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Top 20 Free Flowchart Software in 2024

Looking for the best free flowchart software? Find here in this article a list of the best flowchart software that can be used for understanding and documenting processes better.

What is a flowchart Software?

Flowchart software is a digital tool used to create graphical representations of processes or workflows. It allows users to visually map out the steps of a process using shapes, symbols, and connectors to represent different actions, decisions, and outcomes.

Flowchart software provides an intuitive interface for designing flowcharts, making it easy for users to create, edit, and share diagrams. These tools are commonly used in various fields such as project management, software development, business process improvement, and education to visually communicate complex processes and streamline decision-making.

Key Features of Flowchart Software

Flowchart software offers several key features that make it an essential tool for creating and visualizing processes. Here are some of the key features:

⇒ Easy-to-Use Interface

Flowchart software typically provides a user-friendly interface with drag-and-drop functionality, allowing users to easily create and modify diagrams without extensive technical knowledge.

⇒ Various Shapes and Symbols

These tools offer a wide range of shapes and symbols to represent different elements in a process, including rectangles for process steps, diamonds for decisions, circles for connectors, and more.

⇒ Templates and Examples

Many flowchart software programs come with pre-designed templates and examples to help users get started quickly. These templates cover common types of processes and can be customized to fit specific needs.

⇒ Customization Options

Users can customize the appearance of their flowcharts by changing colors, fonts, line styles, and other visual elements to match their preferences or corporate branding.

⇒ Collaboration Tools

Flowchart software often includes collaboration features that allow multiple users to work on the same diagram simultaneously. This can include real-time editing, comments, and version history tracking.

⇒ Integration with Other Tools

Some flowchart software tools integrate with other software applications such as project management tools, document management systems, and presentation software, allowing for seamless workflow integration.

⇒ Export and Sharing Options

Users can export flowcharts in various file formats such as PDF, PNG, JPEG, or SVG for sharing with colleagues or stakeholders. Some software also offers direct sharing options via email or cloud storage platforms.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Many flowchart software solutions are web-based or offer desktop and mobile applications, ensuring compatibility across different devices and operating systems.

Automation and Data Import

Advanced flowchart software may include automation features for generating flowcharts from data sources or for automating repetitive tasks. They may also allow users to import data from spreadsheets or databases directly into the flowchart.

Security and Permissions

Flowchart software often includes security features such as user authentication, access controls, and data encryption to protect sensitive information and ensure compliance with privacy regulations.

These features make flowchart software an essential tool for businesses, educators, and professionals looking to visualize processes, improve communication, and streamline workflows.

List of 20 Flowchart Software Online

1. LucidChart

lucidchart software

Lucidchart is a cloud-based diagramming software that offers a free tier with limited features. Despite its limitations, the free version of Lucidchart provides access to essential flowcharting tools, including a wide range of shapes and templates, collaboration features, and integrations with popular third-party apps like Google Drive and Microsoft Office.

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2. Creately

Creately is a cloud-based diagramming tool that offers both free and paid plans. The free version of Creately allows users to create basic flowcharts with limited features, while the paid plans offer additional features such as collaboration tools, more templates, and integrations with popular apps like Slack and Trello.

3. Microsoft Visio Online

Microsoft Visio is a powerful diagramming and flowcharting tool widely used in the business world. While the desktop version of Visio comes with a hefty price tag, Microsoft offers a free online version called Visio Online. Although Visio Online has limited features compared to its desktop counterpart, it still provides essential flowcharting capabilities and seamless integration with other Microsoft Office apps.

4. Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a simple and intuitive flowchart software that comes free with any Google account. While it may not have as many features as other dedicated flowcharting tools, Google Drawings is perfect for creating basic flowcharts, organizational charts, and diagrams. Its real-time collaboration features make it an excellent choice for teams working remotely or in different locations.

5. Canva

While Canva is primarily known for its graphic design capabilities, it also offers a free flowchart maker tool that is perfect for creating simple diagrams and process maps. Canva’s easy-to-use interface and extensive collection of templates make it ideal for non-designers looking to create visually appealing flowcharts quickly. While the free version of Canva has some limitations, it’s a great option for basic flowcharting needs.

6. Dia

Dia is an open-source diagramming tool that offers free flowcharting capabilities. It is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems and provides a wide range of shapes and connectors for creating various types of diagrams, including flowcharts, network diagrams, and more.

7. is a versatile and user-friendly flowchart software that offers a completely free and open-source solution. With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, allows users to create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, and wireframes effortlessly. It offers a vast library of shapes and symbols, customizable themes, and seamless integration with cloud storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, and OneDrive.

8. Gliffy

Gliffy is a web-based diagramming tool that offers a free version with basic flowcharting capabilities. It provides a simple drag-and-drop interface, a variety of shapes and symbols, and collaboration features. The paid plans offer advanced features such as unlimited diagrams, team management, and integrations with tools like Jira and Confluence.

9. Edraw Max

Edraw Max is a versatile diagramming tool that offers a free version with limited features. It provides a wide range of templates and symbols for creating flowcharts, org charts, mind maps, and more. The paid plans offer additional features such as cloud storage, team collaboration, and advanced diagramming tools.

10. MindMeister

MindMeister is a web-based mind mapping and brainstorming tool that also offers basic flowcharting capabilities. The free version of MindMeister allows users to create up to three mind maps with limited features, while the paid plans offer unlimited mind maps, collaboration tools, and integrations with apps like Dropbox and Google Drive.

11. yEd Graph Editor

yEd Graph Editor is a free desktop application for creating diagrams, including flowcharts, network diagrams, and more. It offers a wide range of layout algorithms, import/export options, and customization features. yEd is compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems.

12. Textografo

Textografo is an online flowcharting tool that offers a free version with basic features. It allows users to create flowcharts using a simple text-based syntax, making it easy to create and edit diagrams quickly. The paid plans offer additional features such as more shapes, customization options, and integrations with popular apps.

13. Cacoo

Cacoo is a cloud-based diagramming tool that offers a free version with basic flowcharting capabilities. It provides a variety of templates, shapes, and collaboration features. The paid plans offer additional features such as unlimited diagrams, version history, and integrations with tools like Slack and Jira.

14. PlantUML

PlantUML is an open-source tool for creating diagrams using a simple text-based syntax. It supports various types of diagrams, including flowcharts, sequence diagrams, and more. PlantUML can be integrated with various text editors and IDEs, making it suitable for developers and technical users.

15. OmniGraffle

OmniGraffle is a premium mobile app designed to help you create flowchart diagrams. This flowchart software can be used by professional designers as well as by beginners. It is one of the best native diagramming apps for Apple users. It is available on Macs, iPhones, and iPads.

16. SmartDraw

SmartDraw is a powerful diagramming and flowcharting software that offers both free and paid versions. The free version of SmartDraw allows users to create basic flowcharts with limited features, while the paid plans offer additional features such as more templates, collaboration tools, and integrations with popular apps like Microsoft Office and G Suite.

17. ThinkComposer

With ThinkComposer you can create both simple and complex flowcharts. In addition, you can work on business models, class diagrams, genealogy trees, timelines, use case diagrams, and more. Think Composer is a free flowchart software that can generate PDF, XPS, or HTML reports based on your data. It is open-source and extensible with plugins.

18. Diagram Designer

Diagram Designer is an old app and has not been updated recently. But still, it is highly popular for Windows-based users in creating flowchart diagrams. It has a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface. You can import and export PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, ICO, and much more. This is a free Windows flowchart software.

19. Pencil

Pencil is a good option excellent choice for people who need fast, simple diagramming with a less technical tutorial. You will find a wide array of built-in shapes for all types of charts and interfaces in this software. Pencil Project is an open-source GUI prototyping tool that’s available for all platforms. It is completely free to use and is open source.

20. Miro

Miro is an online collaborative whiteboarding platform that offers robust features for creating flowcharts, mind maps, wireframes, and more. It provides a versatile canvas where teams can brainstorm ideas, plan projects, and visualize workflows together in real time. It also offers integration with popular productivity tools like Google Drive, Slack, and Trello, enabling seamless collaboration and workflow management. Miro is an excellent option for teams looking for a versatile and user-friendly flowchart software solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is free flowchart software suitable for professional use?

Free flowchart software can be suitable for professional use, especially for individuals or small teams with limited diagramming needs. However, it may lack advanced features, collaboration tools, and support compared to paid alternatives. Larger organizations or users with more complex requirements may opt for paid software for enhanced functionality and support.

Can free flowchart software be used for commercial purposes?

Yes, many free flowchart software tools allow users to create diagrams for commercial purposes. However, users should review the terms of service and licensing agreements to ensure compliance with any usage restrictions or limitations imposed by the software provider.

Are there any limitations to using free flowchart software?

While free flowchart software offers basic diagramming capabilities, they may have limitations compared to paid alternatives. These limitations can include a smaller selection of shapes and symbols, fewer customization options, limited export formats, and less frequent updates and support. Users should assess their specific needs and consider whether the free software meets those requirements.

Can I upgrade to a paid version for additional features?

Some free flowchart software tools offer paid versions with additional features and functionality. Users who require more advanced features or additional support may choose to upgrade to a paid version for access to premium features such as advanced templates, collaboration tools, integrations, and priority support.

Are there any security concerns with using free flowchart software?

Security concerns with free flowchart software may vary depending on the specific tool and its underlying infrastructure. Users should choose reputable software providers with a track record of security and reliability. Additionally, users should follow best practices for data security, such as using strong passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and keeping software up to date.

Can I use free flowchart software offline?

Some free flowchart software tools are available as desktop applications that can be used offline, while others are web-based and require an internet connection. Users should check the software’s specifications to determine whether it can be used offline and whether any features require an internet connection.

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