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How to Buy a Commercial Space for Small Businesses

Commercial space is an essential thing in any type of business as such. Regardless of, whether you are looking for a retail, manufacturing, or office space, you will need to purchase a space. Generally, we recommend starting a business from a rental location. However, having a purchased commercial space ensures better profitability. Therefore, if you have affordability, buying commercial space is really a good decision. And in that case, property documents play a very important role.

In fact, property documents are the most significant aspect of any property investment. Buying a property needs a very careful approach because corruptions are rampant nowadays. Hence, it is essential for you to know about the documents that need careful checking during the purchase.

This will surely help you in protecting yourself against cheating. We strongly recommend taking lawyer advice before buying any property, be it empty land or an apartment. For the benefit of our readers, we list down the documents you must arrange before buying property.

6 Things to Consider in Purchasing a Commercial Space

1. Location

This is the primary consideration in purchasing a commercial space. Depending on the type of business you must choose the right property.

2. Zoning Allowances

Check what type of business you can or cannot perform from that particular location. If you are starting a manufacturing business that demands commercial electrification, then check whether you will get this or not.

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3. Physical Condition

Additionally, you must check the physical condition of the property. If it is new, then ask for every detail from the owner or developer. If you are buying an old one, then check the age of the property and other details.

4. Exterior & Interior

Check whether there is an option for changing the exterior and interior of the property. Because according to your business demand, you might go for an addition or alteration in near future.

5. Accessibility & Car Parking

This is also an important consideration. Whether you are buying the space for retail or office or industrial purpose, you must ensure a minimum parking facility. Check this prior.

6. Scope for Expansion

Check if there is an opportunity for further expansion. If your business demands more space in the future whether you can expand it or not. It is better to have a clear conception of this before buying the commercial space.

List of Documents Required For Buying Commercial Space

a) Absolute Sale Deed in the Present Seller’s Name

This is the core legal document in writing that transfers the ownership of the property or properties in exchange for a price paid/consideration. This instrument needs to be registered compulsorily.

b) Mother Deed

Mother deed reveals the history of ownership of the property right from the beginning. This document is extremely important while applying for a property loan or for reselling the property.

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c) Sanction Plan of the Property

The property owner must get the property plan approved by the jurisdictional commissioner or any appropriate authority. The approval plan must include documents like title deeds, property assessment extracts, updated tax receipts, PID numbers of the property, property drawings, demand drafts, etc.

d) Encumbrance Certificate from date of purchase to Date

You can procure this document from the sub-registrar’s office where the deed is registered. It declares that the land is free of any legal hassle and unpaid dues.

e) Property Tax Receipts and Bills

Ask for the originals again and ensure all the payments have been made as this could lead to legal complications and more expenditure in the future.

f) Power of Attorney

 POA is all about giving the authority of the property to another person by the owner on their behalf of him/her. The government has made registering POA mandatory from 2013 onwards.

g) Completion Certificate

Generally, local Municipal authorities issue a ‘Completion Certificate’. It confirms that the property is built in compliance with rules and approved plans. You must check for the completion certificate.

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h) Occupancy Certificate

An occupancy certificate is a document issued by a local government agency or building department certifying that the condition of the property is suitable for occupancy.

Finally, we strongly recommend taking advice from a competent lawyer before buying any property. We sincerely hope the list of documents will help you in making an informed decision in the process of buying a commercial space.

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