How To Start A Necktie Making Business

Do you want to start a necktie making business? Find here a detailed guide on how to start a necktie making business with small capital investment.

Neckties are the most prominent items in the global neckwear industry. Neckties come in different colours, designs, patterns, and linens. Another popular item is bowtie. Ties are considered as items of fashion.

Neckties have been finding exceptionally good acceptance among the sales representatives,
doctors, CEO’s, Engineers, Hotel servants and others such as college and school students. Shirts worn without ties are considered as incomplete.

Here in this article, we intend to explore how to start a home-based necktie making business with other allied products like the handkerchief, scarves, saree falls, etc. You can start these businesses with small capital investment.

This type of production operation doesn’t demand much space. Manufacturing of ties is very easy and anyone knowing to tailor and managing a unit can venture into this industry. This is a very good opportunity for women and senior persons also.

Is NeckTie Making Business Profitable?

The demand for fashion garments is huge. It is due to the shifting of wearing fashion garments from elite people to common persons. Among various fashion garments, tie occupies an important place.

There is a very less number of units engaged in the manufacture of ties and as such demand and supply gap is getting wider. The tie has its own market demand from various market segments.

Handkerchief, ladies’ scarves, and saree fall also are a very popular item. A handkerchief is a square of cloth carried in the pocket for the purpose of wiping the hands, face, or nose. Over the centuries since its inception, the handkerchief has significantly evolved, and many people today use handkerchiefs as accessories, rather than functional items.

Demand for the neckties, handkerchief, and scarves are mainly influenced by population growth, urbanization, economic growth (rise in income and hence purchasing power of the population). Manufacturing these items with necktie making will give you extra profit on your investment. You can also start the export.

Necktie Making Business Registration & License

The business doesn’t demand any complicated license procurement. Check your state law regarding this. Here, we have listed some of the basic requirements.

  1. Register your business with ROC. Choose the business pattern rightfully.
  2. Obtain Trade License from the local authority
  3. You can apply for Udyog Aadhaar MSME online registration
  4. Apply for GST registration.
  5. You can protect your company’s brand through Trademark registration

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Handkerchief, Scarves, Falls & Necktie Making Machinery

For cotton handkerchief, scarves and saree fall, you will need to procure good quality cutting and sewing machines. The machine price is not too high. Even you can start any of one item manufacturing.

For necktie making, you will need to procure the following machines:

  • Automatic cutting machine
  • Single needle locking sewing machine
  • Electric iron press
  • Table and workshop

Handkerchief, Scarves, Falls & Necktie Making Process

Handkerchief, scarves, saree falls and necktie making process is the almost the same for every product. Before starting the stitching operations, fabrics of required quality are placed on the cutting table in layers and the lay mark is prepared on top of the fabric layer. Then these layers are perfectly cut as per the mark without any distortion in cutting.

The panels after cutting are taken out from the table and supplied to the skilled tailors for stitching. After the stitching, ironing is done with the aid of electric iron. Ironing is an important process by which ties are given proper and final shape. Ties are finally checked for any objectionable faults and packed for marketing.

In every product the major required raw material is fabric. You must procure the right and quality fabric for each product. Other than this, you will need to procure threads and packaging consumables. Apart from the distribution, you can promote your necktie making business from your own online retail store or online marketplaces.

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