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How to Start a Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Business

Tutti frutti is a colourful confection containing variously chopped and candied fruits, or an artificially created flavouring simulating the combined flavour of different fruits. Papaya is the second most nutritive food to Mango. Tutti frutti is made from unripe papaya fruit and contains a good amount of sugar.

The countries with the largest papaya production are India and Brazil followed by Nigeria, Indonesia, and Mexico. Any individual can start this manufacturing business on a small scale basis. Also, it is a profitable investment option for startup entrepreneurs looking for a food-related business.

Here is a Stepwise Guide on Starting Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Business

Tutti frutti is made by impregnating fruits with flavor & taste along with attractive color. It is useful in the preparation of other food items such as toppings. It provides attractiveness as well as nutritive value to many food items. Mostly used for toppings for bread, ice cream, fruit bar, pulao, cakes, pastries, custard shrikhand & fruit salads, etc. Actually, it is a mass consumption added to sweets, paan Masala also.

The United States is a major papaya importing country followed by the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Germany.

Within the same factory, it also possible to produce papaya pulp, papaya powder, and other value-added products to improve profitability – adding required processing facilities.

Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Process:

First of all wash and peel off the fresh papaya. Then prepare the pulp and mix sugar to bring sweet taste. As a raw material, you need unripe but fully grown bigger sized papaya and sugar. Heating is done. Citric acid, colours & preservatives are mixed. Dehydration is done. The big structure is cut into pickles and packed in pouches for selling.

Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Quality Specification:

  • The moisture content of the product at the time of packing should not exceed 6%
  • Mold and fungal growth should be absent. It should also test negative for coliforms, salmonella, and streptococci.
  • The manufacturer must obtain a “Fruit Products Order” license to manufacture the product.

Machinery Required For Tutti Frutti Manufacturing Project:

  1. Baby boiler and accessories
  2. Stainless steel soaking tanks
  3. Papaya cubing machine
  4. Stainless steel working tools
  5. Tray drier with 48 trays
  6. Sealing machines
  7. Weighing scale
  8. Laboratory equipment

Where to Find Machine Manufacturers

Contact local machinery and equipment sellers near your location. If you search you are surely going to find places where these machines are sold. Say, for example, if you are in the state of Gujarat, you will find many tutti frutti machine suppliers in Ahmedabad, Surat, and Gandhinagar.

You can also check online in marketplaces like Indiamart, TradeIndia, etc where you can find a lot of machine manufacturers from India. You can contact them by sending them inquiries.

Plant Project Cost Synopsis:

Plant capacity: 100 Kg./Day Plant & machinery: Rs. 3 Lakhs
Working capital: Rs. 5 Lakhs T.C.I: Rs. 14 Lakhs
Return: 24.00% Break even: 71.00%
  • The actual cost of the project may deviate on the change of any of the assumptions.
  • You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.