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Ways to Create Proper Motivational Climate in Business

Employee motivation plays a big role in the running of an organization successfully. Therefore, entrepreneurs must create a proper motivational climate in the organization. As most small business runs without an HR department, owners need to take care of employee motivation.

The object of crafting this article is to provide ways to create a proper motivational climate in the organization.

It may be too ambitious to aim at creating conditions that help people reach self-actualization level. However, you can create a condition that keeps your employees away from frustrating experiences.

Additionally, a motivational climate keeps them constantly striving to put their best.

6 Proven Ways To Create Proper Motivational Climate

1. Take Care Of Your Employees Basic Needs

Check if your employees are worried about their salaries, housing, safety with the work they are doing, job security, etc. If so, then much energy will waste in their efforts to ensure these things. If they do not have job security, they may try to organize themselves to ensure security.

Even if they can’t do that, they will spend their mental energies thinking about their poor conditions of living. If you can’t immediately satisfy these matters, at least you can be sympathetic to your employees. Additionally, you can show your efforts in these issues within your limited capacity.

2. Create Inter-dependency Rather Than Dependency

Sometimes, you are so creative and skillful that every worker looks up to you for advice and constant guidance. Probably you are not allowing your employees to do anything on their own. If you expect every employee to check with you and get approval before doing anything then it is harmful. Nothing but you are creating a climate of dependency.

In that condition, employees only do the job that they ask for. And they will not do anything on their own initiative. When problems arise, they look to their boss to solve them. Even if something goes wrong, they may not accept responsibility. Additionally, they will refuse to learn from experience, because they have not acted on their own.

Therefore, you may come up with burdens of responsibilities and constant problem-solving mode. Finally, you are wasting not only your own energy but also your employees. Additionally, never show any type of paternalistic behavior to your employees. It stifles the creativity and sense of responsibility of the employees of the organization.

You must effectively encourage people to work independently or in a team independently. You must not interfere unless it becomes very necessary. Additionally, you must trust your employees and give them the freedom to plan out their own strategies for doing things. Let them solve the problems they face on their own. Only provide guidance when needed. A climate of interdependence and teamwork also helps to satisfy their social needs for belonging, affection, and security.

3. Create A Competitive Climate Through Recognition Of Good Work

Every employee looks for rewards for good and innovative work. Rewards may not always be in financial terms. Even a word of appreciation has great motivating value, although indiscriminate appreciation is valueless.

You must acknowledge the contribution of the workers in many ways. There are several possible ways to do this. Praising before other employees, giving increased responsibilities, etc. are some of the mechanisms you can use. Such recognitions and public acknowledgments help employees to value their work.

Additionally, it drives a sense of satisfaction and a feeling of importance from it. This goes a long way in motivating them to work harder. Also, it creates a sense of competition in them.

4. Create A Productive Climate Through Personal Example

As the owner of a company, you must be motivated and hard-working. Remember, your employees are constantly looking towards you to set an example. They tend to imitate you and your style of functioning may percolate down the hierarchy.

If you are authoritarian and non-trusting, your next-level employees may attempt to be like you too. Therefore, you are creating a climate of suspicion in the organization.

5. Create A Climate Of Approach & Problem-solving

Try to approach the problems with confidence, face them, and work out ways to overcome them with the help of others. Consider operating with a style to face issues and constantly struggle to overcome them. Satisfaction is derived from the struggle itself even if the outcomes are not always positive.

Approach-oriented entrepreneurs do well because their employees also develop this style of functioning. You must attempt to encourage your employees to be problem solvers rather than avoiders. If you can not take responsibility for yourself, how you can expect from your employees? Unfortunately, no work gets done unless people accept responsibility and do it.

Motivate Individually Through Guidance & Counselling

Apart from creating a motivational climate, you must be a good counselor to your employees. You will need to interact with different employees who have different need patterns. You may encounter very efficient employees, poor employees, problem-creator, and all kinds of individuals. However, you must be sensitive to these individual differences and work accordingly with them.

Man is not a machine. Therefore, you must take care of your employees. Never use fear as a motivation strategy. When you are really caring about them, they are perceived as respected and valued members of the organization.

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We hope the above-discussed points will help you in creating a motivational climate in your organization. If you have any suggestions, please do comment on our social media platforms.

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