Top 10 Drop Shipping Companies In The World

Starting an e-commerce business in 2019 may not sound easy, but drop shipping makes your job manageable. While producing and stocking products involve a lot of costs, you can get your product shipped to be sold via your own site or any other platform. Drops shipping offers you the ease to take the orders only, and the rest, they will do.

With suppliers around the globe, you just need to find a few suppliers for your product niche, sign up and you are all set to go. So, you neither need to produce nor need to stock and ship them. You partner with a supplier, and then display their products on your store and can sell them as your goods.

If you are still not convinced, here’s a full in-depth guide on how to start a successful drop shipping business under 24 hours.

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Moving on, if you are planning to start a drop shipping e-commerce, here are the top drop shipping companies in the world you need to know about.

List of Top 10 Drop Shipping Companies In The World

1. AliExpress

Probably the most popular drop shipping company in the world, AliExpress has been in the business since drop shipping started. The company offers over 10 million products from several suppliers around the world in 40 niche categories including top-selling electronics, footwear, and apparel.

Huge category of products and different niche categories.

AliExpress offers free sign-up with charges for deliveries.

2. Doba

With a very well maintained directory of manufacturers and wholesalers, Doba offers you to sell products directly. You can select the products you want to sell by partnering with more than 20+ dropshipping suppliers. Doba allows you to choose the products manually, list on your site and make a sale.

For all the orders placed on your site, Doba will manage it by contacting the supplier and shipping the product to the buyers.

Basic Package for $29/month
Advanced Package for $69/month
Pro Package for $249/month

3. Dropship Direct

The site offers you a massive collection of close to 1 lakh drop shipping products. You can list your products for free. It has a ready list of suppliers, from where you pick your items. The catalog has the latest products with a variety of products.

The basic version of the Dropship Direct is free to use and you also don’t have to contact the drop shipper. Dropship Direct will contact the seller and will ship the product.

You can get access to Premium Wholesale Files costing you $37 a month.

4. Worldwide Brands

The company mainly deals with bulk orders. You have a diverse directory of drop shippers and distributors who work for bulk orders. They have suppliers from across the globe spread over separate niches. Worldwide Brands certify each supplier to make sure all the products are reliable.

You get access to the whole directory and all the suppliers and brands are verified by Worldwide Brands.

One-time fee of $249.

5. Wholesale 2b

You need to choose a plan and create your product database to start selling. Choose from their site what you want to sell, post it on your site and they will ship it for you when a product is sold on your site.

The wholesale b2b site charges a small fee and ships the product directly to your buyer.

eBay or Amazon has separate plans
Individual website built on Shopify, Magento or BigCommerce has Wholesale2b Dropship option
People with no website has a plan where Wholesale2b will create a website for you

6. Sunrise Wholesale

The site offers you to sell the products via your platform and they ship the product to your buyers directly. You can even export your products and sell them on eBay, Amazon and via your own website.

Free eBay Listing Wizard and Research Tool with access to Amazon Selling and Research Manager.

$29.95 per month and $99 annually.

7. Salehoo

The site offers you to have access to their products by directly listing them on your platform. You can get access to over 1.6 million products with Salehoo. They have more than 8200 verified suppliers ensuring product quality.

Salehoo has a huge product base with several registered drop shippers. You also get free access to Market Research Lab which will help you to find which types of products are more likely to bring you higher sales and profits.

$67 a year.

8. Wholesale Central

If you wish to sell apparel, electronics or leather good, this site has the best collection. It has close to a million items listed with more than 1200 trusted wholesale drop shippers.

You will sell products directly coming from the manufacturers.

It’s absolutely free. No additional charges involved.

9. Megagoods

The site is a direct supplier. That means there’s no middleman and you call directly sell the products. Megagoods are primarily into consumer electronics and video games. They have product categories as well spread across more than 45 categories.

Huge category of branded products.

30-day free trial and $14.99 per month thereon.

10. InventorySource

The company offers a different approach to drop shipping business. InventorySource allows you to sync your inventory and then auto-upload the product data on your site. They will connect and sync all the data directly to your site. They support BigCommerce, Shopify, eBay, and Amazon.

Inventory Source offers you member access to their complete dropship network with free access to 150 registered suppliers.

Plans start at $50 a month.

Drop shipping business is more convenient compared to other e-commerce businesses. You can offer your customers more products without worrying over the production, stocking or shipping.

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