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Top 10 Growth Marketing Hacks For Small Businesses

We have already entered a generation where products no more sell on themselves. While technology has taken over production, marketing has taken over businesses. Now we need good marketing to sell any product or service. This sounds cool for big business houses, but what about the small businesses and enterprises? Here in this article, we list down some popular marketing hacks that can be implemented by small businesses with a nominal investment.

What if we say, yes there are ways to hack the growth. Business hacks to grow small-scale businesses. Growth hacking is a viable option for startups with a limited budget helping to increase sales and conversions.

Below are some of the most successful marketing hacks small businesses can use at any scale without much investment.

10 Marketing Hacks for Small Businesses

1. Creating Your Online Presence

As a business, it is important for you to go online. Small businesses tend to make a common mistakes. They often avoid any online existence, and even if they do, they do not maintain it. You as a business owner have to create different online profiles and a website to pull in customers. As most people now search for items and products online, your online existence will help you to convert a potential customer.

2. Online Advertising

While you invest in offline advertising and marketing, it’s time for your business to part up a budget for online marketing. The best part of online advertising is that you can market your product or service according to your budget. There’s no written rule, so you can plan your marketing campaign accordingly. Do not shy away from online advertising. It’s easy, and anyone can start with a package at any nearest digital marketing agency. They will take care of all your services for a small fee.

3. Exclusive Offers For Purchasing Customers

The customers who make a purchase, hand them out a coupon with a special discount for their next purchase. This will help you to bring a customer back without any additional investment in marketing. A prevalent method used by small shops and businesses, some exclusive offers for customers will help you to potentially bring a part of your current customers.

4. Subscription & Loyalty Points

Big businesses offer subscriptions and loyalty points on the purchases they make. You can start a similar subscription process. Either you can offer loyalty points on the amount they spend or offer on their next purchases. This will help you to spend less on advertising and marketing, while at the same time you can maintain a loyal base of customers.

5. Influencer Marketing

Unlike big brands signing up celebrities, influencer marketing generally involves social media influencers and people making an impact. There’s less investment involved and influencer marketing has proved to be very successful over the years. Either you can reach out to a social media star to use your product or give out samples to your customers to use and put out a video or picture on social media.

6. Freebies

Customers just love freebies. Rewarding your customer with something helps you to create a sense of togetherness. You can give out a freebie of an upcoming product you are working on. Customers can give you raw feedback that will help you to make changes. Or else you can give out a free product for their contact details. You can create your database with the details to track and market your customers directly.

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7. Use Social Media To Attract New Customers

The Internet is where all your potential customers are waiting. Once you are done with the search marketing, now it’s turning for you to socialize. Make sure you are active on all your social media channels. Social media can bring out maximum engagement. Offers, posts, and daily updates will help you to stay in line with your customers. You get to directly promote your products, and customers will recall your brand or product whenever they need the type of product or service you offer.

8. Content Marketing

A part of digital marketing, content marketing has proved to be very effective in the last few years. This type of marketing involves online marketing through blogs and posts without not directly promoting the brand or product. It helps to educate potential customers and stimulate interest among the readers about your products or services. You can have your own blog or contact other websites for a guest blog.

9. Email Marketing

The most inexpensive way to market your products and services. Well, most marketers give it a pass, but there’s still a lot left with email marketing being done in the right way. To start with, have a proper email list, and a stable long-term investment that will pay off for your business for many years to come. Follow these five tricks to master email marketing:

  • Personal Subject Line
  • Single Call To Action
  • Proper Segmentation
  • Valid Offers With Links
  • Link To Unsubscribe

10. Customer Statistics

Keep an up-to-date list of all the happenings of your business. Check how many customers have visited your site this month, your sales, conversions, returning customers, and much more. Putting out customer activity will help you to promote your business and present yourself in the best light. This will help customers to choose you over your competitors.

While big companies pay hefty sums to firms for acquiring a customer, you can use these effective marketing hacks to scale up your business the right way.