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The Professional Couriers Business Details in India

    Do the Professional Couriers offer a franchise opportunity? Read this article to get detail about the courier company with customer care and contact details.

    The company started operation in the year 1987. The founders were young, qualified, and could have sought employment anywhere. But they thought different stuff.

    The Professional Couriers (TPC) gives employment to thousands of people. It has turned hundreds of ambitious aspiring youngsters to be the proud Managers of an elite company. Much more, it is today a Courier organization which comes as a role model of what a courier should be.

    Currently, the company has 20 Regional Offices, over 2485 Offices, and over 5000 Collection Centers in India. Additionally, it caters over 25,000 destinations, where delivery is possible, by far, the biggest Courier Network in India.

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    The company has international hub operations at Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata & Mumbai. It’s Business Associates in Dubai & Singapore catered to its services in 230 Countries.

    The Professional Couriers – Vision

    Vision Accomplished

    To create an organization that could provide employment to thousands of educated youngsters.

    To create an organization with opportunities to the deserving of owning their own business at their local area, thereby ensuring a Customer Courier bonding with the best of services.

    Be always advancing and outperforming in an on guard & systematic manner.

    Be more customer-friendly and achieve brand enhancement by the exploitation of IT and other technologies for sustained quality standards, training, and motivation.

    To be identified as the largest Courier in the Country with the presence felt in every nook and corner of India.

    To be identified as an economical and effective Courier Service.

    Vision of Today

    Being the guiding light – for proactive application of technology and changing with the times.

    Additionally, being the medium – always advancing, organized, systematic, and outperforming.

    Being the methodology – aimed at Brand enhancement by the exploitation of I.T. and other technologies with a sustained quality standard, training, and motivation.

    Vision of Tomorrow

    To stay well ahead of the others and be the Courier with a vision. Opt for value addition in all aspects of services.

    What Services Do The Professional Couriers Provide?

    The Professional Couriers offers a comprehensive range of solutions to the customers. Mainly, the company delivers documents/non-documents, all types of cargo – high value, critical and urgent shipments all over India, and any part of the World.

    Also, it provides customized services with the application of multi-modal distribution systems integrated by Surface Transport and by Air Freight/Sea Freight.

    International Destinations

    The Professional Couriers provide affordable international shipments under stringent time schedules and quality standards. Customers can monitor the shipment status on a continuous basis through its web-based Track & Trace System.

    Also, the company has business offices in New York/USA, Singapore, and Dubai/UAE. These units function as the World Hubs for ensuring International connectivity to the rest of the world through a Network of our Strategic Business Partners.

    University Express

    The company provides Special Messenger Services available for exclusive deliveries of University Applications of Students.

    Notional or Domestic Sector

    For the domestic service, the company has several specific service ranges depending on customer requirements.

    Express Service: A next day delivery service in all Metros/Major Cities & Towns on a priority basis.

    Air Cargo: The company sends the bulk consignments through as cargo in flights to various destinations as per the choice of the customers. Generally, the company delivers air cargo shipments to the specific destination in 24 – 48 hrs based on customer requirements.

    Surface Cargo: the company transports all the bulk consignments through its own fleet of Vehicles and through own leased Railway Wagons and through other modes to various stations all over India.

    Logistic Solutions: The company provides godown facilities and functions as a logistics service provider for procurement, storage, processing, packaging, and dispatch of goods as per customer needs.

    Pick & Pack: Customers get an opportunity in availing services even for insertions of documents in envelopes, labeling, processing, and packing.

    Dawn to Dusk: Basically, it is the same day service.

    Mass Mail: The company provides the outsource the services in doing all process that needs specialization in handling bulk mails. This includes mobile phone bills, interest warrants, annual reports, AGM notices, product promotional literature, greetings, and others.

    Special Messenger Service: This channel is designed for delivery to the designated person, Holiday delivery & Delivery at a specific time.

    Does The Professional Couriers Offer Franchise?

    If you search Google, you will find plenty of pages describing how to get this courier franchise. However, we didn’t get any sort of information from the official website of The Professional Couriers.

    Hence, we are unable to provide the same. You must directly contact the company for more details. However, starting a courier franchise outlet generally requires a 100 Sq Ft of retail space and Rs 2,00,000 startup investment.

    The Professional Couriers Customer Care & Contact Details

    Corporate Office
    No.1203/A, Bhumiraj Costarica, Plot No. 1 & 2, Sector 18, Sanpada, NAVI MUMBAI – 400 705
    Ph: +91-22-278 13309, Fax :+91-22-275 74590,

    Additionally, the company has regional offices in almost every major cities including Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Gurgaon, and Kolkata.

    If you want to contact the customer care of The Professional Couriers, there are three options available. First of all, you need to mention whether you want to register a complaint or Track Query Status or give feedback. Choose the specific one and follow the link