How To Start A Profitable Kitchen Store Business With Small Investment

Do you want to start a kitchen store? Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a successful kitchen store with small capital investment.

Kitchen store is a traditional business globally. Still, in this era of internet, people prefers to buy kitchenware from a brick & mortar store. That is why kitchen store business is lucrative and profitable business opportunity for the small business entrepreneurs.

Location wise a kitchenware business is lucrative for almost every location. However, you must store the products according to the demand of the local customers.

Additionally, the business offers several diversified avenues for initiating the venture. You can start a large kitchen store with a wide range of products. On the other hand, you can also initiate a small store with focusing on a niche. In small cities and suburban areas, you can initiate a small store according to the demand of the local consumers.

In addition, location wise you can go for the both two options. Such as individual store or shop-in-shop. However, a shop-in-shop proposition is more lucrative for this type of business. Because in this option, you can generate a moderate footfalls or traffic those are generally visiting the mall or shopping center.

Products For Kitchen Store

A large size kitchen store caters a wide range of products and subcategories. Here we put a brief list for your ready reference.

Kitchen Appliances: In this segment, most common items are the mixer, grinder, juicer, microwave, kitchen chimney, food processor, etc.

Cooking Essentials: Some of the most popular products are frying pans, gas stoves, pressure cookers, tawas, kadais etc.

Tableware: In this category, most trending items are dinner set, casseroles, glasses, bowls, mugs, cutlery, crockery items etc.

Storage: Storage items are the essential commodities for the kitchen Some of the popular items are jars, containers, thermos, water bottles, lunch boxes racks and holders.

Kitchen Tools: These are comparatively low-valued items. Some of the essential kitchen tools are choppers, graters, slicers, knives, spatulas, etc.

Bakeware: Some of the most popular bakeware items are bakeware molds, tins, baking tools etc.

So you can start a full-fledged store with the entire range of products. Otherwise, you can start a small kitchen store with a single or two segments of items.

Step-by-step Process Of Starting A Kitchen Store

Registration & Licensing

First of all, you have to choose the right form of organization. And accordingly, you will need to register your business. For a small store, you can start the business as the proprietorship. Additionally, you have to apply for several licenses. It is advisable to check your state law. However, here we put a list for your ready reference.

  • Apply for Trade License
  • Apply for the license under Shop & Establishment Act.
  • Check whether the VAT is applicable or not.

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Store Location

According to your business size and range of products, secure a good retail location. You must have a location that can attract footfalls. Additionally, your store must have a wide window area. Check the car parking facility before finalizing the space.

It is advisable to have the place on rent. A rental space eliminates the upfront capital investment for purchasing a retail space.

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Procure Kitchen Items

After securing the location, you have to procure the items from the manufacturer or wholesalers. And the better purchase ensures better margin. Basically, the purchase is the major factor in as such any retail business. So you must procure your kitchen store products from the reliable suppliers.

Store Setup

It is advisable to ask an experienced interior professional for designing and crafting a floor plan. You must have the specific areas for displaying the products, cash counter, storage etc.

If you want to give your clients a comfortable shopping experience, then you must pay attention to the interior.

Additionally, you must do the both in-store and outdoor branding. Create a good signage for the outer wall of your store.

Apart from the kitchen items, you will need to procure office stationeries, computers, printers and a POS (point of sale) software. A retail management software is a must for getting the smooth store operation.

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Hire Employees

Employees play the vital role in retail business. According to the store size, you will need to hire experienced staffs. If you are starting a large store, then you have to keep department wise sales executives in the floor.

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Promote Kitchen Store Business

A kitchenware retail store demands both offline and online promotion. Additionally, you must do some outdoor advertising and sales promotion activity.

In India, kitchenware items are also considered as value-based gift items. So you must keep the product range accordingly.

You must have a business website. If possible turn your website into an online store. So that customers can check the stock online and they can put orders. It will definitely help you in enhancing the sale.

Promote the products on social media. Make your business localized online. Promote the new arrivals to your existing clients.

Also, there are a lot of ways to promote this business. However, you must promote your kitchen store business according to your product range and target audience.

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