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How to Start Tea Bag Making Manufacturing Business

The tea bag-making manufacturing business requires only two major raw material components – tea and paper bags. A tea bag is a small, porous sealed bag containing tea leaves and is used with a hot cup of water to prepare the beverages called tea. An aspiring entrepreneur having adequate knowledge about tea leaves can start a tea bag-making business with moderate capital investment.

Tea is a fast-moving consumer product next to staple foods like wheat and rice in any country. India is the largest consumer of the beverage in the world, consuming nearly 25 percent of the global tea production, according to a report by the trade association ASSOCHAM.

Here are the Steps to Start Tea Bag Manufacturing Business

1. Create a Business Plan

Before getting into any business, especially small-scale manufacturing it is important to have a business plan. It is always recommended to prepare a customized project report according to your budget and required production capacity. A business plan clearly fixes the marketing strategy, business objective, and mission statement.

A proper marketing plan is an absolute necessity in this business. Also, financial planning depends on that. You must have a clear idea about the selling process. Definitely, you can go to building a distribution network. However, it needs a good amount of liquid cash injection to continue the circle and enhance territory.

2. Legal Compliance

In initiating the venture you will need to determine the legal pattern of the business. You can start with a registration of a One Person Company or you can register a business as LLP, Pvt Ltd, or Ltd Company. Obtain Trade License from the local authority.

You will need to have your business GST registered. This type of small-scale manufacturing doesn’t demand NOC from Pollution Control Board. Choose a memorable, catchy name for your brand.

3. Tea Bag Making Machine

Teabag-making machines form tea bags with string & tags from heat-sealable filter paper. It’s an automatic operation where the bag forming filling, sealing, and attachment of the string and tag are fully automatic.

Easy to handle and operate equipped with all contact parts of stainless steel. Several operator-friendly semi-automatic and fully-automatic machines are available in the market. Select machines as per your production quantity requirement. Check the warranty period.

To get more information on types of teabag-making machines, sites like Indiamart.com, and Alibaba.com can be of good help.

4. Raw materials

The selection of the variety of tea is the main factor to get the quality product in the tea bag-making business. Organic tea, Green tea, Herbal Tea, Assam tea, and Mixed Blended tea are the most popular tea variety generally used to make tea bags.

Normally one tea bag holds approximately 1-4 ounces of tea leaves. Also, you need to source quality paper to make tea bags from reliable suppliers. Other essentials are packaging materials like tags, pouches, and cardboard packets.

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5. Promoting Tea Bag-Making Business

As tea bags are consumer goods you need to be focused on creating brand equity, maximizing brand visibility, and promoting brand usage.

You can start selling locally by establishing a distribution channel. Contact the retail brands to have a tie-up with your business. Hotels, restaurants, clubs, business houses, and hospitality management companies are the major consumers of teabags.

You can go for some creative designs for teabags. Register your product with different online shopping portals to attract online consumers. Create an online presence for your tea bag-making business. Give some rich informative content there about several varieties of tea and their great tastes.