How To Start A Feather Shuttlecock Manufacturing Business

The feather shuttlecock manufacturing business is easy to start. And any individual can start this business with a small capital investment. Additionally, you can start this business from home.

However, you must have sufficient space for that. Here in this article, we provide a detailed guide and shuttlecock manufacturing business sample plan for your ready reference.

The shuttlecock is an essential item for playing badminton. And a good quality shuttlecock comes with 16 pieces of good quality feathers and a wooden cork. The manufacturing process is very simple. And the product gives lucrative revenue to the business owners.

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Shuttlecock Market Opportunities

Badminton is a very popular sport worldwide. Additionally, men, women and even kids play badminton with the feather shuttlecock. And this is a mandatory item for playing badminton.

Additionally, the life of a feather cock is very small. Thus it requires the frequent changes after a certain duration of time. Generally, two skilled players may use 2 feather shuttles per set. Big-hitting performance players will use 3 to 5.

Additionally, people are becoming more health conscious. And people plays badminton nowadays as a workout activity. So the demand for this item is increasing every year.

Investment For Shuttlecock Manufacturing Business

This business demands a very small startup capital investment. However, it depends on the different aspects of setting up the business. It is advisable to have a business plan or project report in hand before starting this business.

Generally, you can set up the plant and machinery within Rs 100000. However, it is possible only when you are starting from either your own place or rented space. Additionally, you will need to arrange funds for raw materials purchase, staffing, distribution and marketing costs. Furthermore, there are some costs involved for getting business registrations and licenses. However, with an investment capacity of Rupees 500000 onwards, you can initiate this business project.

If you don’t have your own capital, you can also get loans either from the banks or from other financial institutions. Additionally, NABARD provides the subsidy for the setting up the manufacturing business. And in that case, you have to pay the banking interest for taking the loan. You can avail the subsidy after the successful completion of the loan tenor.

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Shuttlecock Making Business Registration & Licenses

There are no major licensing issues in starting this business. However, it is advisable to check your state laws before commencing the business. Here we put a basic list.

  • Determine your form of business and get the registration. For a micro scale operation, you can start the business as the proprietorship.
  • Get the Trade License from the local Municipal authority.
  • Obtain Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration.
  • Additionally, you will need to apply for BIS certification.
  • Check the tax liabilities for this product in your state.
  • Protect your company brand name with Trademark registration

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Shuttlecock Manufacturing Plant Setup & Machinery

The manufacturing operation doesn’t demand a large space. A 200 Sq Ft space is almost sufficient for the production of the feather cock. However, you must have an office space for the business operation.

According to the project report, craft a floor plan first. Additionally, you will need to do an internal electric wiring. Sone of the most important machine and hand tools are

  • Cork boring machine
  • Feather cutting machine
  • Weighing machine

Raw Materials For Shuttlecock Manufacturing

The major required raw material is good quality duck feather. And you have to be extremely careful in procuring the feathers from the poultry farmers. Because the quality of feathers determines the quality of the finish feather cock.

In addition, you will need to procure good quality cork. There are two options. You can procure either pre-bored corks or normal corks. However, most of the manufacturing units prefer pre-bored corks to save on labor and time.

Apart from these two items, you will need to procure, Fevicol, glue, polish, detergent, washing blue and packaging consumables.

Shuttlecock Manufacturing Process Flow Chart

First of all, sort out the good quality feathers from your purchased hen feathers. Then wash the feathers with detergent for 30 to 60 minutes. After that, treat the feathers with the ultramarine blue or washing blue.

Next dry the washed feathers properly and cut to 3” size with the help of the scissors. Then round off the feather and prune the top. Then take the good quality cork bottom. And make 16 numbers of bores on the flat surface of the wood cork. You can do this with the help of cork boring machine. Then insert the feathers into such bore and fix with glue.

Then 16 feathers thus inserted into the cork are knotted with the Cotton thread. In the next step, smear the gelatine round over the knotted thread. Then attach the silk or cotton ribbon at the Junction of the cork and feathers at the base of the shuttlecock.

You must put a brand sticker around the cork and attach with the glue at the base middle of the cork of the shuttlecock. Finally, take the weight of the shuttlecocks on a balance. And if necessary, adjust the weight with the help of the small steel pins.

The shuttlecocks used for indoor games should have a weight range of 70 or 72 or 74 grains and those for the outdoor games 82 or 84 or 86 grains.

Then pack the shuttlecocks into the cylindrical card boxes fitted with the cardboard or metal lids. Pack with ten shuttlecocks in each box generally called in the trade as one roll. Now the shuttlecocks are ready to go to the market.

As a manufacturer, you must establish a wholesale distribution channel for your product. Additionally, you can’t ignore the online consumers. So you can register with online marketplaces like Amazon, Flipkart, and Snapdeal. Additionally, you can set up your own online shuttlecock store with a very small capital investment.

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