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12 Trending Ways To Generate Sales Leads Online

Nowadays most organizations are creating innovative ways in their marketing efforts to generate sales leads online. With the advent of e-commerce and an increase in internet customer audiences, online business has now become the most potent sales window for companies selling their products and services.

The biggest benefit of online sales is that the seller does business in cash as compared to channel sales, where providing credit to intermediaries is a normal practice.

However one needs to understand the tricks of the trade to be successful in creating sales online. We have compiled some activities in which an online seller must consider taking inputs from players who are experts in the field.

12 Ways to Generate Sales Leads Online

1. Get SEO Optimized Site

When you intend to fetch online leads, it is important to have a fully SEO-optimized site. Moreover, you must have a site that comes on Google’s first page when people search for specific keywords. The more you attract the user, the chance is higher of conversion.

As an example, if you search for “small business ideas” on Google, comes on the first page. People generally visit the first page that appears on Google.

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2. Provide Social Happenings

Share case studies, reviews as well as nominations and awards that you have received. By doing this, you are making people understand that out in the world, you are really a valued resource and service provider. Actually, you are backing your marketing team.

3. Traffic and Conversion Rate of Website

The expected sales lead comes from your website. Every website has a Conversion Rate. The basic understanding is this if your website has 100 traffic and has a conversion rate of 2%, then you are getting 2 leads out of that. You can enhance the sales lead in two ways. one is by increasing traffic and another one is by increasing the conversion rate.

4. Apply LinkedIn Saved Search

Once you conduct an advanced people search to find prospects and then save that search, LinkedIn continues to look for people who fit your parameters and sends you an email with a list. It’s an incredible tool to generate sales leads online and still, it is tremendously underused.

5. E-mail Marketing

Sending helpful, informative emails with optimized email templates to a qualified email list will drive those people to your website to learn more information. Create an engaging email template and deliver the content that your audience really wants.

You may consider several things like blog posts, special offers, announcements, awards, case studies, events, and industry information. It works as a tool to generate sales leads online.

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6. Influencer Marketing

There are people who garner respect and trust. People mostly look for those people to tell who else has value and where should they invest their time and money. Recommendations from those influencers about your organization, definitely your value increases and will increase leads.

7. Podcasting

Sharing information in a digital audio format is a great way to draw prospects to yourself and show them who you are and what your organization actually does. You can set up an online radio show or create audio files and upload them to social networks.

8. Guest Author

There are so many blog sites and newsletter providers are welcome quality content from the expert writer. It gives you a wide chance to share your specific subject knowledge with a larger audience.

9. Add Micro-Conversions

Most websites offer their visitors one opportunity to convert and it’s usually via their main “Contact Us” form. Include fields where visitors can submit information in response to questions you select. Add more contact forms with your webinar, and e-books.

It will definitely help you to get more leads. To maximize the number of Web visitors who complete your contact form, keep forms as short and simple as possible. Ask only for the information needed for your business to follow up successfully.

10. Content Marketing on Steroids

To have a good social media campaign, you must first have some great content to share. To make the content work for you, you have to have a great website that offers a unique service. Content is what holds social media and products together. It helps to generate sales leads online.

11. Send a ‘Thank You’ Message

If you have a newsletter or digital downloads that people subscribe to, Set up a ‘Thank You’ page with a call to action. This is a great place to get prospects to get more involved with your company.

12. Publish on LinkedIn

LinkedIn recently opened up the publishing section to users. You can apply to publish your content on LinkedIn. The expansion of your reach is incredible and elevates you to a higher level of expert status.

Footnote: We sincerely believe there are more options in creating more windows to generate sales leads online. If you have one, please let us know. Till then try these options and we wish you happy online selling!