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Best 10 Printers for Home and Office in India

Looking to buy the best printer for your home and small office needs? If yes, you are in the right place. In this article, we have selected and listed the best printers in India with prices, printing yield, maintenance, and functionalities.

Printers have become essential equipment for the modern household. The heightened necessity for home printers came into Indian households during the pandemic when the entire workforce of the corporate world was working from home. Then the online classes for the students demanded more printouts for their off-line study materials.

Now, the pandemic is at its last stage and all the offices, businesses, and academic institutions are open. But still, the necessity and demand for home printers are rising. So, if you are planning to buy a new printer or replace the old one you should go through our catalog to ensure you get the perfect printer, that completely suits your printing requirements.

Best 10 Printers in India for Home and Office Use

Entry-level Printers Below INR 5,000:

The entry-level printers come with low cost, low yield, low maintenance, and fewer functionalities.

If you print occasionally and do not want anything more than printing services from your printer which requires very low maintenance then you should look for a low-budget printer having a price tag below INR 5000. It should be sufficient for all your needs.

1. HP Deskjet 2331 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you print less than 100 pages but more than 50 pages every month then these two printers are for you. You will also get the scan and copier facility embedded in these two printers. With high-quality ink and thermal-ink technology, you will always get the best printouts from them.

Price INR 3,799 on Amazon.


  • Multi-functional Printer. You can print, scan and copy all 3-in-1 services in them.
  • High-resolution scanning and printing. It supports up to 4800×1200 dpi.
  • Supports a large variety of papers. From A4 to B6 and different sizes of envelopes it supports all.
  • You can connect it to your Android phone using HP’s application and then if you connect the printer with your phone via OTG cable you can print documents and photos from your phone.
  • If you have children or students they can get free worksheets to get additional support for their studies from HP.
  • Very easy to control with embedded buttons and a user-friendly software interface.


  • Only 120 Black and White page yield and 100 color page yield for printing. But you can get high-yield cartridges which can give you 240 pages of print yield.
  • It supports HP 805 ink cartridges which are quite expensive. It increases the cost per page print.

2. Canon Pixma TS207 Single-Function Printer – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you print very occasionally and prefer printing more photographs than documents this is the one you can choose. Pricing just below INR 2,500 Canon Pixma TS207 is probably the cheapest ink-jet printer you can find online.

Price INR 2,499 on Amazon.


  • Very high-quality photo and document printing. It supports 4800x1200dpi printing.
  • Very low maintenance is required.
  • Very easy to set up.
  • Canon Pixma TS207 comes with easy-to-replace cartridges. So, once you run out of ink you can replace the cartridges yourself.


  • Low-yield printing. You can print up to 100 pages with high settings.
  • It has only one function print.
  • Supports maximum A4 size and minimum 4”x6” size papers.


Mid-level Printers Between INR 5,000 and INR 10,000

The printers under Rs. 10,000 come with medium-Yield, low maintenance, and more functionalities.

If you print more than 100 pages every week and often you need to scan and copy then you need to look for a printer that can provide you higher duty cycle. A duty cycle is the average capacity of pages a printer can print in a month without breaking down or thorough maintenance.

3. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

For all-purpose office and school printing, scanning, and copying you can rely on these two printers from HP. HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 is an efficient and capable printer. The HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2335 comes with enhanced security features known as Dynamic Security.

The security feature prevents you from using low-quality or fake ink which can damage your printer beyond repair.

Price INR 6,099 on Amazon.


  • Low-cost printing. INR 1.65 and INR 5 per A4 page at high settings for black and white printing and color printing respectively.
  • Print, Scan, and Copy all three facilities are available.
  • Various types of pages and page sizes are supported by these printers.
  • 2GB internal hard disk space to store your printed files.
  • On-site warranty support is available up to 1 year from the date of purchase.


  • Full-duplex is not available, you need to do it manually.
  • WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity is not available.
  • The cost of ink cartridges is high. It supports HP 682 which can cost you up to INR 850.
  • Print speed is slow. Up to 7.5 ppm for black and white while only 5.5ppm for color printing.

4. HP Deskjet 4123 AIO Printer – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for an ultra-compact, WiFi-enabled, multi-functional, reliable, and medium-yield printer, then HP Deskjet 4123 AIO Printer can fit your requirements perfectly.

Price INR 6,899 on Amazon.


  • Wireless Printing facility is available due to Dual Band WiFi.
  • Network Connected Printing Services, allowing you to print from multiple computers and mobile devices.
  • Mobile printing via HP Smart App is available to offer you printing, copying, and scanning from the mobile application.
  • Very high quality and fast printing facility, up to 16ppm.
  • Hassle-free Onsite support for better and easier maintenance.


  • Relatively higher printing cost. The black and white printing can cost up to INR 6 and INR 8 for a color A4 page. The cost of replacement cartridges is also relatively high.
  • Wireless printing is only available if all the devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

5. Canon E560 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

This is the ultimate mid-range printer you can buy. With affordable pricing, printing cost and loaded features Canon E560 can match all your office work and your children’s school and college projects with ease.

Price INR 7,318 on Amazon.


  • Fully Automatic Duplex printing.
  • From 4”x6” to B5, it supports a large variety of papers.
  • Low printing cost and high-yield ink cartridges. It can cost you up to INR 1 for a black and white printout while INR 3.5 for a color print with regular usage of up to 300 pages per month.
  • WiFi-enabled printer so that you can print wirelessly.
  • With its dedicated mobile application, you can print from your phone.
  • High-capacity ink cartridges can print up to 800 black and white pages while 300 color pages.


  • Complicated design, preventing you from self-maintenance.
  • The cost of replacement ink cartridges is expensive.
  • Print speed is a little slow, for black and white printings just 9.5ppm while for color printing it’s 5.5ppm.

Printers for Heavy Office Works INR 10,000 and above

The printers above Rs. 10,000 come with large-yield, low-maintenance, multi-functional printers.

If you are still working from home or your children need more printouts for notes or project papers you need something heavy-duty. Don’t worry we have selected the best of them available on Amazon to fulfill all your requirements in just one device.

For high-yield home printers, you need to look for ones that contain an ink tank. This way, you will not only reduce your cost on each printout, but you will also save money on refills.

6. HP Ink Tank 316 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for high-end, super-efficient, and multi-functional printers under budget then the HP Ink Tank 316 should be your first choice. With high yield and fast printing services this printer can meet all your printing, scanning, and copying needs.

Price INR 11,149 on Amazon.


  • Very low-cost printing. INR 0.10 or 10 paise for black and white printing while INR 0.20 or 20 paise per page.
  • One refill can give you 7500 black and white prints and 8000 color prints on A4 papers.
  • LCD screen for easy tracking of under-printing documents.
  • Transparent ink holder for easy ink-level check.
  • Efficient borderless printing for important photographs.
  • Very fast printing facility. You can get 19ppm for black and white prints and 15ppm for color prints on A4 pages.
  • Instant Off and various power-saving features enable it to consume less electricity.


  • No WiFi facility is available. Although it offers network printing the wiring can be very confusing.

7. Canon PIXMA G2020 NV – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for a high-capacity ink-tank printer with a lot of features then Canon PIXMA G2020 NV can be your top preference.

With a monthly duty cycle of 3000 pages per month, it can easily outmatch its competitors in the range and give you peace of mind as it requires really low maintenance.

Price INR 12,849 on Amazon.


  • It can provide up to 7,700 pages print out with a filled ink tank.
  • It offers custom page sizes. You don’t need to find the exact size of the page like A4 or B3 as it supports all kinds of pages and you can reset the size after every print.
  • It provides 600×1200 dpi superfast and smooth scan resolution.
  • Cheap cost per page print. For black and white prints you need to spend INR 0.12 or 12 paisa and for color INR 0.35 or 35 paise for a whole A4 page.
  • LCD Display embedded in the printer allows you to track print works.
  • Easy to replace and refill the printer.
  • Borderless photo printing.
  • Ultra-low electricity consumption.


  • Very slow printing speed. The black and white prints for A4 pages can give you only 9ppm and 5 for color pages.
  • No WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity is available.

8. Epson EcoTank 3211 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The  Epson EcoTank 3211 is one of the finest and purest ink tank printers in the world. Epson was the first company to introduce ink tank printers in the world and this is the leading third-generation ink tank printer from Epson.

For very low-cost printouts at very high speed then this should be your go-to printer.

Price INR 13,499 on Amazon.


  • Super-low-cost printouts. For black and white prints it costs INR 0.07 or 7 paisa and for color prints, it costs INR 0.18 or 18 paise per print.
  • 8,100 black and white pages and 6,500 color pages can be printed on a full tank.
  • Super-fast printing. It can provide 33ppm for black and white prints and 15ppm for color pages.
  • Supports all kinds of available paper sizes mandated by ISO.
  • With 5760×1440 dpi it is one of the highest detail-oriented printers you can find in the market at this range.
  • Easy to refill the ink tanks and clearly visible ink levels for better ink management and tracking.


  • WiFi is not available.
  • Network connection available but complicated to set up.
  • Only Manual Duplex available.
  • Require regular check-ups and maintenance to stay productive.

9. HP Ink Tank 419 – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you are looking for highly reliable, very high-yield, and super low-cost printing then HP Ink Tank 419 should be your first preference.

Price INR 14,499 on Amazon.


  • Extremely low-cost printing. INR 0.10 or 10 paise for black and white printing while INR 0.20 or 20 paise per page.
  • One refill can get you 15,000 black and white prints and 8,000 color prints on A4-size pages.
  • Super-fast and priority customer support is available 24/7 and promises to resolve your problem within 6 hours on selected PIN codes.
  • Easy to set up network connectivity for hassle-free device printing. You can print from any device connected to the same network.
  • Easy to monitor ink levels as the ink is transparently located outside the main printer body.


  • The only drawback this printer has is the slow printing speed. The Printer can only print at 5ppm and 9ppm for black and white prints and color prints respectively.

10. Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer – Check the Latest Price on Amazon

If you mostly take black and white printouts then Brother HL-L2321D Single-Function Monochrome Laser Printer should be your go-to printer. As per its single function, that means you can only take print-outs from it. You cannot use it as a copier or as a scanner.

So, why should you pay INR 13,499 for this one? It has the only printer on our list which can print both sides of the pages or duplex printing automatically. But it has some other outstanding features too.

Price INR 13,499 on Amazon.


  • Fully Automatic Duplex Printing.
  • High-quality laser printing.
  • Super-fast printing, 30ppm.
  • The huge monthly cycle of 10,000 pages.
  • Up to 2,600 pages per cartridge.
  • Supports a large variety of papers.


  • Only black and white printing are available. No scanning or copier facility is available.
  • Replacing cartridges can be very expensive up to INR 3,000 per set.

Final Notes:

There are hundreds of printer companies and models available in the market. But we have only chosen the ones which are most productive and pocket-friendly.

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Our choices are also very easy to set up and require very less maintenance. We believe that printers are essential for the home office and education but they should be bought under specific budgets and functionalities.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a Printer?

Before buying a printer, one must be clear about their own specific requirements. There are different types of printers to meet a wide range of needs. Some of the basic features to check before making a printer buying decision re as follows:

  • Print Speed
  • Colour or Black & White
  • Dot-matrix, inkjet, laser, or tank printer.
  • Energy consumption
  • Paper handling
  • Cost per page
  • Cost of the printer

What are the Different Types of Printers?

There is a wide range of printers available in the market based on specific needs. Though laser and inkjet are the most popular types, there are other types of printers that are available in the market The list is mentioned below:

  • Inkjet Printer
  • Laser Printer
  • All-in-One Printer
  • Tank Printer
  • 3D Printer
  • Dot-Matrix Printer
  • Dye-Sublimation Printer

What are the Best Printer Brands in India?

HP, Epson, Brother, and Canon are the best printer brand in India.

Which Printer is Mostly Used?

At present, it is seen Inkjet printers are preferred by most people for domestic and small office printing requirements. However, if you have a huge quantity of pages to be printed, a laser printer( the machine is more costly than an inkjet printer) will surely be a better choice. The printing cost per page hugely reduces with a laser printer.

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