Food Colour Manufacturing Business Plan

Concentrated food colour manufacturing project is a profitable venture for new entrepreneurs. As the food industry is growing at a good pace, the demand for food colors is also expected to rise.

Colouring of food can render it appealing in appearance. Food colors have been utilized since time immemorial. Besides this, coloring agents can also enhance the flavor of the food.

An important reason for adding colors to processed foods is that the finished product may have different colors when made by raw material from different regions or different times. To standardize the appearance, colors are added. Food colours may be synthetic or of natural origin.

Food Colour Manufacturing Process:

The simple extraction process used for naturally derived coloring is similar to that of concentrating fruit or vegetable juice. Manufacturing methods for converting natural sources into food coloring include extraction, heating, homogenization, milling, filtration, concentration and drying.

First, raw materials are selected and thoroughly washed. Then, they are crushed or milled before course filtering or straining. Afterward, they are fine or polish filtered, pasteurized and then concentrated.

To determine exact colors, it’s important to use color instruments and measurement analytics such as colorimeters and spectrophotometer.

Natural food coloring can be created in both a liquid and powder form. Colour clarity can range from cloudy to clear. Additional attributes such as water-soluble, water-dispersible, emulsion for oil and water or water and oil, oil dispersible or oil-soluble can be developed for the final natural color, depending on the needs of the processor.

Food Colour Manufacturing Project Synopsis: 

Plant Capacity: 500 kg / day Plant & Machinery: 24.20 Lakhs
Total Capital Investment: 54.51 Lakhs Working Capital: Rupees 28.81 Lakhs
Break Even: 73.41%

The actual cost of food colour manufacturing project may deviate on change of any of the assumptions. You can modify the project capacity and project cost as per your requirement.

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