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How to Open Archies Gallery Franchise Business

Archies Limited is a well-known brand in the gifting industry. Hence, owning an Archies Gallery franchise in India can be a lucrative and fulfilling venture. Archies specializes in a wide range of gifting products, including greeting cards, personalized gifts, stationery, decor, and more. If you are interested in starting an Archies Gallery franchise, here is a comprehensive guide on how to get started.

The Company was initially incorporated under the name of Archies Greetings and Gifts Private Limited in 1990. Later its name was changed to Archies Greetings and Gifts Limited in 1995. Now the name is changed to Archies Limited.

Why Archies Franchise Business?

Archie’s Limited was earlier known as Archie’s Greetings and Gifts. It is an Indian company based in New Delhi.  Archie’s started operations in 1979 by Anil Moolchandani. Archie’s initially sold products like posters, leather items, and songbooks.

In 1980 they started selling greeting cards which eventually made Archie’s a household name in the Indian gift market. In 1995 the company started franchising and currently has around 2500 plus outlets in the country. More than 30 million people visit Archie’s store to buy gifts every year spread over 120 cities and six countries. Archie’s is the most popular brand in the gift item category in India.

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More than 30 million people visit Archie’s store to buy gifts every year spread over 120 cities and six countries. Archie’s is the most popular brand in the gift item category in India.

Archies Gallery Franchise Cost

Interested candidates looking to start Archie’s Gallery must have a prominent retail location either owned or rented. The minimum required area to open a store is 500 – 1000 sq. ft.

An initial investment of around 15 lacs is required to start which includes non-refundable administrative expenses, refundable security deposit, interior designing cost, and initial consignment cost.

10 Steps to Start Archies Franchise Business

1. Research and Market Analysis

Before you jump into franchising, conduct thorough research and market analysis. Evaluate the demand for gifting products and the presence of competitors in your desired location. Understanding the local market is crucial for your franchise’s success.

2. Contact Archies Limited

Visit the official website of Archies Limited or contact them directly to express your interest in becoming a franchisee. You’ll receive an application form and other necessary documents. Ensure you meet their basic requirements, which typically include financial stability and dedication to the Archies brand.

3. Initial Investment

Archies Gallery franchise requires an initial investment. The exact amount can vary based on factors like the size and location of your store. You will need to have the necessary capital or secure funding to cover this initial investment.

4. Location Selection

Choosing the right location is critical. Archies Gallery stores are generally situated in high-traffic areas, shopping malls, or commercial centres. Archies may provide guidelines for selecting an appropriate location based on their market analysis.

5. Franchise Agreement

After your application is approved, you’ll need to sign a franchise agreement with Archies Limited. Carefully review the terms and conditions, including franchise fees, royalty payments, and the duration of the agreement. Seek legal advice if necessary.

6. Store Setup and Design

Archies will guide you in setting up the store. You’ll need to follow their specifications for store design, layout, and decor. Ensure that the store ambience aligns with the Archies brand identity.

7. Stock and Inventory

Work with Archies to procure the initial stock and inventory for your store. Archies Gallery is known for its diverse range of gifting products, so ensure that you have a variety of items to cater to different customer preferences.

8. Staffing

Hire and train staff for your Archies Gallery franchise. They should be well-versed in customer service, product knowledge, and the Archies brand ethos.

9. Marketing and Promotion

Collaborate with Archies on marketing and promotional strategies. Archies typically have established marketing campaigns, but you may also need to engage in local advertising to draw in customers.

10. Operations and Customer Service

Ensure that your franchise operates smoothly. Offer excellent customer service, maintain stock levels, and keep the store clean and organized. Happy and satisfied customers are likely to return and refer others.

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Contact Details to Start Archies Gallery Franchise

To open a franchise you need to contact the following address:

  • Archies Limited
  • Plot No. 191-F,
  • Sector-4, I.M.T. Manesar,
  • Gurugram-122050,
  • Haryana (India)

Archies franchise business opportunity is a profitable and rewarding option for individuals looking for a retail-based gift item-selling franchise opportunity. Analyze and decide whether this business opportunity fits you as per your skills, experience, interest, and knowledge.

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