How to Start Leather Decorative Sheet Production Business

The leather decorative sheet is used as the wall panel. Additionally, it is an essential item for decorating the ceiling in the interior designing industry widely. You can start a leather decorative sheet production project with small capital investment. Even you can start the business as a home-based basis. Moreover, leather decorative sheet and interior wall panels are the best product to create a gorgeous and modern accent wall.

This is also a great product for online retailing. Additionally, you can sell the product from your own online retail store. Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a leather decorative sheet and wall panel production business with small capital investment.

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Leather Decorative Sheet Market Opportunity

This is a specialized product in the interior designing industry. The product is widely used in home decoration, business places decoration and public places decoration.

TV background wall, sofa background wall, bedroom decoration, kitchen decoration, bathroom decoration, setting wall of hallway, children’s room, study room, the wall decorations of dining-room, hung ceiling and lights, furred ceiling of room and kitchen, wall space, fret parting edge piping, moldings and skirting line etc. are the most used areas in domestic use.

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Office reception space,  corporate image walls, storefront decorations, hotels, KTV, clubs, teahouses, back walls of restaurants, molded furred ceilings, lights, European suspended ceilings, etc. are the commercial application of leather decorative sheet. The public spaces applications are setting walls of stations, wharfs, airport lounges, sports, stadiums, movie theaters, photographic studios, the booths, television studios, government houses, halls and meeting room’s ceilings etc.

Additionally, apart from the domestic market, the product has a very good export potential also. As our country is one of the major leather producers in the world, the raw material is available here.

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Leather Decorative Sheet Business Compliance

In starting this business in India, you must obtain several registrations and licenses. However, it is advisable to check your state’s law carefully.

  • Register your business with ROC. For a small company, you can go with OPC registration.
  • Apply for Trade License from Municipal authority.
  • Obtain Udyog Aadhaar MSME registration
  • Apply for VAT Registration

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Udyog Aadhaar MSME | How To Get Online Registration 

Leather Decorative Sheet Manufacturing Machine & Raw Materials

You will find a lot of machine manufacturer in the market. A fully-automatic machine is usually used to produce the leather decorative sheet. To start the operation, there is no requirement of huge space. the machine generally comes with a double functioning facility with an automatic edge bander.

However, for an integrated and sophisticated production, you can install a leather polishing machine and a panel embossing machine. Generally, this type of machine comes with PLC controller. And the approximate price of this type of machines starts from Rupees 3 Lakh.

The required raw materials are PVC backboard, PU leather, and foam glue.

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Leather Decorative Sheet Manufacturing Process

The process is very simple when you use the fully-automatic machine. It generally involves four steps. Fix the copper mold in the working position of the machine. Then put the leather on the mold. Let the PVC backboard absorbed above the working position. Mix the foam glue. Additionally, put the mixture in the leather. And start the machine.

There is no quality control guide. However, you can produce leather decorative sheet as per client’s specification or as per your own production protocol.

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