Bleaching Powder Production | Small Scale Manufacturing

Bleaching powder or Chlorinated Lime is  is a yellowish-white powder easily soluble in water. Bleaching powder production is a profitable small manufacturing business. Additionally, you can initiate with small startup capital investment. The chlorine content of bleaching powder varies from 35 – 40%.

Bleaching Powder Market Potential  

Bleaching powder  is mainlyan essential item as a bleaching agent and as a disinfectant. The major use is in the paper industry, textile industry, and oil industry. In addition, chemical industry is the major industrial consumer of this product. Sometimes it is also used as a source of chlorine in the preparation of chloroform. The product has good market potential. Therefore, it is a lucrative investment proposition for entrepreneurs.

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Business Registration & License For Bleaching Powder Production

To start bleaching powder production, you will need to obtain different registration and license from different Government Authority. These are as follows:

  1. Business registration with ROC (Register Of Companies)
  2. Trade License from local Municipal Authority
  3. Factory License
  4. NOC from Pollution Control Board
  5. Udyog Aadhaar MSME Registration
  6. BIS Registration, specification is IS 1065:1989
  7. Vat Registration

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Finance For Bleaching Powder Production 

In this business, you will need to invest majorly in the plant and machinery. For this, you can go for term loan or for the mortgage loan. You can avail cash credit or overdraft facility for working capital purpose. Sometimes many financial institutions make entire project finance with fixed and working capital both. In any case, you will need to arrange collateral security as owner’s contribution towards the project.

Machinery For Bleaching Powder Production 

The major equipment required by the unit for manufacturing bleaching powder are as follows:

  • Chlorinator with separator, agitator
  • Reduction gear box
  • Slip ring motor
  • Chain & pulley block
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Lime storage tank
  • Water pump
  • Vacuum pump with motor

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Raw Material For Bleaching Powder Production 

The two major raw materials required for the manufacture of bleaching powder are high-grade lime and chlorine. Chlorine is available as a by-product during the electrolysis of brine. When lime is processed with chlorine it has to be free from hydrogen to avoid explosions in the reaction chamber. The lime quality used is utmost importance. Generally, lime which has a CaO content of around 95 % which slakes readily to yield a large volume of slaked lime (over 3 times the volume of CaO used) is employed. Also, you will need to arrange packaging consumables like container, labels, and outer cartoons.

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Bleaching Powder Production Process

Hasen Clever Process is one of the most popular and financially feasible processes of bleaching powder manufacturing. In this process, there are cast iron cylinders operating in series with hydrated lime. And you have to feed the chlorine countercurrent to each other. Provide the cylinders with rotating blades. In addition, arrange them horizontally one above the other. Here, the rotating blades act both as mixed and conveyors of the inside mass.

Hydrated lime is charged at one end of the topmost cylinder while chlorine is introduced at the other end of the bottom most cylinder with the rotation of the blades there is an intimate mixing of chlorine and lime with simultaneous movement of slaked lime counter current to chlorine gas. Then discharge the chlorinated lime from the bottom cylinder. And recover the un-reacted chlorine from the top cylinder and recycle along with the fresh chlorine. Finally, store, the discharged bleaching powder in cast iron drums and wood barrels. To increase the storage life, mix it with quicklime to yield tropical bleach containing 25% of available chlorine.