largely depends on two factors. These are the quality of oils used and the reputation of the aromatherapist. the oils being used, and how experienced the therapist is

10. How to Make More Profit from the Aromatherapy Business?

This is the priority of every entrepreneur trying to start a new business. Here are some tips to help you make a profit in your business.

  • There should be variations in your products. You can include lotions, sprays, soaps, etc.
  • Give out free stuff.
  • You can sell diffusers.
  • Get a certificate from a renowned institute or body so that you get more loyalty from customers.

Can You Start Aromatherapy Business from Home?

Yes, one can start your business from home after you have gained enough knowledge of aromatherapy. You can start off by creating a working space at your home. After money starts coming in, you will always have the option of expanding the business.

Nurture the plants and create your own oils from them or buy oils from home and make your product to sell it online. Finalize the product you will be making. Purchase the containers and other packaging supplies. You would require to open a business checking account. To support your business name take out a business license.

Conclusion- No business tastes the fruit of success in just a fortnight. It would require some time to build a successful aromatherapy business. Get started with your dream and be patient!