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HDPOS POS Software Review

    HDPOS is one of the best retailing points of sale software available in India. It has ease of use & nice interface. Windows-based Billing, Inventory Management, and Accounting Software.

    You can install on a single computer or multiple Terminals. Extremely feature rich, easy to use the software.

    HDPOS Key Features:

    Easy Billing

    Get started quickly
    Customize the way your bill prints
    Specify product names in your regional language
    Express check out
    Keyboard-less checkout for touch screens
    Create Invoice estimates / Performa Invoices
    Fix data entry mistakes by deleting bills, editing bills, shifting bill numbers
    Point of paperless billing
    Send bills as emails / SMS

    Multiple Company

    Manage multiple books of accounts
    Secure your books of accounts by login authentication
    Restrict complete access to different books of accounts
    View reports as per login access to books of accounts

    Stock Management

    Support for multiple Godowns
    Manage damaged / Dump stock
    Transfer stock from go down to go down
    Easily create PO, Receive Item Entry
    Obtain stock reports for any day in the past
    Stock ledger

    Product Management/Item Management

    Defining product is made easy for various business types
    Integration with electronic weighing scale
    Assign your own barcodes to product or use existing
    Print barcode stickers
    Support for EAN number
    Add your own fields to products e.g.: size, color, manufacturer, gender, group
    Handle sorting and cleaning of loose items
    Batch upload your products using Excel
    Export product list as Excel file
    Organize your items in more than one category

    Serial Number

    Manage your electronics items by their serial numbers
    Track purchase & sale dates by serial numbers
    Manage warranty periods effectively
    Search invoices/customers by item serial numbers
    Manage mobile IMEI number, battery serial number, charger serial number, TV & other appliances serial numbers
    Print serial numbers, IMEI numbers easily on your invoice

    Unlimited Reports

    Analytical reports in enhancing your business
    View your daily sales, profit & loss, Trial balance and many more reports
    Export your data/reports as Excel files
    View your business reports on your smartphone
    Free reports customization as part of our support plan

    Payment Management

    Manage payments from customers by Cash / Credit / Cheque / Store Credit / Bank Transfer / Credit Card / Subsidy
    Manage customer advance payments
    Specify each customer’s credit limit separately if needed
    Accept food coupons
    Track cheque status
    Generate aging reports
    Make payments to your supplier by the payment terms

    Barcode Sticker Printing

    Print your own bar code stickers.
    Pre-defined sticker layouts
    Support for dedicated sticker printers
    Design your own sticker layouts
    Personalize your stickers by using your logo and design
    Use a normal laser printer or ink jet printer for sticker printing
    Support for A4 size sticker sheets
    Support for partial sheet printing

    HDPOS Other Details

    Deployment    Web Base and Installed
    Payment    Onetime
    Mobile Support   Yes

    Approximate pricing of the Software is as follows:

    • HDPOS for single computer Rs. 17,500/-
    • HDPOS Client-Server Rs. 33,000/-  Two Access Points
    • HDPOS cloud-based subscription Rs. 14,000/- one-time setup charges, then Rs. 3500 per month
    • HDPOS smart CS with Synch Service Rs. 30,000/- a one-time charge