Rubber Gloves | Small Business Manufacturing

Rubber gloves are being used in medical industry, automobile industry and manufacturing industry including food processing. The major purpose of using these rubber gloves are to protect the hand and fingers from heat, abrasion, electric shocks, chemical attack, contamination through direct contact as in the case of medical examination gloves etc. Rubber gloves manufacturing process is not complex and the main raw material is rubber latex. This small business manufacturing can be initiated as a small scale with small startup capital.

Rubber Gloves Market Opportunity

The demand for industrial and household rubber gloves is rapidly increasing on account of rapid industrialization and urbanization of our country currently taking place. Several workers in the chemical, electrical and food processing industries use rubber gloves. Similarly, the number of people using gloves for household purposes during handling of detergents, floor polishes, pesticides and the like is also increasing especially in the urban areas.

The Indian market for medical gloves is still evolving. While the global market is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of two per cent, the Indian market is at seven per cent growth. Every day there is a new hospital or nursing home popping up in India, so the demand for medical gloves is expected to increase. Medical tourism is also driving the growth of this product category in our country. The market size therefore only for surgical gloves in India is Rs 300 crore. In view of all this, there is a good scope to initiate small-scale rubber gloves manufacturing unit.

Registration & Permission for Rubber Gloves Manufacturing

In initiating rubber gloves manufacturing, your first step is registering your business with Register of Companies. You will need to obtain Trade License from Municipal Authority and SSI Registration from DIC. You will need to apply for consent to establish and operate from Pollution Control Board. Commercial electrification is also required. Apply for Vat Registration. For quality standard, you must obtain the license from the BIS Specification.

Finance For Rubber Gloves Manufacturing

It is recommended to have a customized project report with financial assessment in hand before initiating the rubber gloves manufacturing business. In arranging finance, it is mandatory. Two types of cost generally involve with rubber gloves manufacturing. One is fixed capital and another one is working capital. For fixed capital requirement, you can apply for the term loan and for working capital need, you can go for a cash credit or overdraft account. You can also apply a combined project loan to any bank or financial institution.

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Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Unit Setup

In initiating rubber gloves manufacturing unit set up you first need to find a right location for factory operation. According to the project report, the setup should have required space. Additionally, you must account the major utility such as water and electricity with priority. Proper layout planning for machinery establishment, raw material storage, packaging unit and finish goods storage is important.

Rubber Gloves Manufacturing Machinery

Production machinery, tools, and equipment consisting of the following:

  1. Ball mill with porcelain pots with 3 HP motor
  2. Demonizing tank of 100 liters capacity With Stirrer arrangement with motor
  3. Centrifuge
  4. Compounding tanks of 100 Litres capacity (Coagulant & pre-vulcanizing vats) with Covers
  5. Dipping vats of 100 liters capacity(Coagulant & Pre-vulcanizing vats) with covers
  6. Hot air oven of size 5” × 3” × 4” electrically heated, with thermostatic control
  7. Formers for gloves
  8. Weighing scale
  9. Packaging machine etc.

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Raw Material For Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves production unit can be operated by two ways. One is by preparing centrifuged latex from raw rubber and then making gloves out of it. Another one is using centrifuged latex as the raw material in the production of rubber gloves. For a small scale unit, you must opt for the second option. The required raw materials are Centrifuged latex-60% DRC, Potassium Hydroxide, China clay, Sulphur, ZDC, Zinc Oxide, Vulkanox SP, Vegetable oil, Dispersing agent, Formic acid, Talc, Titanium Dioxide, Stabilizer etc. You will need to arrange packaging consumable item also.

Rubber Gloves Production Process

The manufacturing process consists of compounding creamed or centrifuged latex concentrate with necessary chemicals and dipping suitable formers into the compounded and matured latex. A thin film of rubber will be deposited on the formers. Additionally, repeat the operation of dipping till the formers form the sufficient deposit of rubber. Then dry the rubber deposit at 70°C and vulcanize it at 12°C. This is then stripped off from the former and inspected. Finally, pack the finished products and send for storage and dispatch. In time of production rubber gloves from raw rubber the production flow chart will be as follows:

Harvesting the Latex → Collection of the Latex → Collection Centers → Quality Control → Pre Centrifugation → Centrifugation → Compounding → Dipping and Coagulation → Pre-Vulcanisation leaching → Vulcanization → Stripping → Post-Vulcanisation Leaching → Lubrication → Chlorination → Final inspection → Packaging

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