best 10 3d design software

Best 10 3D Design Software in 2024 for Beginners & Professionals

Are you looking for the best 3d design software? 3D models play a very important role in the process of digital production. Nowadays 3D modeling is extensively used in industries like industrial designing, 3d printing, gaming, animation, architectural designs, etc.

However, choosing the right software for beginners as well as professionals is a difficult decision as the features, specifications, and ease of use differ for each software. Find the top 10 most popular software available at present in random order below.

List of 10 Best 3D Design Software in India

1. Autodesk 3DS Max Design

3ds Max Design software is created by Autodesk. It provides integrated modeling, animation, and rendering tools for out-of-the-boxes productivity.

The software is mostly used by professionals. It supports formats like stl, 3ds, ai, abc, ase, asm, catproduct, catpart, dem, dwg, dxf, dwf, flt, iges, ipt, jt, nx, obj, prj, prt, rvt, sat, skp, sldprt, sldasm, stp, vrml, w3d xml.

2. Blender

Blender is a free and open-source 3D design software used by professionals. The software is mainly used for creating animated films, visual effects, 3D printed models, 3D applications, and video games.

Blender supports 3ds, dae, fbx, dxf, obj, x, lwo, svg, ply, stl, vrml, vrml97, x3d formats.

3. Maya

Maya is created by Autodesk. It is a 3D game development software that offers extensive modeling and animation tools.

Maya supports ascii, binary, lt, obj, audio,eps, ai, img, fbx, fbx, dae_fbx

4. Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is powered by Maxon. It is an almost perfect package for 3D artists. This design software can be used both by beginners and professionals.

It supports  3ds, dae, dem, dxf, dwg, x, fbx, iges, lwf, rib, skp, stl, wrl, obj formats.

5. Modo

The team at Foundry is the developer of  Modo design software. It offers 3D modeling, texturing, and rendering toolsets.

Modo supports lwo, abc, obj, pdb, 3dm, dae, fbx, dxf, x3d, geo, stl file formats.

6. ZBrush

Zbrush is developed by Pixologic. It is a graphics application aimed at simplifying the science behind generating computer graphics.

This popular 3d design software supports dxf, goz, ma, obj, stl, vrml, x3d file formats.

7. SketchUp

Sketchup is a freemium design software developed by Trimble Inc. It was formerly called Google Sketchup. The software offers drawing applications such as architectural, interior design, landscape architecture, civil and mechanical engineering, film, and video game design.

It supports dwg, dxf, 3ds, dae, dem, def, ifc, kmz, stl file formats.

8. AutoCAD

AutoCAD architectural design software is developed and promoted by Autodesk.  It is a popular commercial computer-aided design and drafting software application aimed at professionals.

It supports dwg, dxf, pdf file formats.

9. Fusion360

Fusion 360 created by Autodesk is a free 3D CAD/CAM design software for students, educators, and academic institutions.

This design software supports catpart, dwg, dxf, f3d, igs, obj, pdf, sat, sldprt, stp file formats.

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10. Revit

Revit is another free design software created by Autodesk. It is mainly a building information modeling software for architects, landscape architects, and structural engineers.

Revit design software supports dwg, dxf, pdf file formats.