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How to Start Staple Pin Making Manufacturing Business

Do you want to staple pin making business? Here is a stepwise manufacturing project plan guide to make staple pins for beginners.

The staple pin manufacturing process is simple and the business can be initiated on a home-based small-scale basis. It is generally produced from white galvanized iron wire.

Using good quality iron wire will assure the production of good quality and long lasted staple pins. It is recommended to enhance the product’s reputation in the market. Additionally, staple pin manufacturing is possible with a small budget and infrastructure.

5-Step Staple Pin Manufacturing Project Plan

1. Staple Pin Market Potential 

Staple pins are commonly used products in every office, school, college, institution, and business place. Apart from the domestic market, it has also a very good export opportunity.

Staple pins find wide application to staple sheets of paper, cheques, commonly known bills, album photos, and sandwich bags, and in financial institutions, offices, the garment industry, the leather industry, the rubber industry, and any shop delivering the materials in packets and so on.

2. Staple Pin Manufacturing Licenses

In starting a staple pin making business, you need to register your firm first. You will need to apply for Trade License from the local Municipal Authority.

Additionally, you will need to obtain a GST Tax Registration. You may register your business as SSI Unit. Staple pin making does not attract pollution control measures. It is advisable to have a customized project report prior. It will also help you in arranging finance for your staple pin making business.

3. Arrange Funds

If you are short in budget, it is advised to visit local banks for a business loan. Also, try out mobile loan apps and get instant funding. Furthermore, apply for a credit card to meet short-term expenses.

4. Staple Pin Making Unit Setup & Machine

Before installing the machinery, proper layout planning is important. You must identify the places for raw material storage, machinery installation space, packaging unit, and storage for finished goods. If you want to operate the whole business from the same space, then you need to have some space for office work also.

In starting the manufacturing operation, you will need to install two different machines. One is an automatic staple pin making machine and the other is a Double-ended Bench grinder 8″ wheel size. According to your desired quality and quantity output, you must identify the right machinery for your project.

5. Staple Pin Manufacturing Process 

The process of making staple pins has been simplified with the introduction of sophisticated fully Automatic Staple Pin Making Machines.

The preformed round wire is fed to the machine which flattens it and produces the necessary staple pins in pre-determined lengths of 50 staple pins each length. The formation of this length is assisted by the use of a special staple pin adhesive, also developed in India.

Pack the staple pin lengths suitably with each packet containing 1000 pins. 20 of these packets are packed in a box and 40 of these packets are packed in a cardboard carton.

These are common packaging, you can also develop packaging according to the market demand.

6. Raw Materials for Staple Pin Production

The major raw material is white galvanized iron wire and adhesive material. Apart from that, you will need to arrange packaging materials. However, you must produce the staple pins as per the relevant Indian specification IS 4224:1972. In establishing a staple pin-making unit normal power supply is enough to run the machines.

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